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  • Re: Meek Mill Asked to Respond Under Oath About Fan's Death at His Concert

    illedout wrote: »
    Sion wrote: »
    Prosecutors think they slick, at worst they're prolly thinking he may testify in hopes of receiving leniency for his other situation or strike a deal depending on what he knows. Meek has shown us time and time again that he's an idiot so let's see where this goes.

    The decision is very easy - do the right thing that's just. But I can bet you, all Meek is thinking about is his image. Man they out for blood and Meek caught in the middle. Sticky situation....

    You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.. This is about a lawsuit, “money grab”
    not a criminal charge..

    The family of the victim is trying to sue Meek for something that happened “OUTSIDE” of his concert..

    1. He’s not responsible for what happens outside his concert..

    2. It’s the owners and promoters job to hire security to protect the concert goers ..

    3. The family of the victim are more worried about trying to squeeze Meek pockets than they are about trying to catch the guy that’s actually responsible for the murder..

    After reading some of the responses on this cite to certain situations, I’m starting to believe some of you dudes have never spent a day in the streets, AND THATS NOT A BAD THING,
    but I don’t believe it’s fair to speak on things you have no prior knowledge of or zero understanding..

    You sitting here telling people not to speak on situations they dont know but you don't everything in regards to meek situation either. Bottom line he has himslef to blame for some of the shit thats happened to him recently. Thats what this is about so stop tip toeing around trying to be vague with that certain situation bullshit you talking. You dont know who been the streets and who hasnt and that shouldmt even matter. Seeing fucked up things make change peoples perspective on how to move in life and you making assumptions about niggas you dont know on the internet. Niggas love to push their opinions on people as fact when its not

    I said what I said,
    and I stand on it..

    A hit dog yells the loudest..
  • Re: MEEK MILL Gets Sentenced To 2-4 Years In Prison For Probation Violations

    Valentinez A. KaiserFigo
  • Re: French Montana PRESSED By Meek Mill Crew at Powerhouse Philly over comments and Drake Affiliation.

    RickyRich wrote: »
    qawshun wrote: »
    GetoBoy wrote: »
    GetoBoy wrote: »
    Niggaz really keep bringing up Game meanwhile Game punching old off duty cops at b-ball games but ain't laid a hand on the nigga he saying he wanna beat up that's living in his city I mean didn't even say one point he say he know where Meek lives???..... Y'all gotta stop with this Game reference it really is a weak one

    Meeks has been living in Atlanta for a while now

    I'm talking about during the game beef idk where the nigga live now but at that time he lived in LA Game saying he got his address but we talking about why Meek ain't ran down on Game?? It's Game job to call his black wall street/ money gang or whatever click he got to run down on Meek not the other way around that response has me wondering have sum of y'all ever had beef outside of the internet

    didn't game have cases pending at the time ?? The lost lawsuit for 10mil the cop thing etc starting a "gang " war would've been dumb. But i agree with meek in his back yard game could've been beat him up unless meek running with 1000 goons everywhere he goes which seems to be the case.

    when has a thousand outta town niggas had free reign in LA?

    Please tell me what nigga has free reign in LA? Just curious? Cause them niccas pay taxes and they still ain't safe. They Hollywood wit it with off duty security

    correct me if im wrong but wont la niggas ride with there own other then an outsider ?

    100percent... LA industry niccas are cool for the most part. And if a LA nicca has clout he will try n defuse the situation. But outta town niccas coming out here just roaming isn't happening. I'm not going to get into personals but trust the fact meek cannot come over here in this hood due to wacc and U relationship. Ain't shit nip can do about that either nor would he.

    Bruh what multi millionaire from the East Coast would want to go all the way to the West Coast just to hang in/around somebody else hood..

    That’s dumb as hell..

    So basically Meek ain’t allowed in a hood that he was never going to go to anyway..

  • Re: Trick Daddy Bans Meek Mill from Miami

    JJ_Evans wrote: »
    illedout wrote: »
    Thread title says Trick Daddy bans Meek from Miami, then Meek does a show in Miami on the same day.. Nothing happens to Meek..

    @Stew @Cain OG

    LOL.....This dude begging the mods to close this thread because he's a Meek stan and he's trying to protect him from mean posts from the IC.

    You should read what you type,
    that shit ain't making sense..

    Trying to protect Meek from mean posts from the ic..

    What type of grown heterosexual male thinks like that ??
  • Re: Trick Daddy Bans Meek Mill from Miami

    Thread title says Trick Daddy bans Meek from Miami, then Meek does a show in Miami on the same day.. Nothing happens to Meek..

    @Stew @Cain OG
    wizv.2blackgod813JJ_Evansachewon87JonnyRoccITsoul rattlerMrCrookedLetterinfamous114sapp08_2001numbaz...80's babyTrillfate$tayRichROLLIN