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    Anybody else find it hilarious how jamie has to be an uncle to his kids when he's their dad. But ned had to be the snow mans dad when he's really his uncle?
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    Rewatched the episode again last night. Cersei swag was on 10,000 all episode. She was sipping wine all day before she hit KL that ghostbusters

    She better hope the 7 are made up though. If not she going to have some 'splainin to do.
    Know something I've noticed? Out of all the gods, we've seen actual displays of their powers except for the seven. The seven may very well be false gods. The seven were brought to westeros by the 2nd men, the andels. The 7 may be a bootleg rip off of the many face god. Remember their were statues of all the 7 in the castle.
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    I guess my theory about jaqen was right. It was a test and arya passed it. The faces are poison to people who can't become no one. I'm thinking the term "no one" doesn't really mean "no one". I'm thinking it's just a weird metaphor for your true self. I think becoming no one is the only way to wear somebody else face/identity for the time. Not to completely erase who you are.

    The many face god is a god of death. Maybe arya is gonna take all the faces on her list and turn them in? One big mystery still remains though, why has he been following her and training her all this time?

    I'm gonna die if the high cepton pops back up alive next season. Just walk right into a meeting to talk to cercie.

    I'm out chea!!!!!

    What do you mean who's been training her ?
    Jaqen(aka the faceless man), the weird dude who taught her everything. I'm trying to figure out why is he focusing so much on her. He appeared right after she fled kings landing. Him being locked up and then showing that he could have escaped without arya's help made no sense. He's like watching over her or something. I have a theory that he's her sword instructor back before the lannister takeover.
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    It's crazy how everything is coming back around full circle. If y'all know the origins of all the houses that started hundreds - thousands of years ago. Then you can see it. There's also some things that happened not so long ago that are repeating themselves.

    - Danny is the second coming of Aegon "the conqueror" targaryen.
    - Bran is the second coming of Bran "the builder" stark(built the ice wall)
    - Tyrion is basically lan "the clever"(first lannister)
    - cercie is the mad king all over again(incest, kids dying, going crazy)
    - Jamie is probably gonna be a queen slayer now.
    - Everybody's at each others throat while the white walker are creeping up again

    Damn, I just took a look at the whole chest board.

    danny got:
    the second suns
    the dolthraki
    the unsullied
    a quarter of the greyjoys
    house tyrell
    2 advisors who got all kinds of pull in westros. 3 if you count nas aka Jorah Mormont

    Cercie the mad queen:
    She's unpredictable as fuck right now. Don't know what she got up her sleeve. Probably gonna destroy kings landing like the mad king was planning on doing if she can't defeat what's coming. Plus she already knows she's gonna die from the prophecy being 90% fulfilled already. Probably gonna take everybody out with her just when they think they have won lol.

    Jon snow:
    Got the whole north side on lock!
    Got the free folk

    75% of the greyjoys floating around.
    Theon's evil uncle got something huge up his sleeves. After years dude shows up out of nowhere cocky as fuck. Talking about taking over, when there's only 2 seasons left. This shit is deeper than rap. The truth is far more sinister.

    White walkers are coming

    Yeah, him! Like I said before, something aint right with this cat. He's hiding something big. He's not the type of person to lay out his plans in the open like that. I highly doubt he's been creeping around this whole time. Just to stand by the side of a inexperienced little girl with wild dragons. Varys has been in a good ass mood all of a sudden. He's also been vanishing and popping up constantly.

    I don't think this huge war is going to pop off the way we think. I think just when everything is about to pop off. The white walkers will make their official debut. Fucking up everybody's plans.

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    WINTER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    GET DOWN OR LAY DOWN!!!!! IT HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    And I be wanting to punch the screen or throw my phone whenever I see these fake ass fitness models. You know, the ones on instagram. Always taking pics in the gym all done up rocking sports gear talking bout "wow!! hard work out today, but look at the results! XD". Only men who get fooled by this shit are the ones who don't work out or ever seen what a chick looks like after a real, hard workout. Chicks be looking like they bout to hit up the club. I be like, you know damn well yo ass aint never did no real workouts a day in your life. Only working out you did was walking yo ass to the surgeon and then to the gym to take pics.

    Fake ass is the new fake titties. Funny thing though, up until kim k and coco. The natural shape and proportions of the average black woman's ass were frowned upon in the U.S. Now it's cool and is a craze smh.


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