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  • Re: T.I has been cooning/putting on a cape for months now. But why not for someone who deserved it?

    I remember when T.I used to get on people for blowing up and not reaching back to get people who can actually rap. He talked about how they just fucked with people who were already on. On the breakfast club, C the god lightweight grilled him and asked him how hook up with young butt plug. Nigga said he little nephew or cousin went to school with him. Once he found that out he had to support him. This was after that annoying ass "lifestyle" single blew. Nigga put him on his first single and a bunch of other tracks too lol. Now, you telling me that with all these hungry ass rappers in Georgia(who actually are good rappers) young butt plug was the only one his little cousin knew?

    I was just watching another one of travis scotts weird ass video's and young butt plug was in it. I was kinda felling the tracks melody untile I saw this shit

    5:43 - 5:45
    Fuck is this nigga doing?
    GSonII wrote: »
    What I don't understand is why you people continue to make threads about people you hate so much. You officially don't support his music, he is officially a snitch to you, why the fuck even make a thread.

    I know the answer, because people will entertain it. Well that is half the reason he does the shit he does.

    By the way, how do you know Alfamega isn't being taken care of privately by the same people that publicly denounced him?
    I don't hate him so this has nothing to do with me. lol at the feelings in this post, you didn't even know if I fucked with him or not. The truth is he been becoming more of a puppet/tap dancer after that single with rihanna. After the success of trap music is when his lyrics and content started going down hill. Ever since then he been making half albums(bunch of skippers) and "catchy" overproduced hook heavy songs. Now he's just flat out putting on a show in the big house.

    lol at the bold, god damn bruh, stop it!!!! I noticed how you basically dodged the actual point of the thread too

    Go figure wrote: »
    I dont understand how people fail to comprehend iggy is supposed to be his money maker. She is his investment so hes gonna back her 110%.

    Its all about the money I mean listen to his latest single for christs sake how is this difficult to figure out?
    So you saying all that gangsta, loyalty, and being a stand up guy stuff is all just an act?

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  • Re: Bill Cosby Has Enough Dough To Charge 30 Different Women With Defamation Of Character

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  • Re: Do you like hairy puss? Yes or no and why?

    I'm just gonna leave this here and let this set in.

    Grown ass women have hair of their pussies, little girls don't.

    I'm starting to wonder about some of you grown ass dudes on here lol. Y'all prefer damn near jail bait immature females. Then y'all want the pussy to be bald too............... ..... ... .
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  • Re: XB1 Dominates PS4 on Black Friday in US/UK

    I told y'all niggas just waiting for the price to drop below $300 and actual games that actually use the power of the new systems. Next year sales are gonna go up for all 3 systems. Niggas getting wii U's now just because of smash brothers lol(I'm one of them).

    You ol I got to get shit on day one ass niggas are fucking stupid. Y'all really bought them systems damn near 2 years ago for slightly upgraded ports. The few actual next gen games were mostly ass, and throw aways. Us smart gamers bout to get shit $200(or more) cheaper, actual good new gen games, and more than likely improved versions of the systems.

    Take this L.
    Bcotton5dogfromduckhuntCo-Town Michael
  • Re: Killer Instinct X1 Thread

    LOL at this lame ass shit. Killer instinct gold >>>>>>>>

    This game was not made by the same team and it is not "next gen". This is not the same rare who brought us classics like KI 1 & gold, conckers bad fur day, diddy kong racing, goldeneye64, perfect dark, etc etc. Also WTF is up with this shit about releasing characters little by little? AND YOU GOT TO PAY FOR THEM? lol!!!!!! Shit looks like a clunky downgraded version of injustice gods among us.

    Last but not least, this shit can't be official until my nigga tusk makes a return. I stayed shitting on niggas with tusk. Making it rain comets and summoning a big ass snake out of the sky to eat niggas. His ultra combo was fucking brutal.