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  • Re: The Official Jay-Z's "Tidal" Streaming Service Thread

    I just copped Tidal. I'm a fan, but I'm a huge audiophile so I'm exactly the market for this kind of thing. I haven't decided whether I'll shell out $20 a month for it though. But in terms of the 30 day trial, I'm very happy with the service. It has most, if not all of the features of Spotify.

    I still have Spotify though. We'll see how it goes. I think it might be better if they could bring the price down to at least 13.99 or something like that. I can justify bumping up a few dollars more to give up Spotify for hi fidelity sound, but I'm not sure that I'm gaining that much in the jump from 320 kb/s on Spotify premium to lossless on Tidal for another $10 a month. I say that as a full blown audiophile with very expensive audio equipment.
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  • Re: Oh sh*t!!!! Jay Electronica ft Jay Z "Road to Perdition" (Prod Just Blaze)

    S2J wrote: »
    Again, you a artist. You're biased, embarassingly so. What is an artist who doesnt share music? If he aint here to profit from music the fuk is he here for?

    WE giveth and taketh away. He had next bc WE said he did. So now if we say fuk em, its fuk em. Ask Ja rule, ask 50 post Massacre, ask Dr Dre w/ Detox, ask Nastradamus era Nas, ask post Vol 1, sunshine Jay z

    And if u wanna look from the other end of the spectrum, ask Papose Nacirema Dream, ask Saigon Greatest Story...any angle u look dawg, history dont lie. The nggas is not above completely vanishing from relevancy even when he choose he wants it

    Those rappers are for profit. Jay Elect just got done shooting an experimental film of him traveling to obscure countries and helping the poor, or some shit. Dude's priorities are nowhere near a Dr. Dre, Ja Rule or 50 Cent.

    This whole "I got next" shit is bogus. I mean if Jay Elect doesn't release an album soon, so what? It's not that serious. It's not like I'm gonna be like "Fuck you I ain't going to listen to your shit if it comes out in 2020." Like, why? Lol. He doesn't owe me shit. He's been giving me free music for the better part of a decade. I can't really complain.

    S2J wrote: »
    The artist mindset is 'man i got this fire, once they hear it they'll love me'. Man fuk your fire. An artist is NOTHING without fan connection. NOTHING. Fans will run thru a wall for artists who they see and feel love this shyt: spitta, wayne, jay w/ albums every year, z ro, etc. He bout to learn.

    Those are fickle fans. The real fans will be there. Jay comes across like a lazy bum, and yea it's funny and even frustrating, but if he drops a classic in 2030, I'll be there. What can I say? I'm a fan.
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  • Re: DJ Premier & Royce Da 5'9" Announce "PRhyme" Album, Reveal Features 12/9

    That Jay Elect verse though

    The pyramids are there to bear witness to the gods,
    So when the angels heard me spit, they bit they lip, "This shit is hard."

    This nigga....
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  • Re: The Iggy/Azealia/TI/Eminem/QTip/Lupe/Migos/Ross/Gucci/Coontastic Mega Thread

    All white people or officially banned from doing hip hop. This shit is to deep for me didn't drake win a grammy a year before. And a whole slew of black artist has won it years prior. Kdot definitely deserved album of the year last year.

    You're missing the point. There's a glass ceiling on black artists. We make amazing art, overcome the odds and our circumstances to consistently make great things for our culture that is so undeniably great it can elevate the culture. Banks acknowledges this and that's why she's talking about protecting hip-hop. The problem is that time and time again America decides a white artist can always do it just as well and better. So an Elvis, Eminem, Iggy, or whoever, moves in and builds a cash cow out of a culture that we built, and reaps the benefits of "artistic excellence" and credibility.
    But macklemore represented more than just a great hip hop album that's why he won that grammy.

    What he represents is exactly what she's decrying. It's also amusing to me that when a white artist does "rap" it's "bigger" than hip-hop. Kendrick's album actually should mean more to the culture at large than a pop format album that recycles black forms for profit. Hip-hop has represented the voices of the dispossessed and disenfranchised for decades. Macklemore just cashed in, he didn't elevate or transcend the culture.
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  • Re: New Kendrick Lamar Song On Colbert Report

    I'm not gonna front, I haven't been the biggest Kendrick fan, but this shit was righteous. He bodied it.