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  • Re: The Breakdown Show - Black Thought: Greatest Of All Time?

    Most underrated rapper of all time. Dude is the epitome of consistency.

    All the shit people say matters for "lyricism" and "greatest MC" he has, and arguably does as well as or better than anyone. Most rappers are great at a few things, e.g. punchlines, metaphors. Thought's got punchlines, metaphor, concepts, schemes, storytelling, multisyllabic flow, depth, experimental artistry, etc. plus he's always backed by great production.

    All said, top 10 DOA.
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  • Re: Ebro responds Charlamagne Tha Cake Soap Gawd calling him a groupie on Joe Budden's Podcast...

    If it's true Ebro approached Charlamagne with this reason, then Charlamagne probably should've mentioned this on the podcast. He did make it sound like Ebro was just being a stan on Joe Budden's podcast. If he was aware that Ebro wanted to do it for the event, he should've at least mentioned it. I mean even if he still thought he was stanning, he made it seem like he was completely baffled why Ebro would ask to have a picture with him. So one of them is lying.

    Regardless, I still don't think Charlamagne should've taken the picture. Ebro called homey a coon, and stood by it in this clip. The picture is supposed to represent what exactly? We're bigger than the beef? Well, if it implies that we're cool in this moment, then we're not bigger than the beef. It's a lie. Your duty is to be honest first and foremost, especially since the picture isn't saving any lives but just meant to show that we can put our differences aside or something like that. If that's all it's supposed to show, then I'm not putting my differences aside. I'm not showing up at a black event when you called me a coon and validating you unless you apologize and come clean. You do that, then I put my differences aside. Charlamagne is actually out here doing some decent work for a radio personality. That debate with Tomi went viral and it allowed a large number of not just white people but also black people be exposed to key arguments that refute the bullshit talking points by people like Tomi about BLM and the black panther party. He was also hoping he might change her mind a little, and he failed to do that, but it's all good. Keep it moving.
  • Re: OBJECTIVELY is Eminem Top 10 DOA?

    blacktux wrote: »
    Kwan Dai wrote: »
    blacktux wrote: »
    Objectively from a technical standpoint i dont see how he can be argued out of a top 10

    Because there are 10 other MC's more technical. What does that even mean though? "Technical"?

    Applies to the actual measurable quality of rap.

    Not things like storytelling, punchlines, delivery etc.

    Big pun and chino xl are also great technical rappers.

    See, this is exactly my point.

    This shows how much Em fans have to twist and contort to make the case that Eminem is a great rapper. They say he's "technical", but not the way we ordinarily think of technical, but define technical as excluding every known standard of quality MCing - storytelling, punchline, delivery, metahpor, flow - to include, what, exactly? Rhyming a bunch of random words together? Shit is ridiculous.

    No, a great "technical" MC is precisely one with great punchlines (BARS), delivery, storytelling, and flow. If Em's got none of these things, then the only thing to conclude here is that he's just wack.
  • Re: OBJECTIVELY is Eminem Top 10 DOA?

    Stew wrote: »

    That's a massive amount of words for somebody you don't even have in your top 100! Holy shit :joy:

    I'm a fan of hip-hop and Eminem has managed to have a huge impact on the culture. His place in it is worth addressing. I usually avoid contributing a lot to this subject, but it's something that needs to be addressed, especially since true heads are accused of "bias" if they don't like him. Em fans try to hijack what counts as a "great MC" by elevating this dude. It's weak.
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  • Re: OBJECTIVELY is Eminem Top 10 DOA?

    I'm dropping a novel here because of this "biased" nonsense. You've been warned.

    Eminem doesn't crack my top 100. I don't rank rappers beyond that, and I don't care about commercial success. So he doesn't get in my top anything. Am I biased? I don't think so. I think he's wack. Full stop.

    Yes, like any sane listener I thought Marshall Mathers was a good album at the time, and I liked quite a few songs off The Slim Shady LP. He had a lot of credibility back in the early 00s. I admit that. I thought he had a pretty good flow. He knew how to ride the beat and I thought his horrocore stuff was funny for a while.

    But he's been shitty way longer than he's been a good rapper. The Eminem Show doesn't age well. His flow isn't completely shot on that album, but the songs aren't very good. Didn't care much for the production and the content doesn't interest me. By the time of Encore, he'd already lost me completely content wise and flow had started its irrevocable decline.

    That was in 2004. So his last good album was in 2000, his last listenable album was in 2002. So he's been garbage for 15+ years. Since then, he lost his flow completely from 2004-2010, when he started rapping in those weird accents and out of the pocket, and was talking about the most irrelevant, worthless shit imaginable. He finally kicked the accents and improved his voice slightly, but the content is still gone.

    Since around 2010-2011, you can tell he's become really insecure about how he's perceived by the rap community, fearing he's lost his respect from when he fell off with those accents, and he's even referenced this fact in several songs. So he tried to over-correct for it by taking on this new lyrical miracle rappity rap style of over the top, exhausting multisyllabic rhyming about random shit that he continues to sprinkle with dashes of domestic violence. These days he's all about cramming as many words into a bar as possible and barely staying on beat. This is why anytime you see him in a cypher anymore he arrogantly tells DJs to turn off the beat, as if he's about shock the world with his amazing lyricism, but it comes across as very forced and awkward. He's clearly desperate for credibility, but he's got absolutely nothing to say and is just super exhausting.

    Back in his rich period ('99-'00), he would take his time with the beat. He'd have a few internal rhymes, but was confident enough in what he was saying he could slow down, carefully select his words by limiting his vocabulary, and would focus mostly on rhyming on the 2nd and 4th beat like a traditional 90s MC. He had nice breath control and could keep time, and had this edgy punk rock "Fuck you" attitude that was refreshing at the time. But again, that was '99-'00, and as I said, means he's been garbage for over 15 years. Think about that. 15+ years of unlistenable, trash music. That's unprecedented. I can't in good conscience put a rapper with that track record in my top anything.

    I acknowledge that the first two albums are good, so I don't think I'm being "biased" by saying a rapper who has been pumping out irrelevant, shitty music for 15+ years is wack.
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