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    Appreciate all of y'allshard work with the flags. Six more days till freedom
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    Westie wrote: »
    Westie wrote: »
    @Arya Tsaddiq

    Time to wear your L


    You dirty mf.....

    @ChiCity you are a man of principal. I know i can trust you with this request....but i need you to flag every post i make for the next week while i bear this cross, brother....

    I'm counting on you....

    I'll help :)

    You're a true friend
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    VIBE wrote: »
    Chipotle new chorizo is flames

    Get some more bruh...
    This is probably the scariest thing I’ve eaten in my life.

    I’ve been doing a little crawl of local SF Bay Area Mexican markets and eating some wonderful chorizo. So I figured I’d wrap things up and try a commercial brand for comparison - El Mexicano

    I pick up a 12 oz plastic package for $1.49. I don’t read the ingredient list till I get home ...

    Pork salivary glands, lymph nodes & fat (cheeks), paprika, soy flour, vinegar, salt, spices red pepper, garlic, sodium nitrate

    I’m still game ... after all who knows what’s in most hot dogs, this is no different.

    There are instructions on the package to remove the casing before cooking ... well, ok, but I’ve been cooking most of the chorizo from the butcher shops with casing.

    No ... you MUST remove the casing ... it is plastic.

    The red chorizo squooshed out. It was soft like pate or a soft liverwurst. There were long stringy pieces in it ... lymph nodes perhaps

    So I cook it up and it releases quite a bit of thin plasma-red liquid. After reading the ingredient list and looking at this soft mess ... like an idiot I taste it.

    Man ... I think they left the saliva in the glands it had that awful, soft sliminess to it.

    I figure maybe if I reduce it and cook it down it can be salvaged ... no it gets softer and more unctuous ... ick, ick, ick, ick, ick.

    I really can’t tell you what it tastes like other than saliva with spices because the gag factor kept coming in play. Really, put this stuff on Fear Factor

    This is NOT chorizo. And if you have ever been unfortunate enough to buy it ... it is NOT chorizo. Go to a good Mexican carneceria and get some good chorizo. The worst chorizo I tried was so superior to this ... it was edible.

    5 servings per container 210 calories each calories from fat 160 ... yeah, that’s calories I’ll never consume.

    Who eats this stuff
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    I flag people all the time. So i have no issue with the negative reactions
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    Beta wrote: »
    One Gotta Go



    Next question!
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