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  • Re: Swizz to defends his crown against Timbo

    We also know Timbo got some unreleased joints that haven't leaked yet, one with Nas (though I'm not sure he'd be able to release this), as he has those deep cuts like "To My" with Nas and Mad Skillz, which is fire, and "Get My Shit Off" with Jay. Not sure he'd bring those into a battle, even though I think those tracks are incredible, but it just shows he's likely sitting on a ton of shit no one has heard before.
  • Re: 4:44 Album - *JAY-Z* (06/30/17).

    Solange's album is a classic. It should go down as one of the greatest albums of all time.
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  • Re: Common: "Like Water For Chocolate" vs "Be"

    Just proves how underrated Common is. How is he not top 5 or 10 with arguably 4 classics?

    I gotta go with LWFC. Be is great, but LWFC got the replay value. Its musicality and lyrics just have more layers to it that you want to keep going back and study. Be is like a tight, masterfully well-executed 11 tracks of hip-hop perfection. No fat. You revisit it to admire its mastery of craft. But LWFC is timeless, ages like fine wine, in dusty crates stored away in the basement that needs to be re-opened every few years and explored again for its nuances and new flavors.

    As far as who has the best lines, I still go LWFC. The intro on Be features a top 5 or 10 Common verse, but so does The 6th Sense, featuring one of the greatest Primo beats and one of the greatest rap songs of all time. Common blacked the fuck out on that shit:

    "If revolution had a movie I'd be theme music
    My music, you either fight, fuck, or dream to it
    My life is one big rhyme, I try to scheme through it"

    smh, that's just a choice quote. The entire verse is amazing. Someone explain to me how this nigga ain't top 10 DOA?

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  • Re: What's The IC's Opinion On Tical 2000 Judgement Day????

    What's with the poll? Classic, average, and wack are the only options? I can't vote for any of those. How about solid, good, or great? It's not like everything falls into those three categories. Everyone wants everything to be a classic or garbage. A lot of very good, above average albums aren't classics.

    Anyways, I think this is a really good album. If you cut out the skits, which aren't just excessive but really shitty and obnoxious in content (unlike on say, OB4CL, for instance), and maybe cut a couple of songs, then it could've been a great album and potentially a classic. Meth was blacking out on this album.

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  • Re: 20 Years Ago Today... Nas - It Was Written

    Nas was spitting this whole album from the message to silent murder, the nigga even rapped his ass off on nas is coming. Idk what you OGs had against this album

    We didn't have anything against it. IWW went double plat and was baginin' everybody's whip. It was so dope even 'Pac thought Nas emerged as East Coast's ring leader a devoted his hardest bars for him on "Against All Odds", despite the fact that Nas and him broke bread before it dropped.

    It was mostly white backpacking music reviewers who hated on IWW for being "too commercial" because it wasn't on that conscious shit like Illmatic. They thought Nas was "their" prodigy, not the street's. They thought wrong. And now they go back and give the shit a 10. It's laughable. But it's wack how the critic's reviews paints the public reputation of the album. Revisionist history through the lens of the white critic. Shit was always a classic in my book.
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