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    LOL khaleesi aint got no ass, nigga you drunk or something? She working with a lil something and it's nice for her size but she aint got no "ASS".

    Ms west is a mothafucking problem bruh. She a true brick house(had to take it back on y'all niggas). I know she be causing accidents whenever she rock yoga pants. She's the real M.V.B(most valuable booty) hands down.

    Ms jones got a nice lil back pack

    Skyler dragging a nice lil wagon

    Pico got a nice bubble back there.

    Moreno aint playing no games either. But she jail bait so I'mma leave her out of this.

    With all that being said though, I wish sistas would exorcise a lil bit. Not after they have a baby and shit, just exorcise in general. Can't no other female's body fuck with a sistas when they work that mothafucka out. Just look at sistas bodies who work out, NIGGA!!!, that shit is perfection.

    for example
    ^I.C lurker^
    ^Another lurker^


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  • Re: The Flash (CW)

    Yo, this was the best episode so far, It had everything. It showcased they everyday lives, show crossover, frost slowly going to the dark side, professor zoom's personality slowly developing, lots of foreshadowing, cop drama etc etc. It all came together well and the pacing was perfect.

    Felicity was looking ready!

    Did not see that train scene coming, did not see all that shit happening with the train. SHIT WAS FUCKING G.O.A.T!!!!!! The way they showcased flashes ability while saving people was fucking perfect.
    ^We can all thank the success of green arrow for this^
    this is some straight up top of the line movie special effects right chea. shit threw me the fuck off when it happened.

    When more meta humans finally start to show up on arrow, shit's gonna get real! Grundy is gonna be G.O.A.T!
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  • Re: Grand Theft Auto V (PS4 & Xbox One - November 18)

    wow rockstar thought of everything. When you transfer your character/profile to next gen or P.C you basically just make a copy of it. Meaning that you can still keep everything on 360 and ps3 and continue playing on there too. But what you do on one system/platform doesn't effect the other.

    Your pictures don't transfer over because they have better cameras that take high res pics now. Wonder how they gonna balance this out when they have them picture challenges on the social lounge? Shit aint gonna be fair at all with the longer draw distance and enhanced everything.

    Oh yeah, don't eeeen try to get on today till about 6:00pm(pacific time, 9:00am eastern time) 7 hours though? It has to be more than just getting shit ready for next gen transfer.
    My boy looking into the source code right now lol. I wonder what he's gonna find in there. I hope they are adding The zombie DLC for holloween.
  • Re: Grand Theft Auto V (PS4 & Xbox One - November 18)

    Just in case y'all haven't heard, somebody got a look at heist achievements in the 1.17 update code. I guess they was always planing on making achievements for heist. Like everybody suspected, they coming out next month. Hopefully we get the zombie D.L.C this halloween. Here's the list of all 14 achievements.

    LOL we gonna have to break people out of prison and shit too. That shit's gonna be fun. I also taalked to my little brothers friend who works at gamestop. He said he got some info in on gta and he thinks it has something to do with the 1st add on D.L.C. Rockstar bout to breath new life into gta. They got the next gen dropping, The rest of online(new maps, property, casino, stocks, heist) finally dropping, and the add-on D.L.C for story mode.

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  • Re: Ask ThatDamnJay Anything: Don't Ban Me Bro Edition

    ^^ it's better with the mods being able to help each others' sections out, as long as no one steps on any others' toes. Hate that u don't see it that way, but it is. for every particular mod that YOU like, there's other ppl complaining about that same mod, and that's how it's always been, period.

    will we get to a point where 1 mod only mods 1 section again? depends on the platform we're on. so, for now, no. in the future, we'll see.
    Brother, how many good law abiding long time posters are gonna have to tell you the same thing before you listen? You have told several respectable I.C vets the same thing and they all have told you no, it's not working. Hardly anyone here said they like this shit. Is this decision based on the admins, or is it based on all the people who make up these forums? Or is it just that these forums we on now don't have this feature? Well, if you want to see what the people really think. Why don't you make an official poll in all the forums asking if we want this feature back. Make it anonymous, and anonymous to the mods as well. That way people will vote the way they actually feel without certain mods catching feelings and swaying their votes.

    What really needs to change over all the other shit is the power to ban. A handful of TRUSTED mods should only have the power to ban, like on the old I.C. Banning people multiple times just because they caught feelings should result in them losing their position or being banned themselves. What's the point of appointing mods for certain sections anymore when they can mod anywhere they please? Add in the simple fact that they usually don't actually mod shit that needs modding anyway. They mod off of feelings. I think you seriously need to start paying a bit more attention to certain(not all) mods on here.

    Now you are right about how somebody is always gonna have a problem with a mod. But there is some that most posters will mostly agree fucking suck! They don't "mod" they just throw their weight around. They like that one punk ass supervisor who always be doing to much, but sucks at supervising. I'm sure you get complaints from multiple posters on certain mods way more than others, keep it real bruh. I'm completely unbiased and I'm just calling shit like it is. Limit they power or some of these mothafuckas got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! They fucking up the I.C experience!!

    LOL no feelings here, it's the ugly truth that you don't want to hear. If anybody deserves feelings it's you for not liking the truth. Fuck you doing modding donkey when there's already like 3 mods doing it? Fuck is a wrestling room mod doing in the reason locking threads, editing threads/post that don't need to be edited/locked. There's already like 4 active mods in there that are on at all times. I don't think them brothas need anymore help.

    Now you aint never fucked with me on here before but I've seen you fuck with others plenty of times. I've seen you show bias and even give out bans just because you caught feelings. I've seen you in sections outside your own fucking with shit that didn't need to be fucked with. You always acting like somebody crying when people are simply expressing themselves like I'm doing now. YOU ARE A FORUM JANITOR/MAID! Janitors/maids are given the task to keep the place nice and neat. Although they have the keys to enter anywhere they please. They only use them when it's needed to fulfill their duties. You(and certain other mods) are not the boss of the forums!!