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  • Top Ten Lightsaber fighters in Star Wars

    1. Mace Windu
    2. Darth Sidious
    3. Yoda
    4. Deepa Billaba
    5. Darth Tyrannus
    6. Obi Wan
    7. Anikan Skywalker
    8. Darth Mal
    9. Quigon Jin
    10. General Grievious
  • Oh my gaaawd

    lmaooooooooooooooooo at a chick hittin her man with at "no homo"
  • The Most FUKKED UP Ways you/witnessed someone got rejected?

    Imagine the LAUCE had i wifed or had kids with this broad.

    Which was 100% my goal
  • The Most FUKKED UP Ways you/witnessed someone got rejected?

    Aight, Imma share.

    This was 6 years ago. And to clarify, i am married to a different, better woman, and have 2 kids, so i have a happy ending.
    Unlike this hoe.


    When i was playin college football back in the day in El Paso, Texas, i met and fell for a broad at my university.
    We decided to wait until we were both college grads or i was in the league to get married .
    Long story short, a nigga did not make it to the league, but got that degree, and she graduated the year after me.
    We began the process of settling down and getting in job/career mode. We lived together an all that.
    The only thing that bothered a nigga was that she was needy/selfish type. When i met her, she had a man, but
    he was semi-long distance, and she cancelled him for me. (First warning)
    She always hinted she could not handle a long distance thing.
    She got to play the football star's girlfriend role all those years, and shit was all gravy.

    Now, its real world time, and i found out that in El Paso, you cant get a good paying job
    withought being able to speak fluent spanish, which i could not, tho she could, having grown up there.

    We dicide that in order for me to find a career, i'd have to move back to Florida where i am from to find out
    good career opportunities. Her job, could transfer all over the country. The only job i could seem to get was being
    a teacher. I did that for one year in EP and hated it.

    I moved back here to Jacksonville, Florida, with the whole point being to secure a job so we can get marreid and start
    our life together. Once i got one, she'd move down and live happily ever after. I moved here in late September/ October. It took me until
    Febrary to find a good job,.

    Once i got this job, we began prep for her to move here, and she was here by the end of april. Her parents helped her move, and her dad
    and bro came cross country with her with the Uhual and everything. From May-August, shit was all good, but i had this feeling that shit
    was off. I actually had in the back of my mind that she coulda done something while i was out here on the grind, but i ignored it and put it
    in the back of my head. Actually, i did not sleep with here once she got here until she had her period, cuz my biggest fear in life was that
    Maury Povich shit, real talk.

    Anyway, one of her stupid new habits was listening to this wack ass interent radio show based in EP that played all this wack ass southwestern
    shit like Baby Bash and all that bullshit, but she would listen every sunday night.
    Anyway, one sunday night in late August, she tells me that she is leaving me.
    To tell you where my mind was at, i thought she was bothered that i had gained a lil weight,
    only to get hit with that atom bomb.

    Turns out, she had started messing with her Ex while i was here getting a job. Her whole family knew about it.
    That shit came from left field. We had been together nearly 6 years, and i TOTALLY trusted her in every way.
    I was on that nice guy steez that hoes dont respect, when it comes down to it.

    He was playin the pimp role, dedicating songs to her over the radio and shit, keepin her mind occupied.
    He was an ex con, jobless drug dealin type. The "i have no future so i cling onto hoes type". No hate on him,
    that just who he was, and she was the dumb ass broad who falls for that.

    Anyway, for the first time in the 3 years we were living together, i checked my own mail the next day.
    She had opened up a joint bank account and was sending him money, since i paid the rent nad most of the bills,
    leaving her entire check almost for her. Thats how i always did in relationships. In essence, she was sending my
    money to him. (like the Red Lobster shit).

    She told me that she was leaving that friday, and that she was getting a Uhaul and her "cousin" was coming to get
    her on friday. So she started packing up her shit in my apartment. I broke the lease and prepared to move to my parents
    crib, i obviously was not going to live there. Because we broke lease, i had to pay $1000. She spent all her dough on the uhaul.
    I was all broken up about it. I figured out htat the "cousin" was him, and he was in town. Me any my nigga went to about
    10-15 hotels that week lookin for this nigga, lol. It was going to go down. Anyway, Friday morning came, and the Uhaul
    was loaded (i helped)(smh) and she drove off. Presumably to to meet up with him and drove the 2000 miles back to EPT.

    I called her dad and told her about her leaving, and it was obvious that he knew, and that he knew who was picking her up.
    That was the worse part. By the way, i looked thru her phone and saw the texts that she had been sending for months,
    there was no going back.

    As ETHERIAL as that was, the story of what happened to her since is worse than what happended to me.

    Karma is a bitch. And, never again will i ever give my whole heart to one of these scandalous ass selfish ass bitches.
    And i am marreid lol. I fucked up.

    Never give a woman everything she wants/asks for. Because bitches dont know what they want.
    When they get it, and are not happy, they think that you fell short, not that they dont know what they want.
    This woman has admitted this to me. Also, on top of everything else, she admitted that she stopped taking her pills
    when she moved here, to try to get pregnant. SMH.
  • The Most FUKKED UP Ways you/witnessed someone got rejected?

    shawnbrown wrote: »
    dam big norm..... shit.. she opened up a joint without your permission and was sending that nigga doe... dam...... so what happened to her anyway

    Well, as soon as she got back to texas, they up and moved to Arizona cuz this nigga had warrants.
    So, within a few months, she finds out this dude impregnated a side ho he was cheatin on her with
    and had a kid. (she wanted kids so bad, thats all she talked about).

    He continued to cheat on her. Now, she had a college degree, cum laude and all that.
    She used to sell phones for a living. He had her selling burned phones like on the wire to his crew.
    She got caught and fired.
    Then shen went to working at a rent a car place. Guess what. He was moving work in them thangs.
    SHe left that job, and got her dream job for the federal government.

    Then, the dude came under investigation. Mentionded her role.

    The feds came up in her workplace (she was a well respected professional) and arrested her in front of
    her coworkers and peers,
    tying togther the burned phones, and the work with the rental cars. She has a record. She was not built
    for that life. She grew up as the nerdy black chick on the college path lol.
    The 100,000+ she owes on college loans dont mean shit, because with a record, its like you dont
    even have a degree. See, i was gonna pay her loans for her when we were married. Now she has all
    that debt on her, a criminal record, and a worthless degree.

    She now works for an authorized agent selling phones again. She cant get on with a real company
    because of her past. She had to fuck the boss to get that job. Its her man now lol. He openly cheats
    on her because he knows if he fires her, she cant get no other good job.

    Her old man is raising his kid happily lol. He marreid that chick and she takes care of him.
    sHe still has no child. She is at university of phoenix wasting more money hoping that a masters
    wil lget themj to forget her charges.

    She did no time, cuz she snitched and has a parole officer and court mandated counseling.

    Yall may ask why i know all this? I keep in touch, just hear hear the ether burn in her emails.
    See, when god pays people back, its worse than what we would have done.
    Hell, sometimes i pray for her.