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  • We Giving Obama TOO much slack

    FuriousOne wrote: »
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    There is no precedent for the way this congress has been acting so we don't know what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot. I know that a lot of shit should have been blocked under Bush Jr. But he got a golden ticket unlike this president. No comparison.

    Horrible post. Obama had Democrats in the Senate and Congress for his first term. He had a lot of power. He lost the House in 2010 due to people being disappointed and still has the Senate. Obama passed a lot of stuff he wanted, even Obamacare, which is and was an unpopular law and he still forced it through.

    Obama has been stopped on immigration reform aka amnesty, and its because too many people in border states do not want the influx of illegals who have hope they can get a ride to citizenship in a few years or permanent residency. Even liberal states like California have had people turning buses around carrying illegals, it's something people in border states don't want. Maybe they should take them to places like Chicago, which is an amnesty city (I'm sure the people in Chicago desperate for jobs would disagree though)

    Once again. Selective memory. I'm not going into the details..

    This is the biggest problem with Obama fans. You guys put up weak as hell arguments lately. No wonder Obama's poll numbers are so low. Lower then even I expected at this point, and we all know I'm not a fan of his lol



    82 people were shot, 14 killed in Chicago this weekend. But some say we should keep taking care of outsiders when we can't even take care of people in our cities

  • We Giving Obama TOO much slack

    U.S. poll: more voters see Obama as worst president in modern times

    Many people aren't giving Obama slack at all....and I don't think Obama is the worst president of modern times, I give that honor to George W Bush and Reagan but some of the things Obama has done has people scratching their heads alot....
  • Lord Jamar Says 50 Cent's G-Unit Reunion Without Game "Doesn't Feel Genuine"

    game was dre's failed project that 50 turned into a star...he wasnt even on the beg for mercy album and only had one album under the unit umbrella...he was a temporary member...yayo banks and buck to a degree are the permanent members

    YEP! 50 turned Game into a star, not the other way around
  • Cancer patient that Said Obamacare is unaffordable saved $1000 with her new ACA plan.

    Insurers on Obamacare: Expect Premium Prices to Soar

    Health insurance premiums will likely skyrocket next year, despite the Obama administration’s consistent assurance that consumers will not experience sticker shock under the president’s health care law.

    That’s according to industry insiders who told The Hill that they are expecting the price of monthly premiums to increase significantly. In some states, rates could increase by as much as 300 percent.

    Related: Obamacare Sticker Shock Found in Deductibles, Not Premiums

    “There is extensive concern about rate increases next year,” said Avalere Health’s Vice President Caroline Pearson. “Particularly since early exchange enrollment is skewed toward older enrollees, some are concerned that plans will need to raise prices in 2015.”

    But insurers say a combination of Obamacare’s new taxes and fees, as well as rule changes and delays announced to cope with the rocky rollout, will likely contribute to higher than expected rates.

    For instance, the administration’s decision to allow people to keep their old policies likely means that fewer people than anticipated are enrolling on the new exchanges.

    This is bad news for the Obama administration, which has routinely pointed out that premiums on the exchanges are less expensive than comparable employer-based policies. While premiums may be cheaper, out of pocket costs on exchange plans tend to be higher. A survey by found the deductibles on the exchange plans were 42 percent higher than employer based policies. But now, insurers say Obamacare consumers can expect to experience sticker shock from both premiums and deductibles.

    --More and more clients of mine find they are getting their plans cancelled, just to see the sky high prices of Obamacare. Damn, no wonder most Americans aren't happy with the law. Good job Obama.....good job. My mom asked me to remove her Obama 2012 sticker from her car yesterday.....she was disappointed the sky high prices of Obamacare haven't gone down since January. It's still high as hell, and her coworkers, even with subsidies, HATE the sky high prices. Nice.....very nice. I'm sure Obama's approval ratings won't be at George W Bush levels for much longer. When the rates raise next year, we will ALL be grateful Obama forced Americans to have health insurance, even if they can barely take care of their household expenses and debts as it is.
  • House Republicans want more Federal Marijuana Arrest

    FuriousOne wrote: »
    Obama gave a lot of leeway to states that went full legal by giving them avenues to spend their tax revenues. He hasn't gone after those states which is why the law suite was enacted. The states that only have medical marijuana are in a grey area and some producers have sketchy practices and no states sanction. Obama will not use his powers to stop all out fed raids because of reactions like this from Congress but at least with full state legality and regulation, he can hide behind states rights and not risk flagrant lawsuits that seem to not be concerned about states rights.

    The DEA is doing what they must do under the law enacted by congress, and a full presidential waver is dangerous ground without congressional support or a full state vote for legality, rather then those halfhearted votes to only allow it for Medical purposes which can mean anything and still involves the fed. We also know that many justice agencies act unilaterally. How about we stop throwing stones at a dude who doesn't want to go beyond the scope of his job which he was hired to do. He's playing with fire enough letting the states breath with full legality.

    Obama pledged to let states make up their own minds on medical marijuana when he was running for prez in 2007, and even fight to legalize medical weed nationwide if there was demand for it. He's backtracked on both and is cracking down on medical farms on levels the same as GW or higher. That's a disgraceful record for a man who said what he said in 2007, and one of the reasons people don't respect him as they used to.

    And meanwhile, his poll numbers will continue to sink, as he's let down people over and over again during his sub-par 2nd term. Very avg to below avg president.