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  • Re: Jay Electronica Says He Wants To Impact Hip Hop

    I spit that Wonderama shit
    Me and my conglomerates shall remain anonymous
    Caught up in the finest shit
    Get that type of media coverage Obama get
    Spit that Kurt Vonnegut
    That blow your brain Kurt Cobain, that Nirvana shit
    Who gon' bring the game back
    Who gon' spit that Ramo on the train tracks
    That gold rope, that five-finger ring rap
    Running with my same pack
    You can find the Christ where the lepers and the lames at
    Life is like a dice game
    One roll could land you in jail or cutting cake
    Blowing kisses in the rice rain
    Nice whip, nice chain, a closet of skulls
    The stench is like slave blood at Providence Hall, yeah
    They built my city on top of a grave
    Nigga die, nigga get high and watch the parade
    Back in the early '90s
    Where they at, where they at
    Get the gat, get the gat was a popular phrase
    Bally Animals and Rugbys was a popular craze
    This the vivid memoirs of a obnoxious slave
    I pave ways like Nat and Harriet
    I blast on Judas Iscariot and peel off in the chariot
    I'm sitting pretty, spitting flames, gripping grains
    Ain't a damn thing changed

    ~Jay Electronica~
  • Re: The Godfather: Did Vito Corleone Bytch Up?

    Just reminded me how GOAT this movie is. After all this time it still holds up like it could've came out yesterday

    If you think the movie is dope,
    you should read the book..
    its 100 times better and more descriptive..
  • Re: Jay Z Reportedly Announces Beyonce Is Pregnant Again At Paris "On The Run" Tour Stop

  • Re: RIP Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16th 1971-September 13th 1996)

    I hear Brenda's got a baby
    But Brenda's barely got a brain
    A damn shame, the girl can hardly spell her name
    That's not our problem, that's up to Brenda's family
    Well let me show you how it affects our whole community
    Now Brenda never really knew her moms
    And her dad was a junkie putting death into his arms
    It's sad, cause I bet Brenda doesn't even know
    Just cause you're in the ghetto doesn't mean you can't grow
    But oh, that's a thought, my own revelation
    Do whatever it takes to resist the temptation
    Brenda got herself a boyfriend
    Her boyfriend was her cousin, now let's watch the joy end
    She tried to hide her pregnancy, from her family
    Who really didn't care to see, or give a damn if she
    Went out and had a church of kids
    As long as when the check came they got first dibs
    Now Brenda's belly is getting bigger
    But no one seems to notice any change in her figure
    She's twelve years old and she's having a baby
    In love with a molester, who's sexing her crazy
    And yet and she thinks that he'll be with her forever
    And dreams of a world where the two of them are together, whatever
    He left her and she had the baby solo
    She had it on the bathroom floor and didn't know so
    She didn't know, what to throw away and what to keep
    She wrapped the baby up and threw him in a trash heap
    I guess she thought she'd get away, wouldn't hear the cries
    She didn't realize how much the little baby had her eyes
    Now the baby's in the trash heap bawling
    Momma can't help her, but it hurts to hear her calling
    Brenda wants to run away
    Momma say, you making me lose pay
    The social workers here everyday
    Now Brenda's gotta make her own way
    Can't go to her family, they won't let her stay
    No money no babysitter, she couldn't keep a job
    She tried to sell crack but end up getting robbed
    So now what's next, there ain't nothing left to sell
    So she sees sex as a way of leaving hell
    It's paying the rent, so she really can't complain
    Prostitute, found slain and Brenda's her name, she's got a baby

    Ayyo, I remember Marvin Gaye used to sing to me
    He had me feelin' like black was the thing to be
    And suddenly the ghetto didn't seem so tough
    And though we had it rough, we always had enough
    I huffed and puffed about my curfew and broke the rules
    Ran with the local crew and had a smoke or two
    And I realize Momma really paid the price
    She nearly gave her life to raise me right
    And all I had to give her was my pipe dream
    Of how I'd rock the mic and make it to the bright screen
    I'm tryin' to make a dollar out of fifteen cents
    It's hard to be legit and still pay the rent
    And in the end it seems I'm headin' for the pen
    I try to find my friends but they're blowin' in the wind
    Last night my buddy lost his whole family
    It's gonna take the man in me to conquer this insanity
    It seems the rain'll never let up
    I try to keep my head up and still keep from gettin' wet up
    You know it's funny when it rains it pours
    They got money for wars but can't feed the poor
    Say there ain't no hope for the youth and the truth is
    It ain't no hope for the future
    And then they wonder why we crazy
    I blame my mother for turning my brother into a crack baby
    We ain't meant to survive cause it's a setup
    And even though you're fed up
    Huh, ya got to keep your head up

    Fuck the 5-0 cause they after me
    Kill me if they could, I'll never let 'em capture me
    Done lost too many niggas to this gangbangin'
    Homies died in my arms, with his brains hangin', fucked up!
    I had to tell him it was alright, and that's a lie
    And he knew it when he shook and died, my God
    Even though I know I'm wrong man
    Hennesey make a nigga think he strong, man (heh heh)
    I can't sleep, so I stay up, don't wanna fuck them bitches
    Try to calm me down, I ain't givin' up
    I'm gettin' lost in the weed, man, gettin' high
    Livin' every day, like I'm gon' die (gon' die, gon' die)
    I smoke a blunt to take the pain out
    And if I wasn't high, I'd probably try to blow my brains out
    Lord knows...

    Pussy and paper is poetry power and pistols
    Plotting on murdering motherfuckers 'fore they get you
    Pray to the heavens three-fifty-sevens to the sky
    And I hope I'm forgiven for Thug Livin when I die
    I wonder if heaven got a ghetto for Thug niggas
    A stress free life and a spot for drug dealers
    Pissing while practicing how to pimp and be a playa
    Overdose of a dick, while drinking liquor when I lay her
    Pistol whipping these simps, for being petrified and lame
    Disrespecting the game, praying for punishment and pain
    Going insane, never die, I live eternal, who shall I fear?
    Don't shed a tear for me nigga I ain't happy here
    I hope they bury me and send me to my rest
    Headlines readin MURDERED TO DEATH, my last breath
    Take a look picture a crook on his last stand
    Motherfuckers don't understand, if I die tonight

    I was raised in the city, shitty
    Ever since I was an itty bitty kitty
    Drinkin liquor out my momma's titty
    And smokin weed was an everyday thang in my household
    And drinking liquor til' you out cold
    And though I'm grown now, nigga it's still on - Pow!
    Bustin on them niggas 'til they gone
    How many more jealous ass bitches, comin for my riches
    Now I gotta be suspicious when I bone
    Cause if I ain't sharp and heartless, them bitches'll start shit
    Excuse me, but this is where we part bitch
    No more game for free, please explain to me
    Why niggas trip bitch, who you came to see?
    Murder me now but see me later man, that's on my pops
    I got homies that will hunt you 'til you drop
    I hope the Lord can forgive me, I was a G
    And gettin high was a way of bein free; I see death around the corner
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