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    Buddhism believes in the existence of neither God nor soul in a theistic sense. It is basically a religion of the mind, which advocates present moment awareness, inner purity, ethical conduct, freedom from the problem of change, impermanence and suffering and reliance upon one's own experience as the sole teacher, rather than an external authority, on the Eightfold path.

    Buddhism does not even support the existence of an eternal and unchanging soul. According to Buddhism the whole existence is in a state of flux and there is nothing that is either permanent or unchanging.

    Once in a while, he expressed his opinions about creation and the role of God. When Ananthapindika, a wealthy young man met the Buddha at the bamboo groove at Rajagriha, the Buddha made a few statements about the existence of God and the real cause behind the creation of beings in this world. These views are summarized as below:

    1. If God is indeed the creator of all living things, then all things here should submit to His power unquestioningly. Like the vessels produced by a potter, they should remain without any individuality of their own. If that is so, how can there be an opportunity for any one to practice virtue?

    2. If this world is indeed created by God, then there should be no sorrow or calamity or evil in this world, for all deeds, both pure and impure, must come from Him.

    3. If it is not so, then there must be some other cause besides God which is behind Him, in which case He would not be self-existent.

    4. It is not convincing that the Absolute has created us, because that which is absolute cannot be a cause. All things here arise from different causes. Then can we can say that the Absolute is the cause of all things alike? If the Absolute is pervading them, then certainly It is not their creator.

    5. If we consider the Self as the maker, why did it not make things pleasant? Why and how should it create so much sorrow and suffering for itself?

    6. It is neither God nor the self nor some causeless chance which creates us. It is our deeds which produce both good and bad results according to the law of causation.

    7. We should therefore "abandon the heresy of worshipping God and of praying to him. We should stops all speculation and vain talk about such matters and practice good so that good may result from our good deeds.

    ---The Buddha......MY NIGGA!!!!
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    PapaDoc223 wrote: »
    I'm late to this thread but I dont believe in God or the bullshit from the bible. I have many reasons. But one reason is the simple fact that Chrisitians say God is a loving God. When you read the old testament he was not. He was a war God telling his "chosen people" to slaughter,enslave and RAPE(yes rape). Example:
    As you approach a town to attack it, first offer its people terms for peace. If they accept your terms and open the gates to you, then all the people inside will serve you in forced labor. But if they refuse to make peace and prepare to fight, you must attack the town. When the LORD your God hands it over to you, kill every man in the town. But you may keep for yourselves all the women, children, livestock, and other plunder. You may enjoy the spoils of your enemies that the LORD your God has given you.
    Deuteronomy 20:10-14

    This verse is never taught in Churches because it shows this loving GOD supports rape and pillage. There is many reasons. Just google rape in the bible and you get plenty verses where this God supports it as well as Pedophilia.

    Another reason why I stopped beleiving is the simple fact that if God helps me with the little things in life oh I dont know like finding a job or passing test how come he can't help a women being raped in an alleyway. Or why he doesnt help a family being murdered by a burgalor at night. I grew up on church and heard these ridicilous testamonies. Seriosuly if God can help Jesse find her lost car key then how come he does not help the children in Africa suffering from hunger? Or help babies who get cancer but saved a person who get into a car accident? that shit does not fly with me.

    And finally I am haitian. My ancestors were slaves. They were raped,humiliated,brainwahsed,beaten,broken to submission. Why would a loving God allow the massive african slave trade to the Americas? Plus Christianity was forced upon our ancestors. They used it to brainwash our ancestors. Slave masters used scripture to justify slavery and used words from St Paul. African Americans after slavery were treated like animales,less then human,lynched,murdered. Why would a all loving God allow this. What was his will to allow black to suffer and be enslaved but according to Exodus he free the Israelites. Plus he has a chosen people? I though God loved all of us? So he has favorites that means he is bigoted. So in conclusionthat shit does not fly with me. The Bible contridicts itself. And we blacks worship a religion that was used to subjugate our ancestors in bondage,used to brainwashed for centuries.

    Amen brotha. I'm half Haitian and although I'm proud Haitians freed themselves in 1804, way before any other Black nation in the western hemisphere, it sickens me to know the bullshit, phony Bible god did nothing to stop the genocides that took place there. Most Haitians ironically during slavery times were Christian, and the Bible god did nothing to save his followers, as it claims it would do. Once I found out the dick sucking Bible god supported slavery and rape, it all made sense to me....
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    zombie wrote: »
    albert einstein was not an atheist

    We know that but he was agnostic at best and admitted his loss of faith in a personal god and complete loss of faith in religious dogmas spurred him into creativity and discovery. There are many people like this, including myself
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    zombie wrote: »
    The question was posed as what kind of successful lives do atheists have, not what individual atheists say or do after it is established that they are atheistic and successful.

    That's not the question that was posed. Bill gates came into the discussion as a faulty example of person whose atheism motivated him to get rich that of course made no fucking sense because atheism did not motivate bill into starting and running his business.

    atheism as am ideology by itself does not push humanity to do anything except annoy those of us who choose to believe.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are far more annoying then any atheist I've ever met....
    Shit... Crusades, slavery, and genocide are annoying as fuck when you just want to be left alone.

    Christians will of course find a way to justify this. It's all part of their religion, and yet some of them wonder why so many of us are disgusted by it.
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    janklow wrote: »
    The bible was meant to be taken literally, whether you agree it's bullshit or not.
    ...yeah, i am going to go ahead and say that this statement is not accurate.

    **Family Feud Buzzer sound**

    WRONG. The Bible has very clear rules and regulations. Read it again.