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So who's going on peoples back skreets deleting shit? SHOW YOURSELF FAGGOT!!!!!!!!


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    I was just about to post this. I saw all kinds of "modern day" feminist flipping out about this. This app outchea really fighting against witchcraft and all types of sorcery. It's trying to pull the devils grip from our women! My big brother and his potnas used it and the only thing changed was there skin tone. It just made them a bit lighter. The app is like 80% legit though lol. Tried it on my potna and it wasn't that off. She was like "ooooh uh uhhh this evil".

    now they need an app for fake booties. Like some shit that do x rays and shit. white women are going to riot!!!! It's so weird seeing little skinny white girls with nice asses walking around quite commonly. Especially soccer moms, even asians out here caking up. Never in my life have I seen a white girl kill it in some yoga pants or swallow up a bikini. Last 6 years been weird as fuck!
  • Re: Guess who's back?! Ask me anything

    Have you ever

    1. dated a black man?
    2. kissed a black man?
    3. dry humped a black man?
    4. faced discrimination in bean town?
    5. watched roots(the whole thing) or the color purple?

    You think O.J did it?
  • Re: Active shooter at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

    My Mans was like at least it wasn't a Chief Keef show.....I was like u may have a point....shit like this should force CACs to look at their own...but they look still find a way to blame niggas and Chicago
    country music is t music of the devil. It makes people really depressed and want to end it all, but before they do that they take others with them!!

    We must ban country music. Depression is a huge problem.
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  • Re: OJ Simpson’s parole hearing will air live on ESPN

    Bruh, clearly you didn't really pay that much attention to the trial LIKE MOST PEOPLE(myself included, at first). They were pimping the shit out of the media. Funny how they got mad and pointed this out when Johnny and his team did the same thing later. Johnny also pointed this out when they got on him for pushing the race issue. There clearly was a race issue, but Johnny blew that shit all the way up lol. It was a brilliant tactic to fight fire with fire(it was also true to a certain extent too). Fox news(who was bigger than cnn at the time) played a major role in pushing the prosecutions propaganda(non stop 24/7). They were interrupting every station they owned(or affiliated with) with this bull shit(fucked up all the cartoons and live action shows that came on after school smh).

    This "HARD EVIDENCE"(smh) was being pushed in the media like crazy. That's why people like you, who barley looked into the case think the way you do. Look into the case and you will see that there really wasn't any "HARD EVIDENCE". You will see that they had a weak ass case dressed up as an "open and shut" case. The prosecution actually were the ones going off of he say, she say. They were purposely overlooking major plot holes in the story to push their narrative.

    Here's just SOME examples:
    The domestic violence narrative.
    Big black angry womanizing rich black man that's out of control. Who has no respect for women and is a abuser.
    It was BOTH OF THEM!! All of this shit is on public police records and has been said by multiple close friends and family. O.J with "mysterious" bumps & bruises, fighting with dudes he caught her cheating with, fucked up cars, nicole fucking his friends, maxing out his cards, fucking up his cloths, etc etc... Only a few people claimed it was just O.J(They never liked O.J from the start) and they somehow made it into the courtroom(hmmm...). In court they even played some of these "heart breaking"(lol) 911 calls she made. In the background you can hear what O.J is mad about. "get off the fucking drugs bitch!! I can't believe I came here to pick the kids up and they answered the fucking door. You didn't even pick the phone up when I called. They made a mess down here. I look for your ass and you up here sucking some guys dick, in my house, with the kids right down stairs!! I heard y'all down there so I know they could too. why don't you do that shit at his house!!? He too broke to afford one? ".

    The so called "HARD EVIDENCE" they did an excellent job manipulating
    Blood everywhere!!!!!! In his room, his sock draw, the bronco. Foot prints everywhere and even a fresh blood soaked glove stashed in a pile of leaves away from the scene. GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!!!!
    The clean up team somehow(arguably a set up) fucked up and made major mistakes. Like placing O.J's blankets on the bodies. The room they got them from was O.J's room that nobody ever entered during their long split. All of this blood was never reported by the two teams who showed up first. It only showed up after mark racistman and crew took over. Mark racistman has a history of PLANTING EVIDENCE on minorities. He even admitted to hating interracial(specifically black or asian with a white) couples with a passion. He also lied about not ever meeting O.J and nicole. He actually met them 2 times after to responding to 911 calls from nicole. He been on their property and even kinda got into it with O.J before. O.J had his blood drawn. The sample vanished right before racistman and friends showed up on the scene. People on the scene reported seeing the person who took his blood lol!!!! They flat out seen him in the house, the side of the house, near the bronco etc etc. This actually came out in the court room. He was asked about the blood. The idiot said he was walking around with it in his pocket and he kept it in his refrigerator or some shit lol.

