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  • Re: Nas Chilling With Nicki Minaj In His New Car

    "How enormous is Nas pockets
    Is a pop quiz for gossipers..

  • Re: Nas Chilling With Nicki Minaj In His New Car

    Mr 202 wrote: »
    tompetrez3 wrote: »
    Where are all the nas lost trolls? 10 years ago yall said he lost the war because he was "broke" and signed with def jam. How about now??? Nas is living the GOAT bachelors lifestyle. He is 44. Unmarried. Good father. Entrepreneur. Hundreds of millions in the bank. Property. Cars. Women. His hairline is still intact. He looks the same as 96. Fuck 444 this how real black financial freedom looks like

    And the crazy thing about Nas he carries himself like a boss. He not out touring like a monkey for live nation or making music dissing the youth to "stay competitive". He is in the cut making power moves like he rhymed about on lost tapes, god son and HHID.

    He dont have to share 50% of his nation with a pissed off diva wife whom he just cheated on for a down grade

    As you can see the baby seat is gone with kelis, destiny is a grown woman (No child support!) and he got nicki riding shotgun. Nas is a jet setter he can get up and go wherever nobody to answer to. That other nigga drives around with 3 of em now aint it funny how art imitates life

    Hundreds of millions in his bank account????
    Just because he's dating Nickki now?
    Y'all niggas kill me

    You should check out Nas'
    investment portfolio..

    He's invested in at least two companies that are multi-billion dollar companies..
    LYFT & Dropbox..

    That's not including the restaurants and shoe stores that he owns, or his clothing line that sells out in minutes when it hit stores, the Hennessy partnership, and touring all over the world for the past 5 years, his Mass Appeal record label and media outlet..

    The list goes on but I ain't bout to sit here and name all that shit..
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  • Re: Game Drops "Heaven 4 A Gangster" On 2Pac's Death Anniversary

    I prefer the Master P version !!!

    KneeGro_DuperMansouth4lifeT. Sanfordgenocidecutter
  • Re: Is there any truth to this video?

    That insecurity/paranoia is rampant.

    I always chalked it up to niggas being raised by women..

    When I was younger I used to feel a type of way about a nigga staring at me too long,
    and some times took it to levels that could've put me in prison, until one day an old head broke it down to me and said "getting upset and fighting/shooting somebody cause you feel they looked at you wrong or stepped on your shoes is female tendencies" then he went on to say "most young dudes that get upset over petty shit was raised by women and didn't have a man around to guide them and let them know that petty shit is corny"..
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  • Re: The Official 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Levion Bell playing sorry as hell,
    he should've took his ass to football camp and played in a few preseason games..
    Already Home_17silverfoxx