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  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread
    Arum Explains Why Ditching HBO For ESPN Was The Right Move

    A few weeks ago, Top Rank's CEO Bob Arum revealed the new direction for his company - a direction where their top fighters like Manny Pacquiao, Vasyl Lomachenko and Terence Crawford were being shifted from a premium channel like HBO to the free airwaves of ESPN.

    While two of them have traded a lot of verbal jabs over the years, Arum admires the the television structure and marketing plan by the UFC and their company president Dana White.

    “The UFC showed us that you need free television to advertise your product to people to become familiar with,” Arum said to The Las Vegas Review Journal. “Their deal with Fox helped make UFC the product it became, while we in boxing were limiting ourselves to premium networks.”

    On July 1, Top Rank had their first major show on ESPN - which showcased their biggest star, Manny Pacquiao, who lost an controversial twelve round decision to Jeff Horn in Brisbane, Australia.

    The contest became the most-watched boxing event on cable since 2006 and the peak of 4.4 million viewers gave ESPN their highest-rated boxing event since 1995.

    Arum believes the way HBO has been building up pay-per-view events has become tired and boring. He points directly to the lackluster performance of the recent HBO Pay-Per-View rematch between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev. Also citing the UFC's strategy, Arum now feel confident in his ability to properly sell a future pay-per-view card.

    “I always believed that once we could get our best product on a network like ESPN, with the way ESPN promotes its shows with college football, professional football, that we would do (big) ratings,” Arum said. “Nothing against HBO and Showtime, but they are premium channels that mostly do entertainment and a little bit of sports and boxing. They are not sports stations, and no one covers sports better than ESPN.”

    “We limited our market to that premium television, which was really in the business of selling ‘The Sopranos’ and selling other great shows to subscribers, that didn’t have the bandwidth to promote the sport. Initially, they did and then it was less and less, so you see a fight like we had with Sergey Kovalev-Andre Ward on pay per view, and HBO was scripting, they did the old tired ‘24/7,’ which was never revised. They put it on after some show and it maybe did 100,000 viewers.

    “That’s not the way to promote a major sport. UFC knew how to promote a major sport using FS1, using Fox. Doing product free to the public, so when they did a PPV show they had a built-in audience.”

    I guess Arum just going to ignore the fact,
    that Al Haymon showcased fights on regular tv first..
  • Re: SATURDAY classic vs classic......who is tonights champ (week 14)

    Ayo Queens get the Money
    long time no cash
    I'm caught up in the hustle
    where the guns go blast
    The fool retaliated so I had to think fast
    Pull out my heat first,
    he pull out his heat last
    Now who the fuck you think is livin' to this day?
    I'm tryin' to tell these young niggas
    crime don't pay
    They looked at me and said
    "Queen's niggas don't play.
    Do your thing I'll do mine kid
    stay outta my way"..


    This was my shit back in the day,
    and the beat was produced by Q-Tip !!
    achewon87DR. JEK
  • Re: Taxstone arrested in relation to Irving Plaza, Troy Ave shooting

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    Everybody knew Tax was involved the day after it happened. Props to Troy Ave for not snitching.

    No they didn't but you know who knew?

    This guy. But I was called a dickrider while everybody was making cheddar bob jokes

    Btw they taking too long to give tax 35 years what's the hold up? He snitchin for 15?

    My nigga, have you ever been in the system? That shyt takes forever unless you take a plea. I doubt they're even offering one since the pretty much have all the evidence they need.

    Nah I'm sorry to say I never been in the system. But tell them to hurry up with the overwhelming amount of evidence against him. We want justice

    My nigga don't be sorry,
    you should celebrate that shit !!

    Fuck being in the system !!
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  • Re: Meek Mill Is A Giggs Fan Now.........LOL

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    Meek likes a video on Instagram and niggas run to the IC to make a thread about it? Don't get pregnant.. @JJ_Evans ...all that dick riding.

    Niggaz claim they hate Meek,
    but deep down they have some kinda weird obsession with him..

    They follow everything he does,
    click on all his videos and social media shit,

    and they make dumb ass threads about Meek liking a video..

    Or he just because one of the biggest jokes in rap in the past year. Idk.

    Meek is a joke to who though ??

    That boy came from nothing,
    his pops got murdered in the streets,
    Meek ain't have no guidance,
    But he still managed to make it out the hood and become successful, and he put himself in position to help other young black people from his hood make it out and become successful as well..

    Niggas confusing that rap shit with real life,
    Meek may have lost a battle to a singing nigga,
    but in real life he's winning, he beat the odds and made it out of poverty !!
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  • Re: Lil Boosie "Jay Z not going to stop our culture"

    After listening to the album,
    It seem like Jay is trying to advance the culture,
    Not stop it !!
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