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  • Re: The Best MCs Are From New York And That's Indisputable

    Let's all keep it real here, @5grand is totally correct. 2pac was born in NY, Biggie and Jay-Z in NY, Nas in NY, Busta and DMX in NY. 50 Cent, Wu-Tang, Big L, I can go on and on. Overall, the best MCs do come from NY. I still got plenty of love for the west, south, and midwest but NY has the MOST OVERALL talented rappers historically. California is probably second.
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  • Re: Iraqi troops suffer mass slaughter one mile from Baghdad: the general ISIS Chat thread

    zombie wrote: »
    zombie wrote: »
    The similarities are so insignificant that there can be no serious comparison between america and nazi germany, both nations had spy agencies and all the other organs of a modern state and that's about it, learn to take a fucking L your comparison is bullshit

    Dummy i said we won the war in iraq and we did what's going on now in iraq is looking like what could be the start of a new war. which we will also win and will last only a few months.

    John Kerry himself admitted the war against ISIS will take at least a year you fucking idiot. He even suggested 3 years a few months ago dum dum. US generals on the ground also admit the war against ISIS will take years, has your stupid ass figured out America hasn't even defeated Al-Qaeda yet? What makes you think Americans can beat ISIS in a few months?

    And America didn't win any war in Iraq, if they did win it Americans wouldn't be sending troops back in there AND TALKING ABOUT A WAR AGAIN. Iraqi troops were trained with billions of American dollars and all the gains were lost by Iraqi troops AND Americans because AMERICANS AIDED THE IRAQI GOVT WITH WEAPONS AND MONEY. YOU need to learn to take an L and accept it but of course, you don't know any better.

    Regarding the scary similarities btw the Third Reich's final days and America losing conflict after conflict in the Middle East, read up on how Germany kept losing campaigns in its final Third Reich days, and how America is STILL losing in Afghanistan (Taliban has most of the nation), Iraq (obvious by now) and other losing efforts in Yemen and Syria. If you would have said America is in a stalemate in the nations I mentioned, I probably wouldn't even debate with you because it's a more legit case. Read a fucking book


    The actual fighting will take a few months maybe a year and then isis will go back to being just like al-qaeda another organization that america crushed, these people will always exist but they won't be able to take over nations anymore that's what i mean by defeat

    The fact that we are going back means we won in the first place, The iraqi army getting it's ass kicked does not equal the american army getting it's ass kicked you stupid motherfucker. i think the anti-american bullshit you believe in is finally destroying your brain.

    LOL read the book dum dum, the author agrees with me and I can put up several other books that do the same. America took out Saddam, only to get an even worse dragon then Al-Qaeda. When American troops eventually (I predict within a month) start fighting ISIS troops directly, things will get even more interesting. I shall be waiting.
  • Re: ISIS Strikes Deal With Moderate Syrian Rebels that Obama wanted to support.


    Yes we're at war with ISIS. And yes the cat is out the bag we can all admit that and of course that cat brings more enemies and money spent all over the Middle East and the MIC/war profiteers, while America continues to crumble at home. I heard about Khorasan on CNN last week and predictably, it's one of a growing number of enemies created by America's horrible and evil foreign policy in the Middle East. I have no problem striking against imminent threats but America's butting in a civil war means we're never going to leave the Middle East now. America creates much of the problems it claims it wants to solve, ask yourself why most people around the world agree with me. I don't see NATO getting involved in this giant mess, hmm I wonder why. Where's Turkey? Where's China? China is a lot closer to Iraq then we are, OH YEAH I FORGOT, they don't like butting in civil wars in the Middle East. How wise of them, how stupid for America.

    You say Obama won't make the same mistakes as Bush but he already has by being a busy body. If you REALLY wanna take on and destroy ISIS in this new war, America MUST send more ground troops into Iraq AND Syria. Air strikes can't do it alone and nations are (wisely) reluctant to send in ground troops on their own because they know getting involved in a civil war in that region will bring backlash. You say the Taliban doesn't fuck with ISIS but how wrong you are. Taliban members are already saying they admire ISIS for being brave against America and some are openly declaring they want to be part of them. All who rise shall fall, but when so many people start rising, it's inevitable someone will slip through the cracks. If you really support this good for you. But remember all the people warning on the ever increasing enemies this policy will bring.

    An Afghanistan-based militant group with links to the Taliban is considering aligning itself with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the BBC reports.
  • Re: Did the book of Exodus really happen?

    nothing in the bible happened

    I think SOME things happened in the Bible. But nothing truthful lol.....I wonder if Jesus even existed.....? I've been reading stuff lately online that says that researchers are slowly reaching a conclusion that Jesus didn't even exist, that he is actually made up of several people.
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  • Re: Satanism....and all the misrepresentations about it.

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