So who's going on peoples back skreets deleting shit? SHOW YOURSELF FAGGOT!!!!!!!!


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    Told y'all this gay shit was gonna be a huge part of the show. Now what some of y'all got to say? Alex has no story now, it's about her struggle with her sexuality. This show is starting to get away from it's premise(live action super hero) and focusing too much on social and political shit. I get it and I thought it was cool at first. But now they doing too much. The part where james kept randomly speaking on race shit was cringy as fuck!!! Legends of tomorrow handles this shit pretty well. They need to leave this type of stuff to the legends. They don't over saturate it.

    I don't know why but it feels like how they fucked up x-men in the movies. Like how they put the focus on a well known minor side character. But pushed the main characters to the side. Seriously, second season started off with a bang. Way better than season one. As soon as this gay shit started the show took a dive. The past few episode been kinda wack and forgettable. The episode tonight looks promising though.
    Even if you ignore the dyke factor, who in a relationship would ever invite their significant other's ex to dinner out the blue then run up on the ex about some shit they said to your S/O in the past? Alex is such a stupid character.

    It's some fucked up over the top way to stress "see, gay relationships are just like normal ones". Like they been doing for half this season now. Maggie is supposed to be the guy in the relationship lol. Told y'all this shit was gonna take over the show. It's pretty much alex's story now, told y'all.

    The 1920's and 30's? This was by far the worst crime has ever been in chicago. Especially when this guy was running the mafia.

    I get so sick and tired of hearing the jokes and how bad they have us looking. People in Chicago is even starting to believe this over exaggerated shit. You would think they would know their own city's history. Just imagine if we had the same type of media coverage we have now back then. You wouldn't bat an eye at the state Chicago is in now. Now, it's high crime in certain areas. Back then, it was the whole damn city!!! Chicago was labeled a "corrupt city" back then and it also birthed the term "public enemy #1". Chicago been fucked up waaay before blacks started putting in work. As a matter of fact, we got the blueprint from the mafia. Mobsters sometimes joke around about us copying them.

    But all of a sudden it's being talked about a lot now. Because it's a bunch of black folks doing it and our former black president is from there. But the funny thing is, Chicago was corrupt as fuck during al Capone's reign. There was bodies being found everywhere. They were doing driveby's on police stations and blowing up cop cars. They were threatening and killing news reporters. They were threatening/kidnapping policemen and F.B.I agents families. The mafia basically owned the city. They infiltrated the police and the government. It was so bad the police had to make a secret police force to combat the corruption. To this very day they still have problems with the mafia's corruption.

    On another note:
    Funny thing about the biggest gangster in U.S history. Al Capone didn't come up like the average hoodlum. He wasn't a product of his environment. His family was doing pretty well and he was raised right. He just turned to a life of crime because he chose to.

    White people's hatred for us is hilarious.
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    delete this post stew

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    I hope Chris Brown learn from this though...

    A Clown ass nigga got to Go to YOUR set and Disrespect you on YOUR set
    (Which I'm sure you paid Thousands of Dollars to...)
    and nobody disciplined him for doing so says A Lot about their Loyalty to you .
    If they was really yo nigga, Somebody woulda at least took the Head Up for Chris for disrespectin the Homie and you an Outsider coming here just to Talk shit

    Them Fruit niggas took yo money and took his money and did some Undignified shit to get it...

    Hope brah workin on the Remix "These Sets ain't Loyal" right nah cuhz man...SMH
    Nope, he has real blood family members. Chris been coming out here for the longest since he was little, before he was famous. Been in that hood visiting family. Cali is like his second home, he guilty by affiliation.

    Now big soulja, you're absolutely right. He got cool with them trough ray J. Ray J is really a blood in case you didn't know. Brandy put him on moesha to get him away from all that. Every member you see jumping all in the camera looking hella thirsty. They all local rappers trying to get on. The game stopped fucking with them awhile ago lol. They trolling BIG SOULJA though. Look closely, they trying they best not to bust out laughing. Fat dude at the end said he was tripping lol.
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