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  • Re: For all my people here that DON'T have children.

    T. Sanford wrote: »
    I will say this; before you have kids then make sure you are financially stable & great at budgeting. There's parents out here that been making a minimum of $32,640 a year for 15 years but when the child is old enough to drive. The parents doesn't have at least $1,500 a piece to offer half on a car. I be looking like "damn yall should've been in BMF.......................because yall blow money fast" smdh

    your never financially stable for kids....

    the bigger your account the bigger the life you'll live.

    a long time job can downsize an let ya ass go.

    so many things can happen...but you don't just stop living because of the what ifs.

    so many things can go wrong.... an yet so many things can go might raise a doctor or top engineer. that will take care of all your bills an buy the house you always wanted...

    it all boils down to perspective...

    but if kids will slow you down...then I guess it's safe to assume you are moving in the right direction in life

    When you're kids clothes come from the salvation army, when you ain't consistently got lights on in your house, when you don't know when or if that next meal is coming, you ain't financially stable.

    As Bossexcellence edited so slyly, not prepared. Cause poor planning is some horrible shit to put a child through willingly. You ain't gotta be rich, but you better be financially stable before you try to raise one.

    "If you can't feed the baby, don't have the baby"- Micheal Jackson
  • Re: Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Far into the game now. I gotta say shit picks up and I'm now genuinely interested. Kinda deep even.

    One thing im finding unimmersive is how well everybody speaks proper English. The devs didn't bother with giving the world it's own language for good reasons, I'm sure. But it would of been a nice little touch for the game.

    Hey, that NW region of the map goes HAM. I was running like a bitch trying to get through the there.
  • Re: What age did you "come home"?

    Trillfate wrote: »

    Bruh, he faked the waves? Seriously, look at that shit. That's some 8b, 2b pencil shading going on. That nigga barber would be a beast with some charcoal.
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  • Re: What age did you "come home"?

    And niggas might need a hair thread. Some healthy hair advice or something. Y'all sound too damn young to be talking about balding.
  • Re: 'The Matrix’ Reboot Taking Shape at Warner Bros. Without the Wachowskis

    Just read a new report. Its going to be a spin off movie set in the same universe but not a remake as was reported. So this might work just fine

    I was just finna say the lore more than makes it possible for a continuation. No need for a complete reboot.