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    "There were 1.16 million violent crimes in 2013

    Violent crime in the U.S. fell 4.4 percent last year to the lowest level in decades, the FBI announced Monday.

    In 2013, there were 1.16 million violent crimes, the lowest amount since the 1978’s 1.09 million violent crimes, Reuters reports.

    All types of violent crimes experienced decline last year, with rape dropping 6.3 percent, murder and non-negligent manslaughter dropping 4.4 percent and robbery dropping 2.8 percent.

    The rate of violent crime is 367.9 crimes for every 100,000 people, which marked a 5.1 percent decline since 2012. The rate has fallen each year since at least 1994.

    Possible reasons for the decline include the country’s high incarceration rate, an aging population and an increased use of security cameras and cell phone videos capturing incidents."


    crime might seem bad now, but trust me, la, ny, chi, no etc. were all waaay worse 15-20 years ago. just check the crime rates, or better yet, take a trip to brooklyn, or downtown la, and tell me if that shit looks as hood as it used to. there are exceptions, but almost every major city in the country is the safest it's been since crack hit.

    Bruh I remember growing up here in Dallas when niggas wouldn't even stop at stop signs cause they thought they'd get popped. Talking 500 murders a year. Now we got the lowest murder rate we've had in a LONG time. I'm proud to say that too; I'm not one of these new niggas who glorify that bullshit, these post '04 niggas out here, I like the fact I can actually ride down Park Lane now or Singleton and Bernal or John West and not every night there is an apartment complex taped off or a hostage situation or prostitutes hitting me up every time I stop at the light. Nothing to be glamourized about gang or street culture in general, I don't give a fuck what charity bullshit they do to give back to the community.
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    I always thought Dwight was a beast. He's a future HOF for sure. The problem is people (not Dwight) have these high expectations of him and they get upset with him when he doesn't meet them.

    Bruh he came out with a Superman cape on like he was on that level, and he is nowhere near that level. You don't take an all time greats(Shaqs) nickname and have a doodoo offensive game. If a 37 year old Tim Duncan had Dwight throwing sissy fits, imagine what a Prime Timmy, Prime KG or a Prime, arguably most dominant ever, Shaq would have done to that boy. As much as I may not like to overrate Kobe when folks said he was the next Jordan he got 5 rings to go behind it, and is still top 10 all time. Dwight has nothing to be compared or even compare himself on his resume to be compared to the greats. So in other words, until he does something to deserve all this best center(mainly by default most of the time cause there aren't any true big men from what I've seen in the game today who could hold a candle to them) outside Timmy at 38 what I'm trying to say is....
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    Level 13 in Novigrad.
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    37-18-13..... WOOOOW
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    Duncan as little as the media talks about him low key had one of the greatest careers ever. It's a very short list of players who you can argue had a better career.