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  • Re: Chaos In Dallas

    some of u niggas dont understand the concept of sacrifice..
    and thats why ull never have shit..

    stay in ur safe houses..
    clock in tomorrow at ur safe jobs..
    and log on and talk shit and complain on the ic where its safe..

    if niggas out there shootin they doin more for the cause then u niggas ever will..

    now let me leave yall to yalls pitty party cause some pigs got shot. lol & smh

    oh.. and vote in ur local primaries.. dont forget..
    and Go Hilary!!

    Explain it then. I'm the one in the wrong for thinking of preserving black lives, and you more than willing to offer them to sacrifice. What's that gonna do? They still won't respect us. Laws won't change. They still gonna hire angry racist cops. What good is it these cops shedding more black blood, which is what will happen after this incident. You think their families are gonna thank then for their sacrifice? Guess it's easy to cheer these niggas on from your safe and comfortable crib. But you ain't out there busting shots nigga.

    You sound like a giant pussy. Shut the fuck up.
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  • Re: So Cam'ron Finally Admits Both His Parents Died of AIDS

    JJ_Evans wrote: »
    Lovebabois wrote: »
    Supergangster and First Logic is not same person

    All three of you are the same person.

    Logic Last
  • Re: The devil loves you

    zzombie wrote: »
    Mankind was not made evil no sentient being was ever made evil.... all thinking creatures were made with possibility to do evil... A simple understanding of christian theodicy is usually all that is needed to dispel the ignorance that is passed around this sub-form.

    The question of why is there evil if God is GOOD has been answered many many many already there are whole libraries full with answers and solutions. THE RELIGIONS are thousands of years old don't you think believers have answered all these questions multiply times already??? but no matter what answer theist give you many people just won't accept it and even worse they usually cannot give proper reasoning behind why the solutions given to them are unacceptable.

    Didn't the Bible god admit to creating evil and calamity though? I'm open to maybe some other gods existing, but your god clearly admits to creating evil and calamity. Shameful.

    Lucifer>>>>>>>>pathetic Bible god
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  • Re: The devil loves you

    ^^^ we've been through this @kingblaze84 .... that's man's handiwork, not gods.

    And what exactly is this "god" (which god?) doing about it? Humans have polluted and screwed up the world in many ways, true, but what exactly is this god doing about the natural parasites and other horrors of the world? Is this god really that lazy, or just a giant prick? After all these years, let's be honest, humans aren't going to improve by much.
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  • Re: The devil loves you

    jetlifebih wrote: »
    The devil didn't really do anything bad in the Adam and Eve story. It simply wanted to give humans knowledge, clarity, and the ability to understand its environment. Considering the tyrannical and reckless Bible god admits to creating calamity/evil, who can really blame Adam for eating that apple? Adam probably didn't trust the nigga lol

    Either way, clarity and freedom of thought are great things, nothing wrong with thinking for oneself, instead of one book doing all the thinking for you.
    @kingblaze84 have you seen that video claiming a little boy "schooling" his atheist teacher about God

    Saying God didn't create evil, it's what happened when man doesn't have the love of God in his heart or some shit like that?
    And cold is the absence of heat according to the law of physics

    He said the physics analogy first I guess to pull the blanket over people's eyes, but I thought god was omnipresent so there could never be a time when God or his presence was absent


    I'm busy at work but I'll definitely be watching this video tonight.....looks very interesting.