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  • Re: "You cannot say Black Lives Matter and then kill yourselves" - Stevie Wonder

    Shiiiiiit. I aint fucking with Stevie, he last of the dinosaurs. I hear dude was the only artist that wouldnt perform in Florida after Zimmerman walked as well. This aint nothing but your grandpa trying to talk to y'all. He coming from a good place with it.
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  • Re: George Clooney and Partner sell Tequila Company for $1Billion

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    This seems like a replay of 50 cent or Dr Dre.
    Just watched that Big Boi interview. Him and about 6 other R&B and rap stars are investing in tech companies. Entertainers are getting smart with their money.

    Also Big Boi has a company that owns trailers for entertainers when they on set of whatever show.

    Hes got that dog kennel that him and his brother run as well. Theres a video for it on youtube i just seen.
  • Re: Success and culture.

    You niggas actually found the question in all that unnecessary text? Id stopped reading that shit.
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  • Re: did my homie block me?

    Nah bruh, old man told me a long time ago to never let another man get the number for you.

    Theres too many other ways this could of gone. If he knew the deal why not alley-oop and assist so you could score. Or mind his business and campagn for her friends. Shit, i would of even left the table again and let yall have some privacy. Or you and ol'girl could of strolled else where so you can work.

    Your wingman had horrible technique. He couldnt even scumbag it right. Shit, for all you know he did and is lying to you. Pussy make a nigga do thangs.
  • Re: Trump begins to close relations with Cuba and demands they return Assata Shakur

    Trump been in office for what, 6 months. Hes undoing whatever Obama did in 8 years, all while being #notyourpresident, when Obamas excuse was having to be the president for everybody. He dropping his nuts on his opponents along the way, signing whatever white supremacy wants, got a gang of badges ready to catch a body, and goes golfing every weekend i hear. Thats what real power does, but a bunch of silly negroes wouldnt recognize it.

    I get it though, Obama was a symbol to yall and Trump in there ripping it to shreds. That white boy is proving how the first black president aint mean shit. What its suppose to look like when your president isnt straddling the fence on race.

    And wasnt it Obama that restarted talks of bringing Assat back to the US anyway? The Blue Lives Matter shit? What kind of nigga tells his friend to have a beer with the cops that just harassed him? Whos says let us pray while cops have kill-a-nigga lotteries?

    That yall boy, though.
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