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  • Re: Lupe Tells Crowd He Made Drogas Trash On Purpose

    You know you're on the wrong end when you have to announce "how much" pussy you're "gettin " to Internet Niggas but y'all are the "truth" tellers
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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread

    Lmaoooo KG & Pierce didn't go to BK ring hoppin. Them niggas were shipped off against their will by the Celtics who one upped Billy King's dumbass
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  • Re: Lupe Tells Crowd He Made Drogas Trash On Purpose

    My brother in here talkin bout he ain't top 20 and half his work is trash but will try to convince us Wayne is top 5. Then you got others saying folks bought an album they knew was wack when there's been no mention of anyone in here coppin anything, Lock this thread up.
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  • Re: Lupe Tells Crowd He Made Drogas Trash On Purpose

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    Never spent any time listening to dude. But I saw the kick push video back when it was out. This kinda explains why I was never interested. To find out he has that attitude of "fck it put out whatever". Dude one of them that certain types online tried to dictate as "real hip hop lyrical" and all that. A lot of them be white dudes and stuff you can tell by their "knowledge" and how they hate what people in the communities actually be bumpin. He one of "their" rappers. Its like some pathetic opposite game they trying to play or something. Something I always noticed when i started coming to this site I wanted to mention. Like I see it, its just not worth discussing because its ineffective. So this just kinda validates things I been noticed. Dont really have a problem with this dude he's off my radar and this explains a big part of why and validates my instincts but it was never too deep there was just never interest. Like yeah right, people gon bumpsome whatever that somebody aint even trying to make good. Yeah right haha.

    The only thing I never liked about Lupe was that he complained and whined. And his fans fall for it every time and come up with excuses and deflections, but if you speak on it - oh you don't understand or "you not deep Sion". I wouldn't have to hear excuses​ from Kendrick, Kanye, J.Cole or whoever why the album was "trash", they just put out their best music and call it a day.

    I think Lupe is a lyrical Messiah but he gets overhyped by heads and purists for more than he does and gets passes when the expectation is there and he fails to deliver. Great lyricist but he falls short in a lot of categories. He wants a career like NaS but lacks the filter or business savvy. I'll step away now so the L@sers can reaffirm what I just said with what's wrong with dunny. I'll be standing by ready to erupt with laughter at the reasons.... Don't let me down Reason !!!!

    As an artist what categories does he fail short in? He lyrical, creative, good story teller, has a wide range of topics, and has 3 classic. As an artist I think he is well rounded. Nas has been in the industry for over 10 uears longer than Lupe.

    All the categories I name you will chastise when at the same time his contemporaries have no problem doing it. He falls short in writing hit records (only difference between him and NaS), business smarts (I need not look further than his label situations and lack of marketing), versatility - doesn't mesh well on different styles of production like trap, up tempo, types of songs the way a J.Cole, KRIT, Flacko or Kendrick can which in turn hurts his crossover appeal. And being on a southern beat don't make you versatile anyone can do that. His biggest problem is he isn't consistent.

    Other criticisms are that he isn't very marketable for the above mentioned reasons I listed. And he doesn't make it easy either. You can say, "well being marketable doesn't matter", but that's not true because without that it's hard to push your music out, sell records and allow yourself to remain in the ranks instead of an after thought. Joe Budden is an amazing lyricist but isn't marketable which is why he's on LHH and why he isn't bigger than he is.

    What are uou talking about.? Lupe has had hit records. Kick push, Day dream, which was grammy-nominated, Superstar, ParisTokyo, Out my head and internationally Battle scars. He is very marketable, because he can make music outside of hip hop. If you listen to The Cool you see he rapped on all kind of production. Also if you heard T&Y leftovers you know he can ride any beat. As far as business sense, he is an artist, not a business man. I don't care about his finance, but I heard he is sitting pretty. Songs like 30 keys, Jump, dopamine, City of the year and Deliver shoots your point down about him being able to rap on trap beats. And Joe Buddens not marketable? You do know he has a hugh podcast and a show with Complex. Com. And he been on multiple TV shows. Still while making the music he wants to make. Drake and Big Sean put out one great album a piece. Are they consistent? Wanye been putting out garbage since Carter 3. Is he consistent?

