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  • Re: have you ever been raped or sexually assaulted, or were you the raper or assaulter; here's my story

    Happened to me as a youngster on a few separate occasions. I was between 5-7 and Didn't know what was happening was wrong and the girls (3 different "babysitter") were all significantly older than me. I didn't tell my parents until years later. They were upset and told me how sorry they were for not being able to protect me. Come to find out tho, one of the girls was my moms friends daughter who had been raped. I'm sure there were undiscoverd issues with the other two as well. Its a cycle that will continue without bringing awareness too it. As wrong as it was, I consider myself blessed that they experiences didn't cause any long lasting trauma as far as I know.

    maybe it explains my affinity for older women.
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  • Re: ADHD Thread Back

    Was listening to this on the way to work this morning. Been stuck in my head all day.

    Killah Priest - B.I.B.L.E.

  • Re: Would You Let Your Son Dress Like This?

    zombie wrote: »
    I really do believe I will have to educate my child outside of the American school system. Too much @ corruption.

    Umar Johnson is trying to start a school in Virginia. Even though I don't agree with everything Pan Africans do, it think it is a superior alternative to the public school system.
  • Re: Niggas Vs. Black People

    Dr.Chemix wrote: »
    reason why the race relation talks need to stop here. The problem is niggas don't like the picture in the mirror. Niggas can't do no wrong or own up to these wrongdoings.

    Chris Rock shouldn't have that said shit around white folks? But in another thread, people calling Charles Barkley a coon in front of white members. Chris Rock shouldn't have said that shit, but Stephen A. Smith is a tapdancing jiggaboo according to the IC.

    Do niggas actually think before they talk? Or just wrapped up in moments? Yea, what you gotta say is "Black Excellence" and never hold ourselves accountable for the bullshit ass lifestyles and thought processes we commit to.

    Reason why black folks will never rise and always keep themselves at the bottom of the food chain. Black people understand this. Niggas do not.

    I made a thread about hypocrisy and selfishness that I believe is in the FOF. The topic was about sexual double standards between men and women. The premise was that people all to often make decisions that are self serving in most aspects of life. With the state of our communities, if we REALLY want to make some changes and uplift each other, we have to hold ourselves to a better standard individually in order to be in a good position to help others.

    The ones that get it have to be the leaders. And there is going to have to be some collective sacrifice. I'm starting to understand Chemix and his attitude change on here now tho. We have some good conversations, but where is the action?

    Are we leaving these discussions any different than we were from when they began? And are these discussions fruitless and a outlets used to stroke some of our intellectual egos?

  • Re: Niggas Vs. Black People


    I didn't wanna quote you post where you quoted Harriet Tubman cuz it was too long, but I both agree and disagree with you.

    I agree that you can't help EVERYONE and that you can't do something for someone that doesn't want to do for themselves. Most established ethnic groups with a sense of self operate like this too.

    But you can't shame others for wanting what's best for those who don't even want it themselves. I don't know if you are using this to try to justify being less sympathetic to others or not, but that's what it sounds like.

    Its hard for us to use this tactic on the lost black folks when you come to recognize the traps set for us. When you realize we come from a group of people so broken and full of such self hate, you have to be sympathetic. We have NO knowledge of self or what we were like before slavery. We don't have cohesive and established communities. We have fallen away from the productive family structure. I can't give up on reaching back out to those who may not even want to see themselves even tho I recognize some may never come around. At least I can look at myself and feel good about the attempt.

    You don't think Harriet Tubman tried to convince the too far gone slaves to come too?

    We need everyone willing to listen. There does come a time when you have to give up tho. But you can't give up before you try fam or we will reach no one....