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  • Re: NAS - "Death Anniverssary"

    I know this song been around for a while,
    but I been bumping it a lot lately,
    and since we wont be getting any new NAS music,
    at least until the first or second quarter of next year,
    I figured I'd post this..
  • Re: NAS - "Death Anniverssary"

    Good morning..

    "Good Morning" is my shit..

    Good morning, yawnin, dawn is now gon' and
    New day, toothpaste brushin my screwface
    Follow the light, it's just a great feelin'
    And I love life, every minute is pure healin'
    Can't you tell I'm much happy nowadays
    No more child play, livin' life the foul way
    My man just came home speedin
    Tryin' to catch up wit 9-years of no freedom
    The paper say - "They finally caught 'em"
    He back in, I guess street life got too borin'
    Kind of quiet, half the hood is still sleep
    If you saw the night before you won't believe it's the same street
    Put on my lens and, leave the Phantom
    Take the low-whip for a trip up to Pan Pan's
    Scrambled egg whites and turkey bacon
    "Ma pass the hot sauce from out your apron"

    its....JOHN B5th LetteronetoughmiracleStakesIsHighawwwwwwwwwwwnillerthekidThePayPalPimp.
  • NAS - "Death Anniverssary"

    What if I told you that AZ didn't exist
    And I put him there, played it like a ventriloquist
    Cause niggas spit fake shit and y'all respect it
    I spit that real shit and y'all won't buy the record
    What if me and the rapper homey was really cool
    And we used that whole thing as a media tool
    Would you say I was a sucka or say I was savvy
    If I told you mothafucka's that me and K wasn't married?
    What if Jungle wrote my shit and I'm really illiterate
    And the whole Nas catalog was just an experiment
    What if I really died when Ill Will got shot
    This is Will rhyming right now while Nas is chilling with 'Pac
    What If I did all the advertisements thrown my way
    And I've boned every chick that would throw me some play
    I'd have to load another AK cause niggas be jealous
    Cause we real like them Brazil favelas

    I know all of y'all hear me, none of y'all scare me
    Cause niggas die daily
    Coming out with my guns real early
    Laying in your stairway, cause niggas die daily
    So I got niggas around you
    Mad like they're back for their man
    You've killed just a year ago today
    So call it a death anniversary
    Rushing to emergency, niggas die daily

    Scream at the nigga "breathe don't breathe your last breath"
    But you know a nigga dead when he pee on himself
    Blatter giving up on 'em, face start to puff on 'em
    Bloating up, nigga cold as fuck, trying hold on 'em
    Loosen up the nine out of his fingers
    Angels coming only he can hear the psalms that they're singing
    And it hurts me, the planets cursed, B
    This your niggas first year anniversary
    This how it goes down in every ghetto
    So it's quite natural for rappers to settle
    And make pop music, nursery hooks
    Cause back then we thought the only thing that worked was the jooks
    They're tryna pimp a game that done pimped them first
    I'm pimping the industry so they acknowledge our worth
    The next anniversary we all unite
    Let's all get together or we're loosing the fight

    rip.dillaKneeGro_DuperManO.G.freshb651bbkg79JokerKing5th LetterdeathrowzorrowCunt_Lyfeachewon87a.mannverbal jukeKLICHEnc81TrillaaaaaaatribecalledgabiThePayPalPimp.5 GrandDave2one6soulbrotherDarcSkies
  • Re: NAS - "Death Anniverssary"

    Might as well post this joint to..

    NAS - "Stay Scheming"

    Its been awhile since the last time we hung out
    Full of weed, drinking henny until we all passed out
    Stretch bently, Queens clique, pushing mean whips
    And the hoe I'm with, glad who see she with
    Shorty with the don
    Me and horse switch cars
    Jaguar for the six, this is it pa
    Thug nigga never thought I get this far
    Who is that icing me from over there in the fog?
    You got the mack god, you got the gat pa
    Dam, why they gotta do it to the black god
    Everytime we chilling niggas want to act hard
    My nigga Jungle known to slap a nigga back-ward
    So we chill pay em' no mind, think about some other shit
    I'm for the love of this
    Stubborn niggas always plotting on the brother tip
    Can't even chill cause niggas just Staaaaay Schemin'..

    nillerthekidIgot5onit5th Letterdeathrowzorrowverbal jukeThePayPalPimp.
  • Re: The Pain Nas Sees the Picture of the Man Who Enslaved One of His Family Member

    MECCA1000 wrote: »
    I didn't see any pain

    Pocahantas ..... really

    I don't see the point in him saying he had more than $800 in his pocket, but whatever ......

    NAS said this because $800 aint a lot of money..
    It goes to show how much "white people/slave sellers/slave owners" felt a black man/woman's life is worth..

    There are dogs/puppies that cost more than $800..
    a.mannYoung StefIgot5onitonetoughmiracleSneakDZAverbal jukeAlready Home_17$tayRichROLLINn.mcflysouth4life