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  • Re: Lessons for the Fatherless aka How to Think Like a Man

    My first lesson for the fatherless, stop fucking apologizing all the damn time. I'm not saying there won't ever come a situation where an apology is genuinely warranted; my nigga if you dead ass wrong you dead ass wrong and a MAN KNOWS TO RECOGNIZE HE IS WRONG, APOLOGIZE, AND CORRECT HIS ACTIONS. When I say stop apologizing all the time, is when you sit here and apologize for little shit, or little subtle shit that just comes with being you as a person.

    Example: If you are out on a date with a woman, and she says 'How come you always order a beer, sometimes I don't want to smell beer you know?'

    What is the proper response? A. 'Shit I like beer, it's what I like to drink.' or B. 'Ok my bad baby, next time I'll order something else.' If your response was anything other than A, YOU ARE A CERTIFIED BITCH. NEVER EVER EVER, APOLOGIZE or change up shit about YOU OR YOUR NATURAL ACTIONS FOR NOBODY, ESPECIALLY NO DAMN WOMAN, cause best believe a woman aint finna change up shit for you SHE GONE EXPECT YOU TO ACCEPT HER FOR HOW SHE IS OR KEEP IT PUSHING. You may think that situation never happens, but trust me I have seen bullshit like this numerous times in real life and it DISGUSTS me every time I see that fuck shit.

    Aint nobody gonna respect no apologizing mufucka, ESPECIALLY A WOMAN. Women don't like it when you apologize fatherless one, they like it when you have the balls to tell them you gone do what you do no matter what they think, you may think I'm bullshitting but I'm not, if that wasn't the case how come Steve Urkel never took 18-thousand-trillion years to hook up with Laura(and they only did that for TV; In real life Steve never would of got that dusty ratchet bitch she didn't want no square ass nigga like that).

    Stop apologizing my nigga, man up and stand up if somebody got a problem with something you do shrug your shoulders and keep it pushing bruh.
  • Re: Dad Whoops BF's Ass For Cheating On Daughter..Fair or Foul?

    aneed123 wrote: »
    Kat wrote: »
    If let's say he found out his daughter cheated on the boyfriend, would it not be fucked up if the boyfriends mother stomped the girl out....retroactively?




    If you havent noticed I put alot of weight in cheating its not some "little" thing that a person can get away with I feel.. I feel that its sad that people now days do it so much that its "not a big deal"... I feel if you cheat you get what you deserve..

    u cant make no one be with u tho.... they aint property..... just move on

    Not saying I can... but that dont mean a person that cheats cant get what they deserve..

    Success and happiness is the best revenge bruh, not all that other emotional shit.
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  • Re: "Daaaamn, that Gap Though" ... Ok ... and

    This thread got me like....


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    OhMars wrote: »
    Waffle House >>> any other chain breakfast establishment

    If you can eat dirty ass Waffle House sober you need to reevaluate your life bruh.

    You really think bum ass IHOP is cleaner then waffle house.

    Bruh IHOP >>>>>>> Waffle House in ever way shape of form. The only thing at Waffle House that's even good is the hash browns after you add a bunch of shit to them, and you gotta be drunk on top of that. Nigga I'm eating a Colorado Omelette from IHOP right now I shit you not and it is magical on my taste buds.
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  • Re: Driverless Trucks Already Being Tested; 3 Million Truck Drivers To Lose Their Job

    T. Sanford wrote: »
    All them highway hookers that them truck drivers smash are about to be out of a job too

    Lot Lizards.... we called them lot lizards.
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