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  • Re: Chris Breezy might have two new hits

    I thought the thread title was a double entendre and you were saying he hit 2 more broads..
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  • Re: Popcaan catch feelings over drake says fuck Wiz Khalifa.. WTF ??

    vybz wrote: »
    Your reachinf with this. Its a clash that type of trash talking comes with the clash. It was competitive behaviour
    Figo wrote: »
    Poster clearly don't understand the culture of musical clash.

    All this shit is corny,
    I posted a click-bait thread cause I wanted to..
    Fight me..

    And Wiz funny as hell for saying Caan gave drake a hand job for that feature.. Caan is Jamaican, that gay shit is frowned upon..
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  • Re: Drake- 4PM In Calabasas

    illedout wrote: »
    gee757 wrote: »

    Snoop ain't write his verse on that album either... But his verse was still epic on there. I think with the OGs, they feel like they don't really have to prove anything anymore. Like, they've already done it all and achieved their GOAT statuses so they can just 'lax. Not saying it's right, but...

    Fuk snoop...if u aint write it don't record it

    How you saying this shit, but Meek tried to recruit Quentin Miller to ghostwrite for him and got in his feelings when he got denied? Smh, shit makes no god damn sense, how you know Meek don't have other people writing for him?

    That's bullshit that drake stans say to soften the blow that the 6 gawd use ghost writers..

    That's like if you call somebody a snitch and thier response is "well you snitched too"..

    Naw lil' buddy,
    drake really did used ghost writers..

    I ain't a stan, I'm a fan of Meek as well. I don't deny Drizzy uses ghostwriters, hell he even admitted it himself too. I accept the fact he does use ghostwriters as well as Meek does (to what extent we don't know) I just wasn't as stupid to call him a GOAT prior to all this shit coming to light

    Where are you getting this
    "Meek use ghost writers" info ??

    That's bullshit, made up by drake stans..

    Where's the source or proof..

    We have physical evidence/proof that drake use writers.. We all heard the reference tracks,
    now where's the proof that Meek use writers ??

    And please don't come with that
    "well Meek wanted to work with Q. Miller so he obviously wanted him to write for him too" shit..

    Meek tried to use a 50 Cent tactic to get at drake by getting QM on a song .. QM seen that shit from a mile away and refused..

    Same way 50 used Jimmy against Cam
    Ross baby mother against Ross
    Beans against Hov
    Mase against Puff...

    I can go on and on here......
  • Re: Taxstone Calls 2Pac & Cam’ron “Rats”

    _God_ wrote: »
    Post cams response from ig

    Wish I could GOAT this shit 100 times..

    Niggas in the streets worried about the wrong shit need to get some money in they pockets..
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  • Re: Rage Against The Machine launch countdown website, possible Chuck D involvement

    Rage Against the Machine aint Hip hop,
    so this thread don't belong in the "Reason"..
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