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  • Re: Top Tier General Discussion

    I got amped for nothing....i thought it was lux..

    Respect to twork but JC deserves a sharper pen and from what I gathered from the Top vs JC recaps it was a preference battle between 'angles & performance' vs 'strictly bars' wit some ova the head ones. Top may have won in the building but I'm eager to see how it looks on cam. I recently saw the Top vs Ave bootleg and Ave clearly got the 1st but people were yelling 3-0 in the building,so I've learned over the years not to be swayed by crowd reactions when determining who won.

    Also found out Top bringing a dancer on stage was done before in this battle....

    Start @30:00 to 30:55 mark.
    Not trying to knock off points just acknowledging its been done before..

    Daylyt's JC vs Top recap @27:40 and speaks in JC's defense about fans ditching the Jc vs Lux talk @30:30

    The thing wit twork is he has alot of admiration for JC like recipe mentioned but JC shooting for LUX so we'll see...

    B magic vs Ave is gonna be dope...I just hope Magic doesnt choke or have too many stumbles..

  • Re: SOTD Camp Lo-Life I Love

    Been vibin to this for a minute as well as this

    Camp lo - Suga Streets

  • Re: Jermaine Dupri on Drink Champs !!

    rickmogul wrote: »
    Nore betta chill on that liquor tho man.

    Co-sign. Understand he might feel as though he has to live up to the name 'Drink Champs' but the brand is not worth the health risk. Taking shots is cool and fun to watch but the chemistry,stories and in depth conversations is what made me a fan. Wont hurt to lay off the bottles a couple of eps to say the least,especially at his age.

    313 wayzSELASI_iDarthRozaySheerExcellenceAggieLean.onetoughmiraclerickmogulblackrainMR.CJsouthsil4lil
  • Re: New Heat: Mysonne - Visions *official video*

    I'm a check out his interview on drink champs...nice drop

    Dope, he on the latest Drink Champs??? Ive not checked Drink Champs for a while...

  • Re: RIP Fats Domino

    GOD rest ya soul FATS


    Fats Domino - whose real name was Antoine Domino Jr - was one of the first rhythm and blues artists to gain popularity with a white audience and his music was most prolific in the 1950s.
    Domino had 11 US top 10 hits and his music is credited as a key influence on artists during the 1960s and 70s.
    Elvis Presley referred to Fats Domino as "the real king of rock n roll" and Paul McCartney reportedly wrote the Beatles song Lady Madonna in emulation of his style.
    In 1986 he was among the first inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but by his later life Domino would no longer leave his Louisiana hometown - not even to accept the award.
    New Orleans-born musician and actor Harry Connick Jr is among those who have paid tribute to Domino on Twitter, saying he had "helped pave the way for New Orleans piano players

    Fats Domino, one of the most influential rock and roll performers of the 1950s and 60s, has died aged 89.
    The American rock and roll artist was best known for his songs Ain't That A Shame and Blueberry Hill.
    The New Orleans singer sold more than 65 million records, outselling every 1950s rock and roll act except Elvis Presley.
    His million-selling debut single, The Fat Man, is credited by some as the first ever rock and roll record.
    An official from New Orleans coroner's office confirmed the death, which was earlier announced by Domino's daughter to a local television station