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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Westie wrote: »
    The theme of your reading is the eight of Wands. This can indicate a message of some sort, communication you were waiting on, maybe travel. whatever it is this is like a swift progression.

    in the past you have the Three of Wands. This is another card that can indicate travel. It's more long-term plans. It looks like some type of choice was made and something was set in motion that you can't really take back. It indicates progression.

    in the present you have the devil. This is kind of a scary card but it doesn't mean the literal devil it usually means something like temptation or attachments to something. It can be unhealthy but it can also just mean you might be indulging in something a little risky. Drinking/sex/drugs/idk.

    in your future this shows the lovers. Now with the devil and the Three of Wands this can be another cheater spread. Threes usually represent a third party. The devil is definitely Temptation. And the lovers can represent a choice. it can be a choice In love, a choice to make a union or some type of Temptation regarding love.

    She talking about them kids B.....

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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Westie wrote: »
    Westie wrote: »
    MsSouthern wrote: »
    They are going crazy because of all the fake bs Republicans have caused

    And now they want to act like ....oh it's not really a big deal

    But now look who we are stuck with.

    And if there is any hope we can boot them all out .....I'm all over it

    Just because he was elected doesn't mean we have to accept it and move on

    Tit for Tat is a child's game..

    U really want people dutied with the state of ur nation playing childish..I know u are but what am

    As a black man, yea they mistreated Obama, yea they mad him out to be the anti christ, yea they did all they could do to sabotage him..

    And u know what, we complained everyday about how it was unjust, unprofessional, childish, and rude..

    So let's lead by example instead of following a childish trend. Cause really..if we had a candidate worth having in office

    They damn sure wouldn't have loss to trump.

    Fuck that. What does that prove??? White people's president is a childish twitter troll. Fuck the high road. This administration is disgusting. Fuck them.

    Ain't some point u gotta choose between proving a point and building a better nation for our children. You can't do both.

    Oh is that what trumps doing?

    This is that "tit for tat" thinking he was just talking about
  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    They keep looking past Broner. He bout to take it personal and upset Mikey. Watch
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  • Re: Rob Kardashian exposes Blac Chyna for cheating with nudes; Chyna alleges abuse

    Kat wrote: »
    This is shameful. Hoe or not, you have a daughter by the woman and the internet is forever. Who's gonna take the high road here? I feel bad for the little girl.

    Meanwhile, revenge porn is against the law in California. I hope she fucks him up
    Kat wrote: »
    mike030270 wrote: »
    I'm just waiting for the leaked sex tape

    Ew, hopefully with someone other than Rob though.

    Is it Oochie Wally or is it One Mic?
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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers]

    Lol @sion getting done like Uncle Ice in paid in full by team little finger

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