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  • Wesley Snipes Talks Blade 4

    I want Wesley Snipes to comeback as BLADE just as much as the next fan,hopefully they can work something out, I dont care if they have to bring it down to a PG-13 rating for it to happen I'll still support it.. Wesley really embodies that role and gives life to it,he deserves another BLADE movie since he was the first to bring superhero flicks back to the forefront.
  • The Expendables 3 Official Trailer

    PG-13 rating hurt and the new younger Expendables were all uninteresting. Plus that last fight of Stallone vs Gibson paled against when he fought Van Damme

    Honestly, I thought both fights were wack. Sly is a wack fighter and he should have let his teammates do his action. Statham vs JCVD would have been much better. Jet Li was very underused in the franchise because they wanted a White character. Even Sly telling that other white dude Kellan skuls or something that he sees potential and a leader in him, shows that this movie was geared more towards the white audience.
    Jet Li getting fucked up by Lundgren was fucked up. He must have gotten a very good check to play a token Asian as well as Crews.

    These two post gives me reassurance that I made the right choice by never bothering to watch this franchise.

  • Open Letter to Aaron Mcgruder:What Would Huey Do?


    Dear  Mr.  Mcgruder,

    Without a doubt, you are one of the most brilliant satirists that the black community has ever produced. The first season of your Boondocks series was pure genius and the creation of the militant, socially conscious  “Huey Freeman” character was  instrumental in raising the consciousness level of many African Americans, especially those with short attention spans or weak bladders who could never sit through a two hour -plus black history documentary like “Hidden Colors” but would watch a 30 minute cartoon. Your impact was especially felt during this season’s Boondocks, as your departure has left the show extremely lacking in the social relevance department.

    However, I am concerned about your latest venture on the Adult Swim Network, Black Jesus,  that preaches a ghettoized gospel to your former Boondocks congregation. I don’t find a Messiah that turns water into malt liquor entertaining. Of course there will be many people who will find Black Jesus hilarious, especially Adult Swim’s predominately white audience.  So the fact that many people will find humor in the comedy  is not up for discussion. After all, many white folks thought that lynchings were pretty funny…But I digress.

    I have read that some white Christian groups are protesting the show. Let’s not get it twisted. I couldn’t care less what the white Evangelical Right Wing thinks about the show. In my opinion, the only thing worst than a black Jesus that endorses drinkin’ and smokin’ is a white Jesus that endorses slavery. I am concerned about  black people, especially black children.

    The image of a “Black Messiah” has always been controversial in this country. Since the inception of the Black Theology movement over 150 years ago by people like Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, there have only been a handful of black images of Yeshua. ( Jesus was just his proverbial slave name) Unfortunately, since your new character is already  the most widespread image ever, when my grandchildren google “Black Jesus” years from now the image that will pops up will not be Yeshua feeding the multitudes but your lead character ,Gerald “Slink” Johnson,  puffin’ on a blunt.

    You have the opportunity to go down in history as one of our greatest  thinkers who, at a critical moment in time,  had the courage to speak truth to power. I would hate to see you go the route of so many of our biggest and brightest (cough..Kanye West) and become dumbed down to nothing more than a lawn jockey on the  front yard of Ted Turner’s plantation.

    I am clear that if you weren’t producing  the program, the powers that be would just find someone else to accept the blood money. So, the focus should not be on the “Judas” but those who paid him the 30 pieces of silver to sell the Messiah out.I was watching the controversial, “Hunger Strike” episode of The Boondocks earlier today , where  “Huey Freeman” went to war against  Black Entertainment Television for plotting to destroy the black community via it’s questionable programming. Are you holding the Adult Swim/Comedy Network to a different standard?There is an old cliche that asks, “what would Jesus do?” I ask you, sir, in the case of Black Jesus, “what would Huey do?”

    Your Brother,                                                       

    Min. Paul ScottFounder Messianic Afrikan Nation  
  • Official Battle Rap Thread 2K14: UW Annihilation Updates.

    Gabbi was trying to tell us....gabbi was trying to tell us...
  • Official Battle Rap Thread 2K14: UW Annihilation Updates.

    E HART takes it 2-1(E first and 3rd round)

    E HART -
    "That nine got a extension/that will extend chins/surgery get the removing excess skins/get gassed and get knocked out whats next in/aim for that scalp pull I'll give dex a trim/"


    "Shooters sitting patiently with that thing/calm mellow just waiting for that ring"

    If I wasn't a fan before I'm a fan now...E HART *salute*