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  • Re: Smack/URL Born Legacy Supreme: JC vs Chess

    Aight I seen enough I got to keep it all the way 100... JC is not that crazy to me, at all. After seeing this battle, big k, trez, and nitty on live stream... I aint saying he wack but his whole formula is simple metaphors that he sets up just enough for the crowd to react because "they get it". He's not saying anything mind blowing to me. He's benefiting from the fact that the competition just aint that fierce right now. He got that Big K formula but nevermind me cuz yall love him too it's just not my preference.

    Have you checked out his battles on rbe and gorilla warfare? Check out his battle against danny myers and b magic(skip JC's 2nd vs magic)and let me know what ya think. More punches and less setups in those 2 battles. You might prefer the old JC cause theres different levels to his style.

    Which battle rappers are you impressed with? Cause Bigg K and JC got 2 entirely different formulas and you're not a much of a fan of either. K is 4 bar set up punchline rapper and Jc is set up metaphor wordflip.

    JC different imo and i mean that in a good way. You saying the competition isnt fierce but Rum nitty put up a good fight and still lost. Before his return he beat everybody on writers bloq plus daylyt,pass,clips imo,tay roc,and a whole bunch of no names. JC doesnt have any clear losses not even against Shine and K.. So who does JC have to face in your eyes to prove his pen cause JC's resume far exceeds Lux's in every way.
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  • Re: Top Tier General Discussion

    5th Letter wrote: »
    CoolJoe wrote: »
    Hitman and Lux doesn't sound interesting at all.
    Hitman/Roc would be crazy, that should be URL's next focus for both.

    But Lux would be more motivated to take on Hitman, he even threw a shot at him in the Calicoe battle. So far whenever Lux speaks on battling JC his reaction is like :confused:

    I don't know wether you're serious or trolling but no real battlerap fan would request LUX vs Hitman Holla,that matchup makes absolutely no sense. What would that battle do for his legacy.

    Everyday y'all come up with a new excuse for Lux to avoid JC. Now people are only worthy to battle Lux based on his reaction after getting called out??? The pedestal y'all put this man on is way too high for a so called Goat with a shaky track record.

    Meanwhile JC has been testing his skills with credible top pen battle rappers for the past couple or so yrs and "winning" with a few 'debatable' losses. Also giving tons of up and comers a shot throughout his career like a true gladiator of the sport suppose to. The kind of back to back sparring that enhances your craft and puts on for the culture (like CHARLIE CLIPS and Danny Myers do)

    The issue is the generic fan thinks if your battles are outside of URL it doesnt count for much and that's the problem. That's why you have some folks who don't have a clue talking about "JC only has 3 wins,now all of sudden he deserves lux?" People need to do they're homework on JC before approaching this JC vs LUX discussion.

    The noise JC is making on URL is not gas its people really appreciating the fact theres a battle rapper who can give 3 quality rounds on a consistent basis while giving a good performance. No shade but theres alot of top tiers who cant do that.

    Fans know that and that's why they are hanging on to every word JC is saying cause they know even his setups hit hard. How is someone from Pontiac,calling out a Harlem hero in NY,with only 2 battles in before SM6 on URL getting gassed???? That doesn't make sense...JC has a very unique way of writing,Im sorry but it's his pen that's making a name for himself not gas.

    The more JC climbs that URL ladder,the more fans are gonna demand lux and it's gonna be the fans who are gonna snatch him off that throne if he doesn't face JC in due time. So wether lux is motivated or not,he better get ready for JC or have those legs kicked out from under that high chair he's looking down from.