So who's going on peoples back skreets deleting shit? SHOW YOURSELF FAGGOT!!!!!!!!


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  • Re: The Great Adventures Of Starlito and Boogawolf

    delete this post stew

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  • Re: Bhris Brown/Soulja Boy Fiasco.... Punches landed?

    I hope Chris Brown learn from this though...

    A Clown ass nigga got to Go to YOUR set and Disrespect you on YOUR set
    (Which I'm sure you paid Thousands of Dollars to...)
    and nobody disciplined him for doing so says A Lot about their Loyalty to you .
    If they was really yo nigga, Somebody woulda at least took the Head Up for Chris for disrespectin the Homie and you an Outsider coming here just to Talk shit

    Them Fruit niggas took yo money and took his money and did some Undignified shit to get it...

    Hope brah workin on the Remix "These Sets ain't Loyal" right nah cuhz man...SMH
    Nope, he has real blood family members. Chris been coming out here for the longest since he was little, before he was famous. Been in that hood visiting family. Cali is like his second home, he guilty by affiliation.

    Now big soulja, you're absolutely right. He got cool with them trough ray J. Ray J is really a blood in case you didn't know. Brandy put him on moesha to get him away from all that. Every member you see jumping all in the camera looking hella thirsty. They all local rappers trying to get on. The game stopped fucking with them awhile ago lol. They trolling BIG SOULJA though. Look closely, they trying they best not to bust out laughing. Fat dude at the end said he was tripping lol.
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  • Re: 2016 Reason Awards Music Edition Nomination Thread

    This year sucked pretty much. It's kinda been sucking for the last 6 years. Shit went down the drain like wrestling. Shit aint been the same since they dropped the F and added the E SMH. I watched WWF(I will never call it WWE) last week and boy was that shit boo boo lol. They don't even wrestle that hard anymore. They play it safe as fuck and fuck up all the time. Kinda like how 70% of hip hop is now. In the same state.
  • Re: Modern day feminist, SJW's, & raging lesbians try manspreading for a week.

    Next, there's gonna be an issue with men standing up to pee lol.
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  • Re: Westworld (HBO)

    On some real shit, I think we got some spoiler happy posters in here. Just like in the game of thrones and walking dead threads. They like to dress up their spoilers as "theories" so they can get their spoilers off on the low low. Just found out that this show is a remake and there is a book. Looks like I'm going to have to be carful in here as well.

    ethos wrote: »
    I think he's going to remake the chick that got merked. That's what was in the glass case being processed.

    Show is on point though.

    I still think these "robots" are made up from actual real people's conscious. It would explain why Hannibal had Bernard showing different host certain pictures of the real world and real people. I think Bernard was an actual real person at one point. Remember when Hannibal said he likes to make the guest a reflection of his life(or some shit like that)? Hence his family.
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