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  • Re: Rich people rarely tell their kids how much money they make...would you?

    Chicity wrote: »
    very first comment from the article i thought was interesting.

    My kids ask how much we make and I'm in the 32% telling them its none of their business. Its not because I don't want them to know necessarily, its that:
    1. I don't want the neighbors/relatives to know. Its none of their business.
    2. I don't want entitled kids thinking that I should be spending more on junk they won't take care of any way.
    3. On that topic - I detest the consumerism kids demonstrate thinking that everything is disposable and if you break something it can be replaced. Knowing our income would just validate the ability to replace.
    4. No matter what your income there are tight times. I don't want to have to justify not spending to explain a financial issue.
    5. Finally there's need vs. want and creating an understanding of the two to avoid spoiled brats.

    I learned to budget as a kid and THAT is what I'm teaching them.

    This summer I started giving each kid $15.00 at the grocery store to fill a basket with supplies for their lunches. I get veto power if it's all junk. I encourage them to buy one dairy drink/snack for each week day, one fruit, one carb, something to drink each day, one loaf of bread and stuff for putting in the bread. If they go over at the cash register they have to give up something. What ever is left they get to keep.

    To my delight, as of the third week, the two joined together... bought a case of water on sale for 1.99 for 24 units... pooled their money asking to go to Costco where they bought bread and froze it (like mommy) bought healthy snacks and spent all $30.00 for the week plus some extra they had lying around... but here's the thing - they have enough food for two to three weeks so they get to pocket the money for two weeks. We'll see how the rest of the summer goes and I plan on continuing this through the school year since both kids "get it."

    My goal is to get THEM funding themselves and use to buying things they want. My job is to buy them what they need and get them gifts for special occasions.

    Who cares what I make - my kids need to focus on how to fund their own lives.
    I'm a try the bolded but $15 a week for lunch is bullshit

    Shiiiiit two packs of bologna and bread and I'm straight. I only drink water anyway.
  • Re: The Official 2014-15 NBA Thread

    Warriors exposed, Curry hitting my overrated list.....Delladova....smh...kyrie, rose, parker, wall. paul, westbrook ok, but delladova? Unforgivable this series is done

    Series aint over yet, but I been said Curry overrated. Niggas like flash and not substance and keep trying to act like he is something more than a jump shooter with flashy handles.
  • Re: Im stuck at a crossroads with this girl, how should i handle the situation?

    P-Dogg77 wrote: »
    damnkp wrote: »
    She fucking..she just ain't fucking you

    This basically sums it up. You acting naive as a mufucka T/S. She out here getting served dick daily by other niggas and using you for the 'emotional lovey dovey' part. You are Steve Urkel bruh.

    Come on now, i keep pretty good track of what she does. We talk nearly 2-3 hours everyday. That's not even the problem.

    2-3 hours aint shit bruh stop it. A broad will be on the phone with you sucking another nigga dick bruh stop it.
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    That I post nothing more, nothing less.
    Sage Wonder
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    Dirty sprite