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  • Re: IC Boxing 101. We pay..You fight...Eyeronic1 vs Black_Samson(Less than 24 hrs left)

    VIBE wrote: »
    i ro ny wrote: »
    I'm bout go to the movies.

    We got a month to figure this all out.

    At the end of the day, I'm disappointed in a lot of yall. I never lied about shit. I never backpeddled about shit. I never said I wouldn't fight this dude and to think i ever gave a hint of that off is ridiculous.

    Let's get one thing straight...yall see how scared this guy is at the THOUGHT of some real cool shit happening at this altercation. I never said anything/hinted/alluded/mentioned jumping this character or anything. But in his mind, he's already completely shown his hand on the street factor of this whole thing. That's first.

    Don't ever say I'm scared of a got damn thing. I said from jump where I stood and my story hasn't changed for shit. Not once. No matter how many times yall had tried change the narrative to support that fuck nigga, I've ALWAYS remained the same.


    Find a post that says different.

    The issues is you called Jamel out and started this whole shit.. again

    Then Elz said alright, fuck it, let's get it crackin..

    He sets up the funds

    You didn't like the date

    Then you seemed to back out by saying "nah, fuck that.. You ain't setting up shit.. Nah, I didn't agree to it.."

    The dates are 19-25 or whatever and you called him out on those days, Elz is giving you the option to set the date so Jamel can fly out..

    Then you went silent..

    Shit just seems as if you're flaking out now.. not saying you are, but you give off that vibe..

    You called him out bruh.. Put your money where your mouth is.. Pick a date. This ain't a 24 hour fight.. This is gonna go 1-2 hours max to get set up and all that shit..

    Then you guys can squash this shit..

    vibe cant wait to see 2 blacks fight u racist piece of shit
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  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread

    OhMars wrote: »
    Pico wrote: »
    OhMars wrote: »
    Pico wrote: »
    Yoooooo bonnets are the shit!!! I slept with one last night and woke up flawwwwwlesssss

    ....I wear one every night. Gotta keep the moisture in

    Yasssss bitch I feel you


    Watch your mouth

  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread

    S2J wrote: »
    Fellaaaas, lets keep it consisteeeent

    We just said its ok for a man to be honest and turn a bitch down for bein fat

    But now she should be okay with a lazy, Potatoe Soup and COD ass ngga?

    Fam that shit aint even got no meat in it nh

    this nigga gay as shit
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  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread

    700 wrote: »
    God_Yunn wrote: »
    If Outkast and UGK ain't in your top 5 duo's kys

    Yu stupid canine bitch,Yu don't know shit bout what you posted

    @700 we got a problem u dusty peacock nh

    excuse me

    thats yunn, the lightkin nigga with the perm

    yunn is a japanese freckled lesbian

    i done killed her already

    u cosigned her tho we got a problem ima be in florida next week
  • Re: who wanna wrestle? Fiddle dee dee (yes conflict)

    fiddle dee dee
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