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  • Re: Dunkirk (2017) Christopher Nolan, Stars: Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh.

    Beta wrote: »
    Nolan does no wrong so I'm with it

    Shiiiieeeet batman begins and the prestige nigga them shits were wack
    fortyacresrip.dillaBuilt 4 cuban linxinfamous114
  • Re: Swizz to defends his crown against Timbo

    freshb651 wrote: »
    niggas is dumb or trolling, "Timbaland doesn't have enough rap hits" ? LOL wut,y'all must've forgot...

    Lobster and Shrimp-Jay-Z
    Nigga What Nigga Who-Jay-Z,Jaz-O
    They ain't ready-Jadakiss,Bubba Sparxx
    Ryde or Die chick-Lox,Eve
    The Potion-Ludacris
    The Jumpoff-Lil Kim
    Money Talks-Lil Kim
    Party People-Tim,Jay-Z
    Up jumps the boogie-Tim,Magoo,Aaliyah
    Pass that dutch-Missy
    Gossip Folks-Missy
    Is that your Bitch-Memphis Bleek,Jay-Z
    Hit em wit da Hee-Missy
    Lick Shots-Missy
    Get your freak on-Missy
    Set it off-Snoop,MC Ren,Ice Cube,Nate Dogg,Kurupt,Lady of Rage
    You owe me-Nas
    Raise up-Petey Pablo
    Big Pimpin-Jay-Z
    Clock Strikes-Tim
    Luv 2 Luv ya-Tim
    Snoopy Track_Jay-Z
    It's Hot(some like it hot)-Jay-Z
    Hey Papi-Jay-Z
    Ugly-Bubba Sparxx
    Lovely-Bubba Sparxx
    Are We cuttin-Pastor Troy
    Hola Hovito-Jay-Z
    The Bounce-Jay-Z
    Dirt off your shoulder-Jay-Z
    I'm so fly_Lloyd Banks
    Put you on the Game-The Game
    Make me Better-Fabolous

    Half these songs niggas never heard of just because he made the beat doesn't mean it's good we talking hits not just songs in general
    infamous114freshb651Trollio Revolver OcelotTHE_R_texas409Already Home_17
  • Re: Joe Budden & Migos BET Awards scuffle... (Update) Migos also shadowbox w/ Chris Brown's crew

    Trillfate wrote: »
    Like Water wrote: »
    mike06 wrote: »
    And why do people keeping bringing up Joe's music/career??

    could've sworn he said he's retired and now is simply a member of the media

    What a Lackluster career

    He's been around for like 15 years. I'd say he's doing something right.

    Just because he been around doesn't mean he had a good career the only way he stays relevant somehow is somebody ethering him or beating his ass which ain't shit to brag about

    Some of yall dont understand how the business works. Don't let Jay and Drake careers blind u, Budden sells records and gets X amount, does shows and tours around the world and gets X amount.

    Would u say Richard Jefferson hasn't had a good Nba career?

    What records are selling? The only tour he's known to be in was the slaughterhouse tour other than that nobody is checking for buddens except the few internet soliders who love buddens.....richard jefferson is a bum he got a ring from riding lebron coat tail
    Like WaterJonnyRoccITnujerz84
  • Re: Joe Budden & Migos BET Awards scuffle... (Update) Migos also shadowbox w/ Chris Brown's crew

    Lurker6 wrote: »
    I dont know how you have a 10+ year career as a musician, that affords you an upper middle class lifestyle (or better) and not be considered having a successful career. If you do anything that is your passion for years and you have disposable income after you pay all your bills, you have a successful career, period.

    Just because he has money doesn't mean he had a good career he was just smart enough not to fuck his money up he hasn't made no impact to the game nobody talks about buddens having a classic album or he hasn't done much except cry and hate on others which is wack he too old for that shit
     i ro nynujerz84
  • Re: Ross best album Vs. Jeezy best album

    okaay wrote: »
    After Thug Motivation 101, at least 3 Rosay albums before you get back to a Jeezy album.

    Naw buddy. 102 slapped and The Recession came right after that.

    Shiiieett that recession album is a weed plate
    R.D.gnsCJKamPushMetrendsetta1030MrCrookedLetterLike WaterTrillaaaaaaCottonCitySliminfamous114