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  • Which Sports reporter do you wanna f*ck the most?

    lol at Mike Smith choosing to build a champion with the Cleveland Browns over smashign Jemelle
  • Oh my gaaawd

    lmaooooooooooooooooo at a chick hittin her man with at "no homo"
  • Jenny from Forrest Gump was such a smut and trifling

    usmarin3 wrote: »
    Cancer was discovered way before the 1960's, HIV wasn't discovered till the early 80s. It's definitely the HIV

    They said she had a virus, that the doctors didnt know much about.... in the 80's.........

    Forest didnt need to buy her a House. She had one. In Virginia.
  • The Most FUKKED UP Ways you/witnessed someone got rejected?

    Wait........... niggas is giving away cars in high school?

  • The Most FUKKED UP Ways you/witnessed someone got rejected?

    shenco wrote: »
    Alright so we take a trip to last year in my last semester of high school and into Intro. to Foods class. Ok so there I meet a snow bunny whose a sophomore, but idc she was cute. We'll call her Amy. Anyways over the weeks we get close to each other and flirt with each other on occasion and whatnot. We had a lot of commonalities in things we liked and whatnot, she also liked my music and was backing me up during this little feud I had with another rapper in the school. ( I had wrote a song and unintentionally dissed one of her friends on the volleyball team) Well as the weeks go by and prom nears, I begin thinking of asking her to the prom.

    So one day we flirting again while us and a couple of my folks are talking with each other in class. I'm a shy ass dude so one of these niggas just goes " You know my mans got a thing for you and I think he wants to take you to prom." So she turns to me and asks me if it's true. I tell her yea it is true. So she replies " Ok, if you write me a song I'll go to prom with you." Me being the simp that I was didn't peep that at all and immediately was like " Bet! I got you ma." Back then I was on a writing spree so a song like that would have taken me like 30 minutes tops. Now remember my earlier situation with the other rapper? Well I won that battle so now I'm the most known dude in the school, most know rapper in the school, top rapper in the school out of all grades, basically I'm the shit and this is where you get songs like Heir to the Throne. Sounds like a movie right now huh? Anyways, I write the song, record it, send it to her, she loves it, I'm happy, I'm geeked, and excited because in my mind, I got her.

    Ok, next time we're in class I get my swag ready, got on my best outfit, rocking some binaca in the pocket, and I'm ready to ask this girl to go to the prom with me.(Btw this is a month before the prom so basically she was who I wanted to take to prom the whole time. She says no, I'm assed out) Ok, so while we cooking Amy asks one of the other chicks on my cooking team(we'll call her Taylor) to come over to her team's kitchen so she can talk to her about something. Taylor comes back, I take a deep breath and begin to make my way over there. STOP! Before I make it half way

    Taylor: Umm Shen com here and sit down right quick.

    Me thinking: Alright this shouldn't be long.

    Taylor: Uhh Shen, you're going to ask Amy to the prom right?

    Me: Yea, I was just about to do that now.

    Taylor: And you wrote a song for her too didn't you?

    Me: Yea, yea I did. Why you ask?

    Taylor: Umm Shen, she uh.... she's already going to the prom with someone else

    Me: *Insert open-mouthed, shocked, smiley face*

    Taylor: Yea, that's what she just told me when she asked me to go over there

    So I go to amy's friend(girlfriend to one of my people's in the class) asking if she knew that she already had a date while I was out here simping, writing songs for this bitch, and this ho just simply straight up said yea she knew. So I go back to taylor and she tells me that amy didn't mean to lead me on and she just didn't wanna let me down. I see my people's over at her kitchen laughing and giggling and shit so I'm like, these niggas knew the whole time too. Class let's out and I swear it was like a bomb went off and I couldn't hear shit around me. I felt taylor tap my shoulder and read her lips asking if I was alright, but I was in the danger zone at that time. I went back home, turned the lights off in my room, curled up under my sheets, and turned on some sade. It got to a point where I didn't wanna do shit, I really considered to stop rapping. Life was taking me under quick. The woman I wanted played me for a fool, my people's letting me get played like that, the chick who I dissed s prolly getting a kick out of my misery. It just wasn't a good look. I began to ignore her after that, and that got under her skin, but my simp self jumpd right back into her palms when she came and apologized to me hugging me and shit telling me how bad she felt about it. I confronted my people's about it too and they said they had no idea she had a date and that they thought I had her bagged so we were all cool. (i had thoughts about waiting on each of their front steps and fucking them up 1 by 1 for betraying me btw) so everyone's cool except me and her fight and make up like every damn day in class for the rest of the semester. I did choke at the senior talent show though trying to do too much and worrying about her. We ended off on a good note as "friends", my prom date actually looked better than her(had her jealous there too).

    So I'm thinking we're cool and on FB I asked if I could get her number(yes, throughout this whole story I didn't get the digits, smh) She says no and ends it there. A few weeks later she asked me one day on the book if I could send her the song I made for her. The 1st time I sent it to her, then after like a whole 7 months of no contact she asks me again for the song(now I'm in college getting my nuts kissed by these hoes) and I'm like " Chick I deleted that shit a while ago. Shoulda saved it then *kanye shrug*" Lost any recollection of her existence since then and been free sailing since. I been on my hard on hoes and " if you ain't fucking, then why are we discussing?" steez ever since then. I go more into it on the mixtape, but yea that's my story. I can honestly say that that was the point in which I found myself, acknowledged my flaws, and began the path that I am on now in my life.

    Damn. That is funny. Sade does tend to sooth the soul. temporarily douse the slow burning soul.