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    A PlayStation 4 bundle featuring the 500 GB console and the new-generation edition of Grand Theft Auto 5 will launch in various European regions next month for €449.99, according to entries on online retailers such as Amazon.

    The console is listed on the Amazon Germany, Italy and Spain websites for €449.99 (approximately $574 USD) with a release date of November 18, 2014. Announced during E3 2014, Rockstar's 2013 open-world title is scheduled to hit Xbox One and PS4 on that date, with a PC release to follow.

    The bundle is not listed on US, Australian or UK Amazon sites at the time of writing. We've reached out to Sony if the bundle will make it’s way to the other regions and will update accordingly.

    Sony launched a The Last of Us Remastered PS4 bundle in Europe on July 29 which Sony isn’t planning on releasing in the U.S.

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  • Re: The OFFicial Xbox One Thread

    Spencer gets beat up on screenshots.

    Microsoft is working on introducing customizable themes, background pics and the ability to take in-game screenshots to the Xbox One, head of Xbox and Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer confirmed.

    “I was told themes and background pics are something that we are working on and screenshots, you know people beat me up on screenshots,” Spencer said on a recent Inner Circle podcast episode. “The team has done a great job with the monthly updates, some of the things are just a prioritization and are a time in development.

    "But I know that people like to customize the look of their dash," he added. "And I think both themes, backgrounds and screenshots are things I know people want so we are going to deliver on them. But we can’t give a when yet.”

    A Microsoft spokesperson told IGN that the features will be rolled out in future monthly updates.

    "We’ve been carefully listening to your feedback and look forward to delivering many of those features and more as part of our regular Xbox One system updates," the statement reads. "We look forward to sharing more details in the future.”

    Microsoft has been rolling out monthly updates to the Xbox One, with each iteration introducing new features, changes and bug fixes to the system. For instance, the console received updates to the activity feed, profiles, new media app, the capability of playing 3D Blu-rays, the Snap Mode ability for achievements and more voice control commands. You can find out more about the new-generation system and its updates on our ever-expanding Xbox One Wiki.

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  • Re: Far Cry 3 Review

    Causing panic is great, too. Like Far Cry 2, Molotovs or explosive barrels cause chaotic fires that trap and burn enemies. You can combine these last couple things if you’re a real sicko – flaming bears are a frightening sight. You could snipe thugs from a mountaintop, drive into a camp with Rakyat warriors (or C4 charges) in the back seat, or use a knife and bow to kill quietly. If you’re really bold, why not stab a couple guys after dropping from your hang-glider?

    The satisfaction of claiming an enemy stronghold as your own is the same regardless of how you get it done. These bases become hubs for selling loot found in chests, buying better weapons, and attaching scopes and silencers. Better yet, they’re fast-travel spots, allowing you to navigate Rook Island’s breadth efficiently. Outposts are a great convenience, but they also represent something larger. Where Far Cry 2 positioned you in the middle of a civil war to play both sides, Far Cry 3 gives you a one-sided goal: Take over the island and spread the Rakyat tribe’s influence. This is the imprint Jason leaves on the world, and the reason he’s destined for Rook Island.

    Multiplayer, on the other hand, retains very little of what makes Far Cry 3’s single-player campaign special. The combat is still fast and engaging, but it’s less tactical with fewer attack opportunities. Maps are cluttered and often confusing, too, so navigating to the next objective can be challenging. Taking over control points in the adversarial modes ends up as aggressive games of tug-of-war that any shooter vet is more than familiar with.

    The competitive incentives function much like Far Cry’s contemporaries, too, with weapons and attachments unlocking with each level-up. This speaks to the multiplayer’s overall ambition: It’s serviceable, but is afraid to do anything other than explore old territory. The extensive map editor, which allows for terrain deformation, the addition of wildlife (including sharks that swim on land, angry tigers), and custom-created objects, presents the chance to make something better.

    The cooperative mode shares the predictable progression system, but compensates with a character-driven side-story campaign focusing on entertaining moments rather than depth. Those characters are as uneven as the co-op design, though. Mikhail the Russian and Callum the Scot are funny dudes whose one-liners make them feel like unlikely action heroes. Their partners, on the other hand, are obnoxious, annoying clichés who feel like they just learned about profanity.

    Friendly competitions in co-op rule.

    Co-op leaves the open world behind in favor of linear levels with branching paths – with three or four players, taking advantage of high ground and flanking positions gives your team an incredible sense of empowerment. With just two, it becomes a frustrating grind. Enemies don’t scale, and the missions are specifically designed for four people. You’ll need a full crew to protect bomb-carriers while blowing up bridges or guarding vehicles from enemy waves. At times, it feels like a mindless shooter with senseless direction, but there are brief bursts of friendly fun in blowing up walls, driving quads, and wiping out hundreds of enemies.

    Both online modes feel superfluous and out of place, but neither is bad. Both serve a purpose for a certain crowd, but the kind of person who connects with Jason Brody’s story likely won’t fall for simple co-op and a forced-but-functional competitive side.

    The Verdict

    It’s easy to see why someone would want to visit Rook Island – it’s a stunning tropical location with plenty of fun activities, scenic views, and history worth discovering. Far Cry 3 disrupts that paradise to challenge your feelings about enjoying violence. Because of lunatics like Hoyt and Vaas, you’ll see beautiful things you never would have. You’ll do terrible things that make you uncomfortable and meet fascinating, disgusting people. You’ll sympathize with Jason Brody’s difficult choices as he turns from vapid young man into a monster.

    Far Cry 3 is important for the same reason as Far Cry 2. It’s a shooter that considers shooters thoughtfully, both in the way they’re designed and the way we play them, and then asks us to do the same. Should massacring hundreds be a great way to entertain ourselves? Maybe not. But it is.
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    Far Cry 3 on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


    Far Cry 3's dark story and exciting combat are equally unpredictable. Savor its incredible open world.
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    - Rumors are circling that Chelsea have made a bid for Messi

    It would be a terrible move.