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  • Re: Meek Mill Asked to Respond Under Oath About Fan's Death at His Concert

    All yall shut the fuck up
    I barely respond to them weirdos !!
    They say some wack shit, I hit wack and keep it moving..
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  • Re: Meek Mill Asked to Respond Under Oath About Fan's Death at His Concert

    illedout wrote: »
    illedout wrote: »
    illedout wrote: »
    Sion wrote: »
    Prosecutors think they slick, at worst they're prolly thinking he may testify in hopes of receiving leniency for his other situation or strike a deal depending on what he knows. Meek has shown us time and time again that he's an idiot so let's see where this goes.

    The decision is very easy - do the right thing that's just. But I can bet you, all Meek is thinking about is his image. Man they out for blood and Meek caught in the middle. Sticky situation....

    You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.. This is about a lawsuit, “money grab”
    not a criminal charge..

    The family of the victim is trying to sue Meek for something that happened “OUTSIDE” of his concert..

    1. He’s not responsible for what happens outside his concert..

    2. It’s the owners and promoters job to hire security to protect the concert goers ..

    3. The family of the victim are more worried about trying to squeeze Meek pockets than they are about trying to catch the guy that’s actually responsible for the murder..

    After reading some of the responses on this cite to certain situations, I’m starting to believe some of you dudes have never spent a day in the streets, AND THATS NOT A BAD THING,
    but I don’t believe it’s fair to speak on things you have no prior knowledge of or zero understanding..

    You sitting here telling people not to speak on situations they dont know but you don't everything in regards to meek situation either. Bottom line he has himslef to blame for some of the shit thats happened to him recently. Thats what this is about so stop tip toeing around trying to be vague with that certain situation bullshit you talking. You dont know who been the streets and who hasnt and that shouldmt even matter. Seeing fucked up things make change peoples perspective on how to move in life and you making assumptions about niggas you dont know on the internet. Niggas love to push their opinions on people as fact when its not

    I said what I said,
    and I stand on it..

    A hit dog yells the loudest..

    Stand on whatever you like you still wrong.

    Wrong how,
    cause you said so ??

    I’ll take my opinion over yours any day of the year.. And on top of you saying I’m wrong,
    you didn’t say anything in your post that counters my statement..

    Like I said,
    “A hit dog yells the loudest”..

    You can go back to being a reaction guy. Of course you going to take your own opinion over mine cause thats how your built to think.

    You’re the one in this thread hitting reactions though.. Just admit there’s nothing in my post to debate and keep it moving..
  • Re: MEEK MILL Gets Sentenced To 2-4 Years In Prison For Probation Violations

    buttuh_b wrote: »
    Shout out my city Philly coming out tonight. Shout out Rozay, Dr. J, Malcolm Jenkins all pulling up for Meek.

    Yo they got the LEGEND Dr. J
    to come out and protest in 40 degree weather..

    That’s a pretty big deal..
  • Re: MEEK MILL Gets Sentenced To 2-4 Years In Prison For Probation Violations

    SN: Stop going back and forth with bck4000 or whatever his name is..
    He’s white, he’ll never understand..
  • Re: French Montana PRESSED By Meek Mill Crew at Powerhouse Philly over comments and Drake Affiliation.

    DarthRozay wrote: »
    so @illedout is a gee dickrider? makes sense
    bck145 wrote: »
    DarthRozay wrote: »
    so @illedout is a gee dickrider? makes sense

    Its the same person...on some kevin durant twitter shit

    2 clown ass white boys that add nothing to the thread..

    @DarthRozay you was a better poster when you were rozay tabernacle..
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