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  • H.B.O's "The Leftovers" final season(April 16)

    From this preview. I don't have any more theories lol. I guess we just gonna get a "lost" type ending.

    H.B.O do not promote this great show like they should. I guess game of thrones is getting all the attention. Kinda like how they did the wire.
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [You will be banned for posting spoilers] - Airs 7/16


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  • Re: R.I.P. Charlie Murphy

    During the mad real world sketch. When he got up and stabbed dude and acted like nothing happened was fucking gold!!!!!! "Aint nobody stabbed you, I been here this whole time" lol!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Super easy fix for your analog stick(getting stuck, drifting etc etc) without opening the controller


    I'm pretty sure a lot of y'all have experienced this at one point. The stick gets stuck, starts drifting in a direction when you barley touch it, doesn't really respond that well after moving it etc etc. In case you may not know this. More than likely there's really nothing wrong, it's not broken. You see, the problem is that last gen and current gen controllers have a flaw. The joysticks have a slight opening that allows all that dead skin and oil from your hands to slip in. Overtime it builds up in there and starts fucking up shit throwing it off track. Well, this method will save you $60. It takes no time at all and you don't need any special shit for it to work. I just went back and used this on my faulty 360 wireless controller and my brothers ps3 controller too. The shit worked(glad I didn't throw them away) Check out this video real quick, SMH AT THESE CHEAPLY BUILT CONTROLLERS. (This works for all controllers)
  • Re: For all my people here that DON'T have children.

    Just reading your post just made me even more focused and careful. Of what women I fuck with and to avoid having kids at the wrong time. God bless you brother, hope everything works out for you lol.
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    Me personally I'm trying to travel more, date more and get it out my system while I can. Let me see what's out there first and be ready internally as a person before I take the leap.

    Bruh, like it's crazy how many people out here can't fathom using this common sense. It's really not all that hard. Not busting a nut up in a broad raw you really don't know all that well is not hard. Using contraceptives before sex is not hard. You fuck raw, a baby comes out! I remember when people was really going in on brother lurk for being with his high school sweet heart for so long. They really thought something was weird about him actually getting to know the girl before he knocked her up and married her. I remember this one cute young chick posted on here she was a virgin.The backlash was ridiculous, like something was wrong with that. They mad she is careful of who she let up in her pussy and hasn't decided yet. I remember chicks was going in on a girl who's never been cheated

    It's like what a few posters said already. Doing the right thing is looked down upon now at days. Being a fuck up is "cool" and always has an excuse to hide behind. "Bad decisions" are called "mistakes" now lol.
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    It wasn't always easy. Especially in the beginning

    But my son never knew.

    It took a village to raise him ... I think we did a great job too
    SMH, see this is that denial shit I'm talking about. Not trying to throw you under the bus. But this just shows how much people are not thinking to much into it as they should. Kids are growing human beings who are just taking in everything as they grow. So many people don't take this as serious as they need to. So many people make this mistake about their children. In case you don't know, kids see everything!!!! Later they start to piece it together but they usually hide it from their parents. The effects can take many forms and you can easily miss them. I can give plenty examples. Your son is probably showing a bunch of signs and you just might be the type to miss them. He might hold all that shit in and then later on act out and explain that it comes from his childhood. This shit happens a lot with people.