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  • Re: Lupe is the greatest lyricist that ever walked this earth - it's official

    KamPushMe wrote: »
    yall niggas need to stop gassing that mural track.

    It's a great track lyrical but godamn

    It gasses itself.

    Agreed......a classic track like Mural can't be gassed enough. I personally consider Mural the greatest hip-hop song I've ever heard.

    Until last week, I struggled to think of the greatest rap song I've ever heard. And then I heard Mural........let the hate begin.
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  • Re: Video of Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Getting Jumped at School

    Damn the bitch got her ass kicked, ouch
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  • Re: Grand Jury’s Decision on Eric Garner Case Imminent.. Update: No Indictment.. SMDH...

    AggyAF wrote: »
    99% of yall are christians because a slave master forced you too. #factualfact

    Very true.....the Bible god is an evil demonic figure that supports slavery, how the flying fuck a Black person can convince themselves to be Christian is beyond me. Fuck the Bible god and fuck the piece of shit, slavery supporting Bible too. The Bible god can suck my dick
  • Re: Topless Feminists Simulate Anal Sex With A Crucifix In Front Of The Vatican

    Freaky bitches who also hate religion?? NICE.....just my type.
  • Re: Iraqi troops suffer mass slaughter one mile from Baghdad: the general ISIS Chat thread

    zombie wrote: »

    LMAO well I'd post up the many passages the Bible has that support evil, forced labor and brutality (words Jesus said as the Old Testament god according to you and DOU) but I'd rather not, I'm in too good a mood to post up such disgraceful and disgusting things.

    Remember, you admitted Jesus IS the Old Testament god, so by definition, people CAN blame your Bible god for much of the evil and destruction that it has encouraged historically. And smh at you saying "no one is innocent", that includes little children who often don't know any better? Lol, Francisco Pizarro and other die hard Christians of the past would love you. You would have made a very good slave to them.

    You posted up things you did not understand and gave your opinion on a wider teaching based on a few verses if i felt it would do any good i would go through all those verse with you and show you why you are wrong but frankly i know you would just ignore it because you a very ignorant person.

    You think you know what you are talking about but you more times than not don't have a clue and that goes for more than just religious topics.

    Hilarious! You call me ignorant but it seems I know the Bible and your Abrahamic god better then you do. Just because you are ashamed of the evil and disgusting words of the Bible doesn't make what I say any less true. The Old Testament god aka Jesus transformed into evil slaver mode DOES encourage the stealing of land from the natives and the murder and genocide of those who believe in different gods and religions compared to the one god of Judaism. You say those rules of land stealing and slavery were just for the Israelites but Jesus HIMSELF said the Old Testament rules MUST be followed and obeyed, along with the older prophets. You are ASHAMED that Jesus NEVER told people to disavow the Old Testament, and that's okay. But people hip to the Bible, including former religious people like Bill Maher, seem to know the Bible much better then you do. Read your book again homeboy.