LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! deathrowzorrow wrote: » Last year I was in UK. I was in the "hood" it was like 20 ppl in the park bench throwin up gang sign and shit. They all had hoodies on. I was there with my girlfriend and some of the nigga told her nice booty and guess what i do? I walk up to the 20 niggas and said in that niggas face what u say? dont ever say that to my girlfriend, he didnt do shit and didnt say anything. He said aight and went back with his niggas. IN UK they aint shit. They was 20 vs me I went solo and punked them. UK and LONDON full of racist and punk ppl who dont bust that gun. I test them and they aint SHIT .


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    LOL errrbody can't sport a fro bruh. That white conditioning is still fucking with the world. Nobody want to admit it but it is. Sistas are still suffering heavy from it bad too. One dude with your white washed mentality can make a post like this and fuck they whole day up. 100 dudes who have broke free from the white washing that thinks it's nice will be ignored smh. Females in their natural states seem to have low self esteem(especially sistas). You can see it in their pictures lol, they looking all sad and bored, and they never really smile. Look like they in an abusive relationship or some shit. Like they being held captive. Just making themselves look busted. But when they all made up they all in the videooooo's/camera, posing, dancing around, smiling from ear to ear. At least post some bad confident sistas who have shook the white washing. That actually look good and aint trying to style their hair like white girls.

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN THIS OL
  • Re: Lets put it out there... Name some "Black people things" that you've never done

    I never really ate Tabasco hot sauce. I'm talking about in the bottle. I tasted it and that was it I can't even stand the smell of it.

    I never been obsessed with or chased after white women.

    I never believed in Christianity or islam
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    GSonII wrote: »
    Just because you rapped about dope does not make you a trap rapper. Just because you rapped about hustling does not make you a hustle rapper. We already discussed all of this before. Ice T spoke on all types of hustles. Rakim claimed "I used to be a stickup kid now I think of all the devious things I did". Nas claimed he used to rob foreigners for there green cards, etc.

    Mac-10 was hardly the first to rap about dope and he didn't have everybody running around making dope boy music. You dudes love promoting your preferred rappers(NIGGA WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?) and there is nothing wrong with that, but I have always wondered why you need to bring up other rappers instead of just making your statement.

    I never heard T.I. say I was the first person ever rapping about dope.(THIS IS WHERE YOU LOST CREDIBILITY PLUS THIS AINT EVEN WHAT NIGGAS SAID) As far as controversy he brought a lot of it to the A in ways that rappers were not bringing it. The whole beef stuff with several rappers including playing a role in Flip being obsolete was something the A was not into. The closest thing to that was Pastor Troy with No Limit. Remember this documentary was from Atlanta's standpoint. Controversy, trap rap running the game when plenty had already tried, beef, all that he was a major part of that.
    Nigga my whole post flew over your head. You obviously don't know about mack 10 to say what you said too. Half the shit you posted was off lol. Get out yo country ass feelings and read my post over again.

    You don't actually know what D-BOY aka trap rap is to post what you just posted. I remember in a thread about it you was in there being all extra. But in reality you just didn't know what you was talking about. I was gonna break it down to you but I don't feel like typing that much(monk already basically corrected you). It is a style of rap and mack 10 was the first to do it and he was the only one at the time. T.I kinda did it on urban legend but it wasn't really d-boy/trap rap any damn way. Jeezy is the one who got everybody doing this "style" of rap after he blew. Gucci mane, clipse(mostly pusha t though), lil wayne(for a brief moment), officer ricky, yo gottie(for a brief moment), bird man(he even changed his name from baby lol), etc etc

    Why some of y'all be acting like you don't know what nigga's talking about? is it because you in yo feelings? is it because I called out Telling Information's corny ass antics yet again?



    All these other religions all had a dark period in time at one point. They all eventually came up out of it though. But islam...........these cats haven't changed in over a 1,000 years. They refuse to come up out of their screwed up backward archaic ways. They still treat woman like 2nd class citizens/crap/property. They still "strongly" believe in complete outlandish stuff. My reason for making this thread is because I was watching the news today and they had a short segment on exacty what a lot of us are thinking. I thought to myself, "finally!!!! somebody saying something". They were talking to some muslims and asked them to speak on the many many many screwed up things that are done in the name of allah. Of coarse they all started to deflect and only focused on the positive(turned a blind eye).

    But on the real though, islam is the only religion that hasn't come up out of the dark ages smh. You can't sit up and use the excuse that it's a small amount of "extremist" anymore. IT'S HUGE GROUPS OF THESE NUT CASES ALL OVER AND THEY HARM COUNTLESS INNOCENT PEOPLE EVERY DAY! THEY ALL MAKE IT CLEAR THAT IT'S IN THE NAME OF ALLAH. These fools be killing pregnant women, kids, babies, retarded people, kittens, butterfly's etc etc all day every day.

    My question is, why don't all the important powerful people with a voice in islam come out publicly and denouce these "extremist"? Why all these so called holy men with all this pull/power never declare jihad on all these "extremist"? If there was ever a time for a holy war than this is it. these people are a threat to islam aren't they?

    They wont pay too much attention to the crap load of "extremist" within islam. But they will preach all day about stupid things like praying to the east all the time, fasting, not eating pork, only sexually associate/mary other muslims, etc etc.