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  • Re: Why Didn't Jay Z Push this song as a single?

    I started to post "Ether" just to piss dude off,
    but I ain't even gon' fuck up the homie @silverfoxx thread..

    MCHG is like Melvin Flynt the Hustla..
  • Re: J Cole is the first Hip Hop artist in 25 years to go Platinum without a feature

    I don't mind features, but when I hear an album I want to know about the artists. I don't want a compilation like Ricky Ross & Friends.

    Most of the rappers these days are some Tony Bennet ass niggs constantly doing duets and shit.

    Yea Dj Khalid and all the (Super Friends)..
    Hopefully all that friendly shit is over,

    Niggas making songs featuring "EVERYBODY"..
    Young StefchiyosukeStoneColdMikeyTrill Gate$
  • Kevin Hart Becomes First Comedian To Perform In Football Stadium..

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  • Rozay Rallies Up Maybach Music Group, Unveils Big All-Star Release..

    Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross has announced plans to release a new underground effort from his group in light of NBA All-Star Weekend this week.

    Ricky Rozay made the big announcement on Instagram Thursday (February 12).

  • Haitian Jack Breaks Silence To Call Out Suge Knight !!!

    Haitian Jack, Says Suge Knight’s Murder Charge Was Bound to Happen..


    The notorious member of Tupac’s crew,
    who made his name allegedly robbing drug dealers,
    said Marion “Suge” Knight’s murder charge was a long time coming.
    “I don’t think he had it in him to kill, but I know Suge would always find a way to get in trouble,”

    Haitian Jack also said,
    “He can’t hide from it. There are some people that no matter what they do,
    trouble is gonna find them, or they’re gonna find trouble.”

    Now an advisor to Gangster Chronicles, the Caribbean-born, Brooklyn-raised Haitian Jack, or Jacques Agnant,
    said Suge’s hothead ways and lust for the gangster life was the reason why ‘Pac was gunned down in Las Vegas nearly two decades ago.

    “He got ‘Pac hyped up into the nonsense, into the gangbanging lifestyle,” he said. “Neither of them were gangsters.”
    “It ain’t just ‘Pac and Terry Carter – there are a lot of guys, hood guys, who lost their lives, hanging around with Suge, protecting Suge.”

    Haitian Jack’s criminal past made him the most feared man in Tupac’s inner circle. But the pair parted ways after the fallout from Tupac’s 1994 rape case..

    After facing deportation seven years ago, Agnant returned to his native Hispanola,
    where he spoke by phone about what he says was Knight’s “missed opportunity.”

    “He had three of the biggest hip hop artists and one of the biggest producers,” Haitian Jack said.
    “When you lost Tupac, Snoop, Dr. Dre and a $300 million company,
    something’s gotta be wrong with your way of thinking.
    All three of them gave him something to get away from him.
    Snoop sold his soul to Master P to get away from Suge.
    Dr. Dre gave him all his publishing.
    Tupac gave him his life to get away from Suge.”

    Haitian Jack said he and Suge were never friends, but were part of the same circles because of Tupac.
    He said Knight – who has had several run-ins with the law over the years – will never change.

    “A snake might shed his skin, but he’s still a snake,” Haitian Jack said.
    “Even if he beats his case, he’s going to get into something again.
    He’s got to pay for all those things (he did to others.)”..
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