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  • Re: MC Eiht: 2Pac Went Backwards By Affiliating Himself with Gangs

    I saw the same Vlad TV interview with Wyclef that you did...

    Revisionist history... Wyclef acted like he never heard the Pac diss and that Lauryn Hill and him weren't clownin' Pac on NY radio during that interview... dude, I remember this era not through "research"... I lived it

    Go look at my original statement... now everyone was "down" with Tupac... everyone squashed their beefs with Tupac... "yo, me and Pac were going to meet up after the Mike Tyson fight to record some music"

    I stand by my statements... just because Wyclef is distancing himself from Jimmy Henchman and Haitian Jack NOW doesn't mean that what I saw with my own eyes and ears THEN didn't happen

    And there is video footage of Pac dissing all of those NY rappers in the studio with like 30 laughing homies with him... but none of that would ever get back to anyone because no one talks?

    you know what, I'm willing to concede that the Pac diss I mentioned wasn't released on a bootleg until 1997 or 1998...

    shit was a long time ago and dates are a bit fuzzy... there were so many bootlegs at the time I got from the cats selling tapes on the corner from those little stands with their cheap photocopied album covers

    however, Pac had obviously heard "Cowboys" and some of the other slick things that the Fugees were saying in interviews or that diss wouldn't have been recorded... it was a direct response to what the fugees said about Pac

    people talk... how do you think Biggie knew that Easy Moe Bee gave beats to Pac?

    Nah, hold up, I stand by what I said earlier...

    Obviously a lot of that isht Pac recorded was floating around the streets for a long time before everyone heard it like that...

    you think that Pac recorded it in 1997 or 1998? unless he is alive and recorded that shit in Cuba, he probably recorded soon after the Fugees said what they said

    when exactly did Pac squash his beef with Wyclef if Wyclef was still fuckin' with Haitian Jack and them? Pac records a diss after February but squashes his beef before he dies in September? why would there need to be a "squashing of beefs" if the Pac diss was never released? how would Wyclef know Pac was dissing him?

    I think some of those tapes were floating around a lot earlier... it seemed back then that every week a new diss was coming out... shit, even Da Brat got involved in dissing Pac which didn't make a lot of sense unless it related back to the JD/ Dre beef

    There's nothing "revisionist" about what I said. 2pac did an interview with Sway in April 1996 when he was on the set of one of his music videos, and during their convo, he talked about his issue with the Fugees (he took offense to them going on MTV and taking his line from California Love and saying "the east side is the best side") and he quoted some of the lyrics to "When We Ride On Our Enemies" in that interview. When Pac went to Europe that June and participated in that Versace fashion show, thats when he ran into Wyclef. There's a reason why Pac himself never even released that song and never dissed them on the Makaveli album, other songs, interviews, etc.. I never said they were "down" or super-cool with each other - nobody knows the extent of their "relationship", but I know Pac had so much respect for the Fugees that he even praised them on MTV when him and Snoop were hosting Yo MTV Raps (its on youtube)

    An yeah, the 2pac bootlegs hit the streets in around '97-98 - I know this not from research but because I lived it, I used to buy them shits from swap meet (Big T BIzarre for all my Dallas peeps)

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  • Re: MC Eiht: 2Pac Went Backwards By Affiliating Himself with Gangs

    It was on all the mixtapes and bootlegs... it is a direct reply to the Fugees "Cowboys" which came out in Feb. 1996

    Pac didn't die until September of that year...

    you must be thinking of those wack posthumous albums that came out in the 2000s... most of that stuff is just old Tupac verses put on new beats

    man, why are we even talking about this? Rest in Peace, Tupac...

    The original version of "When We Ride On Our Enemies" leaked around '97-98 when all of the "Makaveli 2,3,4,5, etc." bootlegs came out.

    But anyway, 2pac squashed his beef with the Fugees when he met up with Wyclef in Europe.

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  • Re: MC Eiht: 2Pac Went Backwards By Affiliating Himself with Gangs

    That wasn't his downfall tho. Yea he did beat Orlando's ass but they were still going to kill him that night cuz Puffy already put a hit out on him(according to the parties involved)

    Joining gangs is stupid regardless.

    Keefee & Orlando actually weren't in Vegas to do the hit; they were there for the Tyson fight cause thats what they did every year.

    Yeah but they still weren't going to let Pac slide. Regardless if he jumped them or not. That just gave them a bigger reason.

    Pac just should've let Suge's boys handle that - Neckbone, Buntry, Heron, etc.
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  • Re: Legendary DJ Big Kap passed away

    I bought The Tunnel album during my senior year in high school and I played the fuck outta the shit. I definitely had both the Eminem and Snoop tracks on repeat.

    R.I.P. to Kap
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  • Re: Opinion: Why 2Pac's Strategy Clashed with the Thugs He Helped

    Eh zulu nation didnt like him huh

    Because they felt like he disrespected A Tribe Called Quest (who are Zulu Nation members) at the 1994 Source Awards when he rushed the stage to do "Out On Bail"
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