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  • Re: The Official Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 thread - Now Showing -"Spider-Man:Homecoming"

    Full trailer
  • Attack The Block

    MODS CAN U STICKY THIS THREAD? Or at least one of the attack the block threads. My review below.............


    This was the best movie I have seen in theatres this year it has that goonies, monster squad nostalgia with more edge, it reminds me of those Scary Stories For Sleepovers books I use to read as a kid due to the violence amongst the young cast. I havnt seen a classic movie in a long time that was great from start to finish with no flaws until last night. You connect with these characters from the very first opening scene rooting for them especially moses(the leader). It has very lil subtle humor that serves it purpose but not over the top like some of these movies you see today*cough*transformers*cough*, there is nothing cheesy about this. Some of the dialoguge is even surprising at times Example:Moses states the aliens were sent to the hood by the government to kill black people cause we werent killing each other fast enough.I only wish this movie had more promotion here in the US, I was the only one in the theatre watching it. Go out and support it while its in theatres I vouch for it to the fullest.

    ATTACK THE BLOCK>Super 8 by a landslide.
  • Re: Video: Cam'ron Reveals Real Story of Def Jam Situation with Jay-Z To DJ Whoo Kid...

    he was asking because the role in the movie was based on alpo, and the role was memorable

    Just because you play a role really well doesn't mean you idolize the person your playing....Denzel Washington said Frank Lucas broke down and cried after he told him to his face that he doesn't look up to him and that he thought what he did was horrible...

    This the same Cam that went on 60min to discuss not snitching,why would he look up to one....

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  • Re: Why Nas Don't Get Credit For His Incredible Swag Levels Of His Alter Ego Escobar?

    Trillfate wrote: »
    Because thats his drug dealer image.. thats not the image that Made him who he is

    Drug dealer image??? Where do you guys come up with this stuff??? So let me get this straight.... Nas is potraying his drug dealer alias whenever he's dressed up rocking jewelry cause that's the image fans saw post Illmatic??? That's absurd....Y'all really taking that esco thing
    too literally....

    NAS was one of the first of 'his 90's generation' to bring that fly ish too the table...and y'all dont respect it? People really put him in a box and take it to the extreme.....

    Check the 95 fast life video wit KOOL G RAP,the world is yours video emulating Scarface Tony Montanna in the hot tub before the mafioso trend kicked off,check his instagram and find photos of him and JUNGLE as a kid rocking the latest jordans and gear in QB...

    Thats one of the reason RAEKWON reach out to Nas for OB4CL cause he respected his pen game and 'style',Nas reminded Rae of himself cause of how he Rae's interviews and you'll know....

    NAS always been a fly dude since day 1...He just took it to another level when he made it...From ILLMATIC to the QB medallion to the fur coates,bringing the gold rope chains back and so on....Take notes cause when it comes to being fresh OG's like NAS & RAEKWON will always be light years ahead of the rest in this rap game...

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  • Throwback Thursday - Heiroglyphics 'You Never Knew'