    Nicole's back stabbing thot ass best friend releasing a tell all book
    "She's just thirsty", "this woman is just a drug addict", "they weren't friends", "this isn't relevant to the case", "the families of the victim don't need to hear this crap".
    When she took the stand she just flat out told the truth about everything(including O.J's fuck ups). I can't remember everything but somehow the prosecution got her ass out of there lol. They shut her down real quick and silenced her. Later she wrote a tell all book exposing all kinds of dirty secrets. A lot of that shit checked out, but some of it was just made up. She also exposed several people on the prosecutions side that were close to nicole lol!!! The stuff she brought up about nicole and ron SHOULD HAVE been in the actual investigation from the jump! Ron was a bisexual faggot friend/lover of nicoles. His friends was involved with drugs. He was also apart of this underground rich white gay sex organization. Nicole and her used to secretly go to orgies(while married to O.J) thrown by celebrities and big time drug dealers. Nicole and her crew of thots used to suck off new rich guys that were new in town. They had a code word for it, "Brentwood hello" lol!!!!! Allegedly, this is how her and O.J really met. She wasn't legal when she was doing this either(O.J didn't know her real age). Later O.J kept showing up at a diner she worked at. In no time at all they were together and O.J married her shortly after. Nicole claimed she didn't even know who O.J was. But her thot ass friend said she knew he was rich and famous. Also some people in her family were fans of his. Not to mention he was one of the biggest stars at the time. Nicole was a notorious coke head and stayed owing big time drug dealers(not no poo but ass D boys). I'm talking cutting body parts off and sending them to your family if you cross them. Tossing people into dumpsters, leaving dead bodies out in the open just to send a message. Leaving "calling cards" so you know it was them. Like......STABBING PEOPLE A BUNCH OF TIMES, SLITTING THEIR THROATS AND PULLING THEIR TONGUES THROUGH THE SLIT(that Colombian gangsta shit). Guess what type of drug dealers she used to hang around...?

    This case was fucking retarded. It should have never dragged along like it did. It only went this far because of race, propaganda, and white people never letting shit go when it comes to minorities besting them.
    So ILL wrote: »

    the woman at the end says it all
    Exactly, and over dead white people, too? If Nicole and Ron were black, they wouldn't give a fuck. I haven't seen anywhere near the hatred for Robert Blake for killing his wife, most of them side with him and shit on her! Just shows that they think of us as beneath them.
    throw in the cops that beat the shit out of Rodney king on camera for 10 minutes, Casey Anthony, Fat white/mexican dude who followed(and confronted) and killed trayvon martin, Polly Class whole family etc etc the list goes on lol. These cases be cut and dry, with no holes in them. None of these people keep getting harassed or brought up like O.J tap dancing ass. I mean this shit happened back when power rangers and pokemon first started smh. But the white folks I brought up have been forgotten. Shit wasn't even that long ago. Also they all have gotten good jobs and started new lives.
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  • Re: Asking for a friend

    Sion wrote: »
    Hey guys I'm wondering if I can add this to the IC top 10 moments of 2017. Can someone give me a rundown or cliffnotes of what happened ? And no I'm not going through 720 posts y'all know I d
    Basically sleepwalking/trillfate/the homie nolte got exposed again for doing what he do. He got mad again because he freaked another chick out and got cut off. AdorablyFresh cut him off from all social media and any other contact. Then told him to leave her alone as chill and calm as possible many many MANY times. He flipped out and he went for an "exposure" but it just backfired again. He even tried to bring other posters into the mix. They all roasted him for being a stalker. OB got tired and dropped the cringy stalkerish messages he left. People started roasting those too. Then OB and brother reppin started throwing a few subliminal shots at each other again.

    Basically it's the miss jayHova aka marley/sleepwalkinginjapan situation all over again. Read pages 1 - 15, that's pretty much it. After that it's just nothing but roast all the way up to this page. It's all worth reading. Even the king of all heathens popped back up and went in lol.

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