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So who's going on peoples back skreets deleting shit? SHOW YOURSELF FAGGOT!!!!!!!!


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  • Re: Asking for a friend

    Sion wrote: »
    Hey guys I'm wondering if I can add this to the IC top 10 moments of 2017. Can someone give me a rundown or cliffnotes of what happened ? And no I'm not going through 720 posts y'all know I d
    Basically sleepwalking/trillfate/the homie nolte got exposed again for doing what he do. He got mad again because he freaked another chick out and got cut off. AdorablyFresh cut him off from all social media and any other contact. Then told him to leave her alone as chill and calm as possible many many MANY times. He flipped out and he went for an "exposure" but it just backfired again. He even tried to bring other posters into the mix. They all roasted him for being a stalker. OB got tired and dropped the cringy stalkerish messages he left. People started roasting those too. Then OB and brother reppin started throwing a few subliminal shots at each other again.

    Basically it's the miss jayHova aka marley/sleepwalkinginjapan situation all over again. Read pages 1 - 15, that's pretty much it. After that it's just nothing but roast all the way up to this page. It's all worth reading. Even the king of all heathens popped back up and went in lol.

  • Re: IT (2017) : Jaeden Lieberher and Bill Skarsgård

    Lou_Cypher wrote: »
    I enjoyed it even more after the second watch. Best big horror movie to come out in a long long time

    You didn't see sinister?
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread

    Sion wrote: »
    By the old gods and the new !!
    fixed it

    inoriKing of GACapitalB
  • Re: Atlanta Rapper Jody Breeze Arrested for Shooting 4 People Outside Mall

    Like Water wrote: »
    P. Town wrote: »
    Damn. Jody Breeze had so much potential when he first came out. Sad this is his downfall

    Would've never thought Jeezy would be the first to blow when I heard dem boyz

    The Jeezy phenomenon had already started somewhat

    Yeah. I feel like the Trap or Die tape, So Icy and Boyz N Da hood all happened around the same time.

    Jody was so dope. I don't know what happened there.
    aneed123 wrote: »
    Shizlansky wrote: »
    Jeezy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gucci

    This is actually up for debate?

    No it isn't.

    Yes it is...

    How @aneed123 ? Gucci ain't got a TM101 in his catalogue.
    LOL he don't even have a "TM102 the inspiration" or a "recession". Gucci is hit or miss rapper, mostly miss though. People mostly listen to gucci for ignorant/funny ass country talk, dope ass beats with killer hooks. Don't really have anything to do with actually rapping. How many classic songs do gucci have or songs with high replay value? You can count them on 1 hand. Most of his catalog is microwave food. Like jeezy said "I rather listen to your hooks and instrumentals".

    I'm a bathing ape fanatic/
    A Red monkey junkie/
    Glass pots on the stove keep the kitchen smelling funky/
    Yeah I sold a million records but I still flip them blocks/
    On T.V every day but I'm still pop them Glocks

    Post on the block, rain sleet snow sunny/
    Slow motion, don't nothing move but the money/
    Trap all day with no lunch breaks/
    It's dinner time but a gangsta cooking pancakes/
    Rubber bands when we wrap them stacks/
    Time to ship it outta town, you know Saran's the wrap/
    Think ahead in case the K-9's get loose/
    Inner tubes like the tires on my Mongoose

    [We Smoke purp by the pound, drink goose by the fifth/
    Re-up on the first, then again on the fifth(yeeeeeeeeeeeeah)
    We trap or die nigga!!!]

    Fuck wit real niggas that'll cut ya throat/
    And they don't drink Pepsi, they just sell Coke/
    All I do is talk blow its like my brain on drugs/
    See me out nigga I do my thang in clubs/
    Listen up!, Jeezy gotta a little riddle/
    Stack up 20 dollar bills, two bands in the middle

    These ho's love my voice, make they pussy moist/
    Certified G shit, and I'm the ganstas choice

    These are more than words, this is more than rap/
    This is the streets, and I am the trap

    Bruh, these are classic quotables. I mean give me one gucci track that's fucking with just this one song

  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread