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    MissK wrote: »
    off topic but since you started the thread @dallas' 4 eva I've been meaning to ask what is with the light skin hate bruh??

    Lol it really be jokes half the time, but light skin women are crazy as shit a lot of the time. Funniest part about it is I LOVE chocolate women(all women really but it's just something about chocolate women to me), but all I seem to attract are light skinned girls. I guess it's just a way to vent my frustration at times. Lol don't read too far into it.

    Edit: you must be a light skin huh @MissK ?
  • Re: Jemele Hill: ‘Never Seen’ Open Disrespect Other Players Show Steph Curry

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    DWO wrote: »
    great picture thread guys

    You're's me being delusional, and my lovely big sis.

    Beezy could be y'all older sister

    You know all white girls look a alike. In my eyes Kat, Southern, Beezy, and Covet are all sisters they don't look no different.
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  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

    FlyFreeCt wrote: »
    Damn, niggas be shittin on Kobe smh.

    Bro I don't be wanting to go so hard on Kobe, it's just the problem with Kobe and his stans are they literally have to shit on other all time greats to try to prop him up. I don't understand why they always feel the need to do that.

    Like seriously saying you would take Kobe > Lebron in the finals isn't a ridiculous argument, but to say that the stats don't mean shit is crazy. Seriously this is some real shit, name me one memorable Kobe Bryant finals moment, one memorable Kobe Bryant finals game. Seriously do it, I'll wait cause Lebron has WAY more iconic moments in the finals than Kobe does even if he does have two less rings.

    The block on Igoudala, the triple double in game 7 2016, the 39 point triple double in game 6 2013, game 7 of 2013 when he had like 36/12/6, the block on Thiago Splitter in game 2 of 2013 finals, the entire 2012 finals where he literally SONNED the second best player in the league and beat three all stars (2 are MVP caliber players), back to back 41 point games in the finals, hell even in the loss to Golden State last year he AVERAGED 36 12 AND 8 for the whole series. If you want to take Kobe fine, but please don't shit on LBJ to make your point cause honestly it won't look for Kobe.... then they gone bring up Shaq's rings. Lmao
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    kacee139 wrote: »
    Charles Barkley says Lebron doesn't make the top five yet. He got Oscar, Mj, Wilt, Kareem, Russell, Kobe and Duncan ahead of him. I quote: '' I don't live in the moment, I ain't going to say hey wait a minute I'm gonna just put him ahead of Kobe and Tim Duncan now. I just won't do that.''

    Honestly.... I don't give a fuck what Charles Barkley says. I love Duncan but at this point Lebron is ahead of Duncan and Kobe, and CLEARLY ahead of Russell and Oscar. Hell honestly he's ahead of Wilt too if we gonna keep it 100.
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