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  • Re: Rosa Acosta Shoot.....UNPHOTOSHOPPED!!! GOOD GAWD!

    that split pic is quite possibly one of the greatest pics I've ever seen
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  • Re: the knee collector

    This thread still brings a tear to my eye.

    If only you negroes had not destroyed the twitter account I set up. By now we could've easily been legends on twitter.
  • Re: Things that annoy you while driving..

    people that refuse to move out of the left lane on the highway when 2 or more cars start to pile up behind them

    people that drive in the middle lane period. no seriously, if you drive in the middle lane, I think you're the worst human being ever. I have this theory, that if you followed the I-95 from NY - DC, the middle lane is just one long continuous line of non progress. How dumb is it to CHOOSE to drive 2 car lengths behind another car at 70mph? If that man catches a flat or his transmission goes, you're fucked. Whats the rule? For every 10 mph you should be 1 car length away. The only thing that aggravates me more than seeing 4 cars stacked in a line behind each other on the highway, is a group of cars spread out over all 3/4 highway lanes going the same speed in close proximity to each other. If one of y'all crashes, all of y'all are crashing you dumb fucks.

    People that don't enter the intersection when turning left. like what the fuck is up with this? When that light turns yellow, you expect me to stay at the crosswalk and wait on that red light? Move my g so we can both get up in there.
    Go figure
  • Re: When cross-fit goes wrong: Guy paralyzed while lifting (video)

    His body was fatigued amongst other factors.

    Here are a list of the vents he competed in leading up to the accident. (SRS)

    Swim 25mts
    10 Burpees
    Swim 25mts
    9 Burpees
    Swim 25mts
    8 Burpees
    Swim 25mts
    7 Burpees
    Swim 25mts
    6 Burpees
    Swim 25mts
    5 Burpees
    Swim 25mts
    4 Burpees
    Swim 25mts
    3 Burpees
    Swim 25mts
    2 Burpees
    Swim 25mts
    1 Burpees2.
    Total points from:
    Forty Yard Dash
    Bench Press
    Total points from:
    Vertical Jump
    Broad Jump
    3 Cone Drill
    Twenty Yard Shuttle


    Squat Clean 210/130
    Handstand Push-Ups

    5 Min Clock x 3

    Fran 95/65

    Score: Slowest Fran
    missing reps: 5 sec penalty

    5 Minutes Per Round, no rest, other than your time faster than 5 min. Next Fran starts every 5 min.

    3 mile run

    mile 1 with two 1.5 pood/1 pood dumb-bell carry
    mile 2 with one 1.5 pood/1pood dumb-bell carry
    mile 3 with no carry

    separate score for event 7 – mile time without carry

    Total points from:

    3 round strength
    Elimination series

    a. touch and go 3 rep max snatch
    b. touch and go three rep max hang clean
    c. two rep max back squat

    what. the. fuck
  • Re: Family Matters Had to be one of the wackest shows ever

    Urkel is 99% of the dudes on this forum.

    "I'm a educated black man, why Laura only going for thugs? boo hoo hoo"

    nicole7477Young Stef