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  • Re: Mortal Kombat X - 4/14/2015

    No online tournaments.

    Region locking.

    Plus PSN's by default notoriously shitty servers.

    Game will dead in a month on PS4.

  • Re: Mortal Kombat X - 4/14/2015

    For the record, IGN was comparing SF4's hype to MKX, not SF5.

    Vanilla SF4 has not been being played for a decade. For one, the game came out in 2009...its 2015. :!!

    And yea, that game has been patched, updated, remixed, 6.0'd and turbofied into something completely different. Who knows were the original SF4 would be today if they didn't have a new "revamp" every 6 months to garner interest.

    As for SF5, the hype won't be able to match MKX because SF5 is only on 2 platforms...well, at least the first of its 8 iterations is.

    But I stand by that a fighting game's interest SHOULD die after 2-3 years. I don't want to play Marvel vs Capcom 3 for 10 years. I want to play Marvel vs Capcom 4 now and SF5. Not Mega SF4 Super, Turbo, Hyper, Remix, 1080P, 2015.
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  • Re: Mortal Kombat X - 4/14/2015

    Also, EVO need to get they shit together. The production value of this tournament >>>>>>>>>>>EVO.

    Player interviews/introductions, no button checks, instant replays, character tips, faction drafts etc...

    And its going down every Wednesday on XBO...thats wassup! Dem M$ coins at work,
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  • Re: Mortal Kombat X - 4/14/2015

    Nigga, everything in this post is either wrong, hilariously stupid, or both. Lol

    Have a seat. You lost. Speechless ass. lol. Moving on...

    Yoooooooooooooooooooo...this tourney been hype as fuck! Called it from the jump tho, SonicFox vs MIT in the finals. Still think SonicFox will take it.
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  • Re: Mortal Kombat X - 4/14/2015

    focus wrote: »
    I'm simply saying that SF4 2009 is not what is being played today. Period.

    Are you really comparing MK9's SF4's? lmaooooooooooo. Reach for the stars bruh.

    And SF being played longer than MK is kind of a myth because SF took forever to come out. You do realize there was 10 years between SF3 and SF4, right?

    MK1 got way more play than SF1
    MK2 was played just as much as SF2
    MK3 was played just as much as SFA

    I'll give you MK4 vs Third Strike, but everything inbetween that and MK9/SF4 is a wash...unless you want to discuss the SF EX games lol?

    MK has the tech and popularity now, whereas SF popularity seems to be on the decline and never matched MKX's during its peak apparently. Same for Tekken. The hype for Tekken 7 is non-existent. Nobody is playing SFxT either. Damn...without those quarterly "updates", makes one wonder why :-? Both MK9 and Injustice definitely got more play than that game.

    Anyway, we off topic. Some people just seem to have a really hard time admitting that SF and MK are on the same playing field now, with MK selling more. I don't know why. They are both great fighting games. Don't understand this need to defend SF's honor as some sort of undisputed fighting game champion of the universe that no other game could ever touch. Its not the 90's anymore lol.

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