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  • Re: Who was Jeezy dissing on Trap or Die in 05?

    T. Sanford wrote: »
    I think if Jeezy was dissing em, Tip wouldnt want them problems

    Tip the better artist but in 05, I think he wouldnt want it to go on wax with Jeezy

    All of that is laughable ^^^^
  • Re: Native americans or Negroids who got it worse?

    okay so i was dead serious when I said my neighbor is Native and I was gonna go ask him

    i went over to his house with the fire water and we had a little talk

    his main points were these:

    1. Native Nations fought actual WARS against the United States. Blacks merely had slave rebellions. One point for Natives.

    2. Natives refused to be slaves. Blacks didn't. Two points for Natives.

    3. The president of the United States of America is black. There will never be a Native president. Three for Natives.

    4. A majority of blacks are fat. How can you be fat and oppressed at the same time? Four for Natives.

    So in my Native American neighbor's opinion, Native Americans got it worse and are also a superior group of people.

    2. Lmfao @ your neighbor and his logic on that we were willing to be slaves "yes massa, i's work for you without pay in a land that ain't mine" GTFOH
    3. Same thing they said about black people
    4. Seriously??? Thats the best he could come up with?
    Mister B.