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  • As much shit as you Americans talk if you guys dont riot......

    foreal done had London rioting for 4-5 day as a result of a black man being shot down by police, you got Brazil rioting over their economy, you got greece rioting for the same reason, you had LA rioting for Rodney King.

    if you mother fuckers dont come together and shut these motherfuckers down, you will always be regarded as some pussys.

    if you dont make a stand, every white man will feel they can take the life of an innocent non-white child/adult and get away with it.

    i havent been following the case to much, cus i always jnew what would happen BUT......butthis shit cannot be allowed to happen....and i m not talking bout looting and jacking and every man/woman and child for motherfuckers need to come together and done this shit.........

    cus its clear that these white folk dont give a fuck about you.....stand up and stand strong

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  • Yo, i think my homeboy's homeboy came out the closet to me.

    Aight, so me, my homie, his boy and 2chicks went out to eat there was meant to be 3 chicks but the third cancelled at the last minute.

    I was pissed but it was too late to pull out, cus i only found out when i got there so i had to soldier it.
    Now my friends friend wasnt really paying attention to the 2nd girl....kept talking to me, about hunting, ducks, and special dogs that are good for hunting and first i thought dude was just know them guys that dont shut up.....then i realised dude might have been over-compensating for his lack of honey-getting by talking about how he kills animals.

    anyway It was cool, we all ate, caught joke and shit.....i tried to make the most outta the situation, hollered at the waitress...she was being stuck up...but i liked when she dropped the bill, i thought fuck it...put myself out there, dropped my number on the bill, if she hollered back, cool...if not wateva.

    anyway. i get a holler a day later, now i think im in.....i aint gonna lie i go on simp works sometimes.....only to find out that the person im talking to is the same dude who wouldnt shut up about his hunting and shit.

    what i personally think is he was testing me.....but when he realised i was into the females he try act like it was jokes....

    should i expose dude or let it slide cus i dont fully know him?

    check the transcript:

    fucking batty bwoy right?
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