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  • Re: Cassidy Says That Rappers Having Writers Is Normal And Not A Big deal

    Ghostwriting in Hip Hop isn't new so Cassidy is could say Grandmaster Caz is considered the 1st ghostwriter considering he wrote Big Bank Hank's (RIP) verse from Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight". It's been plenty of controversy about ghostwriting and whether we like it or not, they're in the industry, but the key rule is that the ghostwriter is to remain in the shadows, write the hits and collect checks.

    Mad Skillz aka Skillz is one of the well known ghostwriters in the game, even released a track about it exposing his clientele, but left the names edited in the song..everyone knows The DOC's pen game with Dr. Dre, Snoop, Eazy etc...and I'm sure ya'll know about Rakim writing "Summertime" for Will Smith. The ghostwriting in Hip Hop is endless: Sauce Money is another infamous ghostwriter...

    If you're a student of Hip Hop and lyric styles and have a good ear, you can easily pick up certain flows on a majority of artists and realize that most of them had their lyrics written by someone else, especially when they used to rap a certain way on one album then all of a sudden their rap style changed drastically, in this case and point Drake.

    Which is why this shit doesn't surprise me when some use to say JayZ bit Young Chris' flow...ironic.

    Get that shit out of here with that jayz biting young chris flow.......that has to be one of the worst reachest i ever
    Heard in hip hop..... thats just some shit some random nigga said, and everybody latched on
    to basically make jay look bad.........ive been listening to both these niggaz, from the beginning and
    didnt hear no similarities. ....

    Shyt reminds me of the bullshit rumor of pun hitting jay over the head with a bottle......and
    everybody riding with the myth, even jim jones was riding with it, than jay said in a song he never
    Got hit in a head with a bottle years later.........

    than i seen a interview recently like 3 years ago on forbez dvd with cuban links talking, and he said jay never got hit in a head with
    a bottle, but memphis bleek is the one who hit a nigga in terror squad over the head with a bottle........

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  • Re: Thee Official Drake vs Meek Mill beef thread

    Charlie_ wrote: »
    It took nas 2 months to respond to takeover. Stop the dramatics nigga.

    Drake looks at Meek as weak, but ain't come for kdot for that control verse or calling him out.

    yea thats cuz Nas moms had passed away right before shit popped off....also Nas was already giving it to them and finally Ether was track number 2 on a classic album...these are just random freestyles dropped on Soundcloud in the middle of the night

    If i remember correctly nas said he wasnt even gonna answer back to takeover, but
    his friends and brother jungle kept on telling him to say something, cause it was looking bad in the streets
  • Re: Official 2015 NBA OFFSEASON thread

    Smh.....just when you think the knicks and lakers were bad
    dallas always find away to be the biggest losers and the laughing stock of the nba

    I swear mark cuban has bad karma...........
    nigga shited on the lakers cause of the chris paul deal
    gets lamar odom, who sabatoges the team

    when the lakers first started to be a bad team, cuban comes out in a article and
    says he hope they stay bad forever.....

    nigga destroys his championship team, just to chase 2 overated superstars who
    turned him deron and dwight....

    Dirk took less money for cuban to build a contendor, cuban surrounds dirk , with
    oj mayo, than monta ellis, now wes matthews

    You traded for raja rondo, who like lamar odom sabatoges the team

    cuban gets desperate, and brings back jj.barea and tyson chandler, 4 years later

    nigga get fined for talking about his newely acquired free agent deandre jordan

    deandre jordan switch his mind and go back to the clippers.....
    the same clippers that has a guy name chris paul, who u were pissed about
    the lakers getting back in the day.........

    Now i understand why dirk, made cuban not speak during there run in 2011......

    cuban be having that bad luck, bad karma around him
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  • Re: Official 2015 NBA OFFSEASON thread

    S2J wrote: »
    Matthews gave up money to go to Dallas? Dumb move

    For 1 he's a product of circumstance, he's not,anything more than a solid 3rd option, 2 Dallas is low key in a similar boat as LA, in that they SHOULD be rebuilding, but Dirk is making them pick up random FA's and,vets to make it look like they can "compete" ....product: 8th seed

    Niggaz went from oj mayo, to monta ellis to wesley matthews....... dirk took less money
    to compete with mediocre talent, automatic 8th seed, first round knockout once again
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  • Re: The Official 2014-15 NBA Thread

    While lebron beat, marcus smart, derrick rose, and kyle korver, how impressive
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