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  • Re: LL Cool J vs KRS One

    Nuff said

    Nigga threw shots at Run Dmc and Aerosmith on this shit..
  • Re: LL Cool J vs KRS One

    i think the fact LL had mainstream hits for the hoes and still had all the respect of hardcore hippity hop elitist type fans only strengthens his argument as GOAT vs krs one. sure yall can say asinine shit like "well krs one didnt sell out at least" but its not like he was gon make a quality mainstream sounding song like ll could anyway.

    This was the closest KRS came to radio in the 90's besides Loves Gonna Getcha,
    and in these songs he's still the "Teacher"..

    No extra-soft, watered down bullshit..

    "Black Cop

    "Sound of the police"

    I have madd respect for Uncle L,
    I know most of his records word for word,
    he's a great rapper, but KRS 1 in my opinion has better content..

    Uncle L rapped about bitches and being the best rapper,

    KRS 1 rapped about racism, police brutality, the effect of drugs in the black community,
    and being the best lyricist..
  • Re: White Girl Says Nigga...Gets Her Ass Beat

    Tried to post the young boys that beat the fuck out the wanna-be MMA crackers,
    that came to their hood expecting a fair one..
  • Re: Drake is nominated for Time's Person of the Year (Link Inside)

    Other notable candidates/nominees ..

    Loretta Lynch

    time-person-of-the-year-poll-loretta-lynch.jpg[img]She became the 1st African American woman to serve as Attorney General.
    On her 1st months on the job she opened a civil rights investigation into the Baltimore police
    and announced surprise indictments of FIFA officials..

    Misty Copeland


    The 1st black female principle ballerina,
    in the American ballet theatre's 75 year history
    cementing her status as a role model for young girls..

    Barack Obama


    The President announced a nuclear nonproliferation deal with Iran,
    normalized relations with Cuba, after 50+ years,
    and rejected the Keystone XL pipeline opposed by environmentalists.
    and the Supreme court upheld a key feature in his healthcare plan..

    Serena Williams


    The sports icon completed her 2nd "Serena Slam",
    winning 4 majors in a row- with her victory at Wimbledon this year..

    Viola Davis


    Davis made history as the 1st African American to win an Emmy,
    for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama for her role on "How to get away with murder",
    and called out Hollywood's diversity problem in her powerful acceptance speech..
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  • Re: Who turned you on or who you turned on to hip hop

    Maaaaaan this a GOAT thread,
    Props to everyone that contributed..

    In the late 80's my older brother put me on to
    NWA, KRS 1, Rakim, LL Cool J, and The Fat Boys..

    I remember as a kid I won a Nice N Smooth album in a rap contest,
    That's the first album I ever personally owned..

    pete's rickety rocket was my favorite cartoon
    After marriage the honeymoon
    I'll be damn, gag me with a spoon
    Who loves Popeye, Alice the goon...

    This was my shit I played it out,
    I was at school calling every tall awkward looking girl Alice the Goon..

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