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  • Re: Taxstone Calls 2Pac & Cam’ron “Rats”

    _God_ wrote: »
    Post cams response from ig

    Wish I could GOAT this shit 100 times..

    Niggas in the streets worried about the wrong shit need to get some money in they pockets..
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  • Re: Rage Against The Machine launch countdown website, possible Chuck D involvement

    Rage Against the Machine aint Hip hop,
    so this thread don't belong in the "Reason"..
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  • Re: Rick Ross Down To Executive Produce New Nas Album

    Sounds like an interesting project I'm down to drop half a hook for this

    Hov stop frontin'
    You know Nasir ya favorite mc..

    You niggas need to stop bullshitting
    and drop that "Sanatra in the Sands"

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  • Re: Drake and Nicki Minaj Are Getting Hosed....

    GetoBoy wrote: »
    usmarin3 wrote: »
    Shizlansky wrote: »
    GetoBoy wrote: »
    Shizlansky wrote: »
    So Drake didn't tour but a lil bit

    And I find it funny and fucked up that J. Cole only got 1.5 million for sales because most of his sales came in 2015 due to album being released in mid December.

    They all getting raped.

    You do realize that's normally how much you gonna get off a album unless you on a independent..... You not getting 5-10 million off album sales unless yo album selling 5-10 million copies

    And that's getting fucked over.

    He's platinum right that's 1 million copies let's say at $10.

    That's 10million. And he's not even getting 20% of that.

    I hate how artist getting fucked over. Shit is crazy.

    The average artist gets 3 points and album which equates to 30 cents and album. You go platinum then that's 300k. That's not including singles. J Cole making 1.5 mil off sales is actually pretty good imo.

    He probably has an option to buy back his masters too seeing how Jay, Rihanna,etc have theirs.

    GOAT.... I was just finna type this.... Rappers ain't never got $10 off an album unless they indy or sum shit.... The fact that Cole got a mill off a mill sold is actually really good

    I was always told that if a rapper who is signed to a major label get $1 off every album sold, then that's a come up..

    If J. Cole got a million from selling a million records then that's a come up..

    If an independent artist pay for everything out of pocket and do his own marketing and distribution, then if he sell 250,000 cd's for $8 a piece then he get to pocket $2 million..
    That's how Niggas in the South blew up,
    from selling they own cd's out the trunk of they car..
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  • Re: Angie Martinez At The Breakfast Club

    I seen this this morning..
    Good interview, I may buy her book..

    I didn't know she tried crack before,
    that's crazy.. Never expected that..

    Forgot Q-Tip was smashing her..

    Didn't know Hov let her listen to all his albums before he put them out, and she told him
    "Hard knock Life" was wack..
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