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  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Y'all deading genuinely elite teams 15 games into the season like CLE wasn't a below .500 team until damn near February last year. do realize that the trade for shumpert jr smith and mosgov is what turn
    there season around.........if the cavs still had dion waiters brickings 3s all over the place
    they probably would of still been below 500..........

    What u seeing from the clippers is more than likely what ur gonna get........its been like this
    for the past 5 years.......unless pierce all of a sudden hops in a delorean or jamal crawford
    goes on an offensive tirade in which he cant miss in the playoffs, the clippers are
    gonna get another early exit.....

    chris paul and blake done had nick young, to moe williams to eric bledsoe to caron butler
    chauncey billups, grant hill, kenyon martin to matt barnes to lamar odom, darren collison, jared dudley
    antwan jamison, danny granger, and etc

    And now u can add lance stephenson paul pierce and josh smith to that list........

    They gonna have to blow up that core if, they dont get to western conference finals this
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    sobek wrote: »

    Smfh, dwight need to leave that type of shyt for deandre
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    The day i choose anthony davis in draft kings, he fucking injures his shoulder......smfh
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  • Re: Who is the Best Player in the NBA?

    I think lebron fans are scared that finally there is a nigga in the nba finally threatning his spot
    as the best player in the nba, and on theverge of being the face of the nba.......

    dont worry lebron fans, i felt the same way being a kobe fan and watching lebron slowly
    take the wave from him.....

    And what seperate steph from niggaz like durant and rose that had a season or two
    where they dominated the league, is that steph finish the job and won a ring....

    what i dont understand is how niggaz think lebron is still the greatest when, he plays in
    a weak ass eastern conference, left dwade and bosh to join up with kyrie and love, and
    lost in the nba finals 2 years in a row, and in the same breath try to downplay a light skin
    point guard who carried a bunch of regular niggaz to one of the best records statistically
    last year and won a nba title, and seems like he is picking up from where he left off.....

    Think about it like this, if steph was to win another title, he would be tied with lebron

    .......... let that sink in for a second..........

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  • Re: Anyone doing Draft Kings right now?

    Damn im playing about 4 games right now if i win i cant get my money
    cause im in ny smfh.....