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  • Re: Kanye West Ft. Cam'ron & French Montana - Ass Shots

    Lab Baby wrote: »
    What a great way to start a week that ends with Mos, Cole and Soulo dropping albums on the same day.

    Kanye fresh out the nut house doing Future impressions.

  • Re: New Drake feat Aaliyah & Static Major - "Talk is Cheap"

    Tracks not my speed, but godamn some of you niggas been mad for years now. Why even bother coming in the thread and listening? Are you hoping to like it? Real shit I don't get it.

    Ole "Yo I hate garlic bread, but let me take a big ole bite of this garlic bread and tell you what I think about it" ass niggas.

    I actually tried to listen to dudes music with unbiased ears so I can see what all the hype was about but I just can't get into it thats why I lurked the other thread and barely posted cause I see that any negative opinion about drake is considered hate but seriously fam this shit is trash..
  • Re: Official Drake - "More Life" Album (Drake Drops 4 new songs)

    DaBull wrote: »
    Push shook!! he "claim" he don't believe two birds and one stone is about him !!

    Kanye must have threatened to cancel the direct deposit this month!!

    sad !!

    Push ain't scared,
    He say it ain't no point to argue something that is facts and that his hustling and getting money is cemented in the streets..
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  • Re: New Drake feat Aaliyah & Static Major - "Talk is Cheap"

    Yo I don't know what niggas hear in this dudes music but this shit fuckin sucks..

    And quiet as kept them last 2 songs he just put out went triple wood..

    I heard them joints once in the reason
    Other than that don't hear them shits nowhere,
    Not on the radio or in the clubs..
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  • Re: Diddy Talks About Infamous Suge Knight '95 Source Awards Speech

    illedout wrote: »
    L3NU wrote: »
    5 Grand wrote: »
    Puff annihilated Suge.

    In the history of Hip Hop no battle has been so lopsided. Puff is worth a couple hundred million and Suge is sitting in prison.

    In all seriousness, whose shoes would you rather be in, Puff or Suge?

    They're both horrible ppl, diddy just knew that if he let ppl shit all over him constantly like a bitch and be too pussy to clap back he'd stay out of trouble

    Suge is just stupid though he took that gangster shit too far for too long

    But still fuck diddy bad boy records is a wasteland
    L3NU wrote: »
    Lol @ puffy saying all this now that suge is in jail for life, but would never mention suge before he got locked up

    Life after deathrow

    I think you got Puff fucked up..
    besides losing Biggie, Puff never took a loss..

    People around him got killed but nobody ever laid a finger on Puff..

    Just because he never show off for the media, tryna prove how "gangster" he is doesn't mean he a pussy.. Do your Googles and find out Puff's background and who his father was..

    When that east/west shit was going on,
    Puff wasn't hiding, he still moved freely around the country..

    So, how does Puff's dick taste?

    Posts like this ^^^ is why "the reason" is on life support.. Cant have a serious discussion about the thread topic..
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