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  • Re: Did Wayne really attempt suicide?!?... Wayne's best verse this year..Lil Wayne ft Solange - Mad

    Solange album is a classic BTW.
  • Re: So.... Jay Electronica?

    I may have been sleeping on the man if he's as good as some of you are claiming, what's his best album oh I mean best song?

    Exhibit C
    Road to Perdition
    Dear Moleskin
    Renaissance Man
    We Made It Ft. Jay-Z
    Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)
    Better In Tune With the Infinite
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  • Re: 3 years later: Yall still think Kendrick had the best verse on Control?

    You could check my name on the books
    I Earth Wind & Fire’d the verse, then reigned on the hook
    The legend of Dorothy Flowers proclaimed from the roof
    The tale of a magnificent king who came from the nooks
    Of the wild magnolia, mother of many soldiers
    We live by every single word she ever told us
    Watch over your shoulders, and keep a tin of beans for when the weather turns the coldest
    The Lord is our shepherd, so our cup runneth over
    Put your trust in the Lord, but tether your Chevy Nova
    I’m spittin' this shit for closure
    And God is my witness, so you could get it from Hova
    To all you magicians that’s fidgeting with the cobra
    I’m solid as a rock, ‘cause I came from a rock
    That’s why I came with the rock
    Then signed my name on the Roc
    Draw a line around some Earth, then put my name on the plot
    ‘Cause I endured a lot of pain for everythang that I got
    The eyelashes like umbrellas when it rain from the heart
    And the tissue is like an angel kissing you in the dark
    You go from blind sight to hindsight
    Passion of the Christ, right, to basking in the limelight
    It take time to get your mind right
    Jay Electricity, PBS Mysteries
    In a lofty place, tangling with Satan over history
    You can’t say shit to me, الحمد لله‎
    It’s strictly by faith that we made it this far

    Low-key one of Jay-E's best verses and that's saying something. You can almost understand why he caught feelings over this song.
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  • Re: Murda Musik >>> Blueprint

    Nas' verse on "It's Mine" > any Jay-Z verse on the Blueprint

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  • Re: Murda Musik >>> Blueprint

    za'kiss wrote: »
    Nas' verse on "It's Mine" > any Jay-Z verse on the Blueprint


    Hav killed it too, one of the few times he outshined P

    Yeah Hav bodied that track.

    I might be pushing it a bit to say Nas' verse is better than any of Jay's, but I always find myself revisiting Murda Musik way more than the Blueprint. The Blueprint is almost too clean. It feels so polished and well-tailored. All of the verses are technically impressive and the production is tasteful and cohesive, but I always find myself wanting to revisit the dark world and rugged soundscapes of Murda Musik more than Jay's heavily refined soul music.

    Is it apples and oranges as others have suggested? Maybe to some extent. You can't say The Blueprint fails in any way by its own standards like you can some other ablums. It's the perfect realization of a particular sort of vision. That's why I understand why it's regarded it as a classic. It's Michael Jordan rap. But still. The essence of hip-hop is the gutter damn it. And that's Murda Musik.
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