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    Yo from the first bar of this song, OG trae just sitting there looking drunk and high as fuck, the video and song not matching up etc etc. LOL this is supposed to be a tribute to the flood that happened over there(I think). I wonder if the pimp was still alive would this shit even be allowed in his state? SMH at the money shot at 1:50. Every single time I here a song/watch a video from this cat. He always sliding something homo in there(pause).

    On another note:
    being a long time trae/A.B.N fan I'm shocked as fuck with the people trae been hanging around lately. He's definitely joined the Illuminati lol. 10 years ago he would have mike Jones this faggot.

    anyway, enough of these words, we finished, I aint tawkin no mo!
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  • Re: ARROW!

    iron man1 wrote: »
    Death wss faked, they already pulled that trick

    Showrunners already confirmed Laurel is dead and the acrtress that played her said she found out a week ago before it was decided she'd be killed off. Only thing left is to fulfill the rest of her contract and she's finished.

    SMH, you really believe this 100% ? You really gonna be this naive? Don't you know they have to do shit like this to keep shit undercover in this internet/camera age? There will be no such thing as a surprise or a twist anymore if they didn't. They have been doing this for the last 3 years on different shows. You really haven't noticed this. I can give you all kinds of examples. From current, future, and the past.

    I thought I proved this already in the marvel comics thread. Wasn't you one of the people saying that marvel was NEVER gonna get their shit back eventually or strike some type of deal? John snow on game of thrones was also "confirmed dead" lol.

    Oh yeah, that grave wasn't for black cannery either. If you peeped, they never really confirmed it. That shot of ollie standing at the grave was some time in the future from her "death". The person in the grave is somebody else. The flash coming up saying "sorry I missed the funereal" makes me think that was recent, like it just happened and he missed it. It wouldn't make sense if it were months later. I'm still saying it's gonna be roy. Which is gonna lead up to a certain story line hopefully. I can't see anybody else getting killed off.
  • Re: Birdman Tries To Check Charlamagne For 2 Mins, Didnt Work, He Aborts Mission

    These comments got me dying

    Birdman Stew Recipe:
    Step 1) add 1/2 tablespoon of salt
    Step 2) add 1 cup of Respeck
    Step 3) simmer until it's Finish or Done
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  • Re: Birdman Tries To Check Charlamagne For 2 Mins, Didnt Work, He Aborts Mission

    Man everybody kept on telling me to watch this shit. I see what everybody was laughing at now. Birdman was acting like a big ass "baby".

    Fake ass officer ricky and trill ass trick daddy shitted on him. C the god and the other two only told the truth about how he was fucking over everybody and kissed little wayne in the mouth. He reminds me of puffy when he was in his feelings. But like 10 times worse.

    It must be two sides!!!!!!!
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  • Re: Quantum Break will be the 1st fresh new game that I will take a chance on IN YEARS(game changer...?)

    @MoralOral (pause)

    Your review screams casual gamer lol. Half of what you said was false and you didn't even beat the game or play it long enough to come to some of your conclusions. I can tell you just threw most of that shit out there for reactions like usual, lol.
    Karl. wrote: »
    Karl. wrote: »
    Alan Wake was slept on.

    I fear this game may be another Watch Dogs. Looks deep and interesting but it's basic as fuck really.

    I'm cynical as fuck about games lately though.

    Was I right?


    Me and you are the same when it comes to fucking with new products now at days. 2 hours in and I can honestly say this game is worth my money. I don't regret taken a chance on it at all. It's much better than watch dogs, that shit is insulting to even put them in the same category. This is my review so far.

    The story is pretty damn interesting and got my attention early. You will really like it if you fuck with sci fi and time travel. This is not just a video game, it's a movie too. The movie is pretty damn good. You know how some games you wish they made a movie of it? Well this game does that for you lol. The movie is pretty damn good too, better than most shit in the theaters. At first I didn't know how this was gonna work alongside the game but I get it now. It's a movie about the game but it goes into more detail. Like it will show you the view of side characters when an event happens in the game. You can change the movie with shit you do in the game. You can also not watch the movie if you don't want to and it wont matter that much. But watching the movie can give you clues of what to do in the game to change some shit. They gav me like a 15 - 20 minute movie after I finished act one lol. I was not expecting that but the movie is really good. I swear, Little finger and lieutenant cedric daniels give performances just like they did on game of thrones and the wire. You have to play the game to see what I mean.

    The game play and controls are a mixture of/similar to resident evil, alan wake, max payne, last of us, games like that, you get the point.

    They pay great attention to detail. Like pretty much everything is movable. Like if you see something on a table or books on a book shelf. You can knock all that shit down/over. If you go and look out of any random window of a building and see something. Your character will make a comment on it etc etc.

    The graphics are fucking amazing and trippy. It's going to take a minute for your eyes to adjust to this shit. Just a bunch of frozen in time ripple effects and weird effects going on while looking around for shit lol.

    Ill post more later.