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  • Re: -The official 2014-2015 NFL season thread

    This overtime is going to determine the Super Bowl Champion.
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    I don't blame Elway. You spend all that money in free agency you can't be getting upset in the divisional round at home. Team was built to win now and ain't even come close.

    but you can't just give this shit 1 season and dismantle , thats wack to me

    I think it was a culmination of things, as least as it pertains to John Fox leaving. Upset at home by Baltimore in the playoffs, curb stomped in the super bowl, now losing at home in the divisional round.

    Yes as usual blame everyone but Peyton for his terrible playoff resume.

    Oh you know that's never gonna happen. Not organizationally and not in the media. But Fox been around a while so he knew what wsup when they lost yesterday.

    Shit's disgusting bruh. Surrounded by talent his whole career and accomplished so little if you really think about it. He feasted on a trash division basically his whole career. That is why I will never call him the GOAT and I never could like Peyton too much no matter how talented he was; they NEVER held him accountable for his fuck ups unlike other QBs. Say what you want about Brady, when he was given the opportunities he shined or at least performed, he NEVER got blown out in a Super Bowl or hell even a playoff game as far as I remember.
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    Cowboys. Still don't give a shit about nobody else.
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    Shizlansky wrote: »
    I remember when we kicked New Orleans dusty ass into the dirt 38-17 and they little faggot ass fans started crying and said their season was over niggas souls were snatched


    That was a fucking great moment .....I mean we literally kicked that Stankin gumbo eatin ass ...them boosie fade wearing ass niggas were right tho we took them fuck ass niggas soul.





    Gumbo >

    Nigga. Where you even from? Because you're not from Texas and you're not from the south.

    Nigga just hold that L ...that's all you need to be worried about


    POVERTY ass niggas .....IMPOVERISHED ass niggas


    HEAD IN A BAG ass niggas..

    LMAO.... Fuck out my face another Goofy ass nigga

    Shitslansky bitch ass talk shit about the Cowboys fans, but the Saints NEVER SOLD OUT SEASON TICKETS before 2006...... you know when they actually had a little success. Fuck out of here bitch ass taliban looking mufucka and your team. Only good thing about your city are all the freaky ass females nigga.
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    On some non beef shit, ask any Cowboy fan what I said in our team PM I been said Detroit was our biggest match up nightmare in the playoffs because of that front 7. And I been saying i would of rather seen Green Bay than Detroit, and I stand by that.