    All this is cool but you gotta stop giving props to someone who runs their own business, which is essentially what being a musician is, for not being a businessman because "he's an artist".. That's just dumb as fuck and not focusing on your business as a musician is how you get fucked over and end up doing what Lupe did and putting out a bullshit album just to get out of a bad record deal you don't want to be in anymore

    You do know his dispute wasn't about Financial issues which just about all artist fight and complain about with their label. The dispute was about creative control. You niggas keep talking about him being a business man. It was no way for him to foresee the company would change their business model. Their hip hop department wanted their artist to be more pop. Now it's trap. So he still owed an album. So would it more business minded to put out a new album with new material with his new business partner who he has a new budget with, and let Alantic eat off of it. Or put out an album with old songs made with money from Alantic budget money? What would a business man do? He was just honest and let the people know how he felt about the album. And he gave you a chance to hear it for free. Whats the problem?

    A businessman, especially one in a business with known fickle ass fans like music fans tend to be, knows to look at the bigger picture and not to supply fans with a sub-par product on purpose because that hurts you both in the short and the long term. Short term it makes people feel like you're bullshitting them out of their money. Long term it lowers expectations for your next project and makes people less likely to listen to it. Music ain't really the best business to be on some "I'm just going to prove a point" shit. Especially not in this climate with how quickly fans move on from one project/artist to the next.

    Fan are fickle as you say. They love you on day hate you the next and love you again. Lupe is looking at the big picture. If his next album is dope the fans real listen to it. Wu tang made a few subpar albums and people still check for the group albums. So has Jay. And Jay told us he dumbed it down. His true fan are his core. They not going anywhere. Its the fake jonny come lately that will fall off.

    Jay "dumbed it down" he didn't insult his fan base by putting out sub par material. Huge difference

    Jay has plenty of subpar projects >_>

    There's a difference in knowingly putting out subpar albums like Lupe. And just mediocre albums.

    Unless you can show me that Jay went in the studio and said fuck it when he did BP3, KC, MCHG, he just put out some bad albums.

    Theres articles on how Jay basically phoned it in for Kingdom Come. Too Short has gone on record saying his label forced him into making the kinda shit you know him for today. Shit aint extraordinary bruh. Yall are acting like Lupe is the first artist to do any of this. He's just the first person to outwardly admit so. Niggas rebuttal in here when they can no longer deflect is (Not You) is automatically "You're a stan!" even then the so-called stans have made objective points.

    The IC, love it!!!!
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  • Re: Lupe Tells Crowd He Made Drogas Trash On Purpose

    KamPushMe wrote: »
    Lupe Stans are literally on par with em stans smh. Straight up, lupe stans is the reason why I stopped posting on KTT.

    OK mr. Every Kendrick album is a classic 10 seconds in

    You got a Lupe album in your Avi my nigga so much for objectivity

    I've always been objective and have criticized plenty of moments in Lupe's career. I've said Lasers wasnt good. I've mentioned he needs to get off social media. I've pointed out he's been a bitter nigga for a long time. Its not my job to make sure other posters are constantly aware of this.

    Kam doesn't have a Kendrick avi but he knew damn well what I'm talkin about.

    It is your job to if you're
    1) grouping in other posters with kams position
    2) bringing up a poll to say 'niggas are hating' when only two people mentioned it

    I dont listen to either so I don't have a horse in this race but some of yall Lupe fans are blind

    First off, I didnt group anybody else with Kam. Secondly I never mentioned anything about a poll so your post in already invalidated. But if we gonna go there, a huge chunk of the people in here making vague critiques about Lupe are the ones who voted Kendrick in that poll. And were stupid butt hurt over the fact folks voted Lupe Its why its been brought up.

    But to my point, its not my job to constantly make sure niggas know theres many things Lupe has done that I didn't fuck with.
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