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  • Re: "He Knew What He Signed Up For"

    AZTG wrote: »
    I wanna hear about military people before I make up my mind on this.

    People that was in the military, or had family in the military, how would yall feel if someone says this if you or a member of your fam died in service?

    I wouldnt even talk to trump in the first place. Him calling my family is an insult, his word aint shit to us. Aint nothing worth a damn a stranger can tell me about death anyway. Let us morn, cut the check, and stay away.
  • Re: #BoycottNIVEA.... Hol up, does anyone even use Nivea?

    Chi Snow wrote: »
    White ppl buying skin whitening cream?

    Them mfers be getting tans. Shit is backwards out here.
    Chi SnowCashmoneyDuxR0mpCapitalB
  • Re: My lil cousin's a PEDO....But should I ride with him??

    kzzl wrote: »
    Yall worrying bout outsiders, if the shoe was on the other foot, i wouldnt give a damn what his family thought. They could catch whatever he caught standing next to him. I expect no less from a victims family coming after one of mine that did some shit.

    You just gotta decide what it is youre willing to fight for, but that unconditional shit is a benefit that not everybody deserves. Some of these folks aint worth saving.

    but is it really about being unconditional?

    what benefit is he getting?

    so even with you knowing he fukked up in the head.....that still aint enough for YOU to take him to jail?

    so you mean to tell me.......

    you would allow a nigga to kill your cousin in front of you? right in front of you?
    an you cool with watching with no feeling?

    the same lil nigga that used to come to your crib,
    the same lil nigga you visited in the hospital after the accident?

    you would watch niggas jolly stomp him out?

    in front of you?

    I wouldnt even be around that guy no more. Neither would my nieces, nephews, or other little children if i can help it. Somebody shoot him while im there, im worrying bout everyone but him. Let him die.

    Shit, we could jump that nigga together.

    Im not siding with idiots that was enabling him raping kids. Fuck family at that point. That shit is madness, not loyalty.
    nex gin
  • Re: Man Becomes Xena Warrior Princess. His Wife Approves

    Another example of the bond between women and faggots, their support of faggot shit, which disgust me.
    T. SanfordCashmoneyDuxLordZukoaneed123JJ_EvansVulcanRavendeadeyeKwan DaiChi Snow
  • Re: What color are these shoes?

    Teal and gray. Niggas is trolling or color blind. The latter more common than people think. You can see all kinds of colors, but have one or two you cant make out.
    Go figureCashmoneyDuxCeLLaR-DooR