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  • Re: Black and brown boys don’t need to learn “grit,

    I agree with the article, but a truth is that black youth have to navigate with an additional set of soft skills. These additional skills can prevent cooning and reduce employers/customers letting race get in the way of business. Teaching the soft skills to keep black youth empowered and cunning like a fox. The basic shit can be learned anywhere. Unemployment office, libraries, company hand book, parents, friends, and etc. But that black survival shit is what's not getting to our youth as it should.

    And our youth needs to learn that cause of people that use ambiguous shit like "grit" as an excuse to not do business. I guarantee you that these racist "grit" people have some person of their race getting by on privilege without the soft or hard skills to match their position.
  • Re: So Umar Johnson Was Trying To Claim To Be A Relative of Frederick Douglass?

    Wasnt this guy already claiming to be a descendant of Marcus Garvey?
    Maximus Rex
  • Re: Driverless Trucks Already Being Tested; 3 Million Truck Drivers To Lose Their Job

    Eliminating the human element of OTR could probably double the profits of companies. Which is one of the main hindrances these companies face, so it ain't hard to imagine it catching on.

    I don't know about 3 million truck drivers, but truck drivers, truck stop employees, weight stations, truck washers, truck manufactures, company terminals, diesel mechanics, hotels, porn stores, and other businesses that eat off that road life will have to adapt. And a lot of people are gonna lose their jobs.
  • Re: Tariq Nasheed on The Breakfast Club

    Black people "whoring out votes" is a perfect description of our current situation. If black votes was pussy, most negroes are just jump offs. And why should an official respect our vote if all they have to do is dance and smile in our face to get us at the polls. We're in no position to negotiate or give consequence to begin with. So a coon official like Ken Thompson could sell us out again tomorrow if he wanted.
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  • Re: Pres. Barry Obama: Black Lives Matter And Other Activists Need To Learn To Compromise & Stop Yellin.

    And really, what kind of agenda do black people need for their rights to be honored anyway? In my ignorance, i thought the latest constitution was enough, but im obviously wrong. So what's that suppose to look like now? Clearly being a law abiding, tax paying citizen ain't enough.

    Is this a give and take arrangement on top of these 2k taxes I owe? Does it need signatures? A notarized stamp? Do we have to ask what Ja Rule thinks?

    "Mr. First Black President.." in my calmest voice possible, "...what do we have to do to convince you that cops can't terrorize blacks for nothing with impunity? Help us, help you, help us. "

    I'm suppose believe that question is getting lost in the commotion? That nigga lying.
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