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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread

    blackrain wrote: »

    Damn i thought this shit was funny especially that flip shit.......fucking hilarious
  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread

    5th Letter wrote: »
    The Knicks are gonna be a low seed (6-8 seed) at best.

    Name the teams that are gonna make the playoffs in the east from
    1 to 8 right now
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    1CK1S wrote: »

    It's crazy how the Lakers and Mavs fell in terms of attracting free agents

    Dirk needs to retire he is wasting his time...........

    while kobe got payed, and the lakers were able to somewhat be in a rebuilding phase
    and get some decent young pieces in, russel, randle, clarkson and now ingram.....

    My nigga cuban been building a mediocre cast to surround dirk the last couple of years
    As a last resort because they keep on trying to bank on top free agents who spurned them......

    plus dirk took less money so cuban can sign chandler parsons to be injured the last 2 years
    and miss the playoffs, and now possibly end up on another team......

    dirk went from mayo, to ellis to parsons......smfh.......

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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread

    James harden
    thabo sefolosha
    kevin martin
    reggie jackson
    anthony morrow
    dion waiters

    when okc got randy foye, u know what niggaz said, he can be that 3rd piece to take okc
    to the top.........

    im not sold on the oladipo, shit

    i will have to wait and see

    however my feeling is that
    Unless durant and westbrook change there style of play it dont matter who
    they add to that team...........

    No more serge ibaka, i know the spurs should feel some relief he is gone especially
    duncan if he comes back..........

    Im pretty sure durant dont care about just getting to the finish line he is trying to win it all....

    does adding oladipo gives u full confidence that okc not only can beat the warriors
    and spurs, but be able to beat the cavs if they meet in the finals.........
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  • Re: Jemele Hill: ‘Never Seen’ Open Disrespect Other Players Show Steph Curry

    Disrespect? He was the first unanimous MVP in league history. To me he is one of the quickest players to have an entire wave of stans who defend him and praise him for everything he does and refuse to critique him. The same people who hate lebron for being cocky and celebrating turn a blind eye to curry when he does the same.

    Curry being cocky and celebrating after shots, because niggaz in the nba was hating on him......

    Steph wasnt dancing and being cocky last year when they was on the come up.......

    he got the right to style on niggaz, after fans media and the nba players try to shit on him after
    they won the he showing and proving........

    lebron on the other hand was on some super cocky shyt......aint no hate was coming his way....
    just because he felt he was better and his team was better he felt like he had to show up
    other teams.....

    dancing on the sidelines with danny green while they was dumping on the bulls......
    making fun of dirk, being sick in the finals......
    Taking fake azz pictures with his teamates on the court
    that entire concert he had in miami............

    lebron been a clown since 07
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