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  • Re: F O R E V E R ( and Ever )

    Basically @ShiveDreadz‌ said everything I would have said.

    I don't know you or your beliefs as to how the universe functions. Most people believe in the idea of "karma". You will only reap the benefits of the work (or lack thereof) that you put in to any and everything. Honesty is the best policy. Be upfront with her and let her know where your head is completely and allow her to make her decision based on what you give her. You will avoid a lot of difficulty doing this.

    I'm 26 and just got married to my long tome girlfriend (7 years with a year nor being together) who is also the mother of my 5 year old son. We have been thru so much...and I have grown into a man in that time and learned her true worth with maturity. No relationship is perfect, but its best to be able to separate the real from the fake. If you know yourself and are able to recognize your own faults it will go a long way in a long term relationship. Its also important to realize we are all human and we are not perfect. But if the good outweighs the bad and you both love each other and are willing to be selfless with one another, rock with it.

    This society has conditioned us to be so self centered and cold hearted that it can be hard to appreciate a truly good partner. Observe, discern and decide. And make sure you both are on the same page in the thing that matter to you both.

    You ah be aight bruh...
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  • Re: ADHD Thread Back

    DWO wrote: »
    putting my son in the hood daycare down the street from my house vs sending out by my wife's parents in a white richy day care..

    1. hood's cheaper
    2. they teach them shit like swahili and other cultured oriented lessons
    3. they prolly ain't snitching if my son decides to tell them we pop him at home
    4. fuck i look like sending my 3 year old to a day care with a bunch of rich white motherfuckers....he can't relate to them assholes....they prolly all run and tell the second he snatch something from him...parents looking at my son all funny n shit cuz he got corn rolls and carry himself like a G....maybe when he get to middle school and hsa a better grasp of the shit....but i ain't fittin to set him up for that bull shit now

    Balance is everything....

    Put him there so he learns to operate with his people. Beneficial for seeing the variety of people that come from our communities. Also he will learn survival skills lol.

    But I think it is also wise to put your kids in environments where they really are the "minority" for a few reasons. It teaches them the ways of this world and what they will have to deal with as an adult. It also will help them avoid the pitfall of self hate and an inferiority complex if you are teaching then right cuz they will see that others are just like they are.

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  • Re: Two Little Kids Clownin Each Other then Start Fightin (video)

    That's sad man...

    There is so much wrong with that video I don't know where to not even about to rant though.

    This is only one example of how collectively lost we are...

    Yall found that funny?
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  • Re: ADHD Thread Back

    Just got the worst haircut of my adult life lol

    Did bruh give you the Dr Cool Money cut?

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  • Re: 3-Year-Old Girl Killed With Machine Gun Over Facebook Fight

    Karl. wrote: »
    KingSimba wrote: »
    This is why I break up fights when possible. IDC if it ain't have anything to do with me...especially when its close to where I live. Its never ended up bad for me either. But I've seen fights escalate to gun violence before so It ain't going down around me.

    You're gonna get yourself shot.

    Well all that means is that it is my time to meet the Most High. But I'm not gonna stand around a let things escalate and puts the lives of others not involved in danger.