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    why would I when Blacks was one of the first humans in this land and The Muurs was in the land of Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Georgia since way before the Natives

    I mean California is named after a black woman, we always been here, it's a as backwards to leave a place when Blacks are the original inhabitants of the land.

    they want you to.think that blacks wasn't here
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  • Re: Is Hulk overrated?

    Trashboat wrote: »
    He's a fairly OP character

    His strength increases the angrier he gets, which would make his power limitless

    In the world of Sentry, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, Thanos, Thor etc....Hulk is over powered?
  • Re: Radio station drops audio of floyd mayweather struggling to read.....damn

    There's nothing funny about Floyd having trouble reading, I didn't listen because I don't entertain the foolishness of Curtis and Envy trying to humiliate a brother for laughs and ratings, if Curtis was a true friend he would try to talk and help Floyd behind closed doors.

    After Blacks came together for the world to see in Ferguson and showed black love and unity Curtis have to pull this stunt, I see why caught that hot nickel to his face
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  • Re: Did the book of Exodus really happen?

    MoneyLuver wrote: »
    MoneyLuver wrote: »
    No disrespect becuz you seem cool but just becuz someone who you love & trust tells you something doesn't make it true.

    And first there was Judaism & Paganism and then Christianity. But literally every other Religion, including Islam has borrowed from Christianity.

    But again, what more proof do you need to know that Jesus and Christianity is tha real deal. Thinking about it realistically, everything in the good book has proven to be true, everything.

    GOD & His Wonders can be a scary and daunting thing. But there's a reason for that. What, idk I have my guesses. But whatever it is I'm sure there's a good reason. He's our Father so I don't doubt he has "our" best interests.

    Its one thing to read the Bible and its another to understand it. And I ain't sayin I got it all correct but I can't see it being wrong when I have indisputable truth

    Just the fact a few things proven true, like ancient greeks lived in rome.

    And how can something younger than every religion be copied from. If you are the original then you cannot copy something. Christianity around 30 AD. Judiasm earliest 900 BC and as we know it today around 400 BC. I have been studying religion for years. Research Sumerian religions and culture and research Nile Valley religion and culture, research Nubia and Voodoo and ifa. They are far older than Judaism and even before a Jew/Hebrew ever existed.

    Hebrew is an Afro Asiatic language and the writing evovled from North African writing which made its way from phoenician shippers to Canaan. Also, look at the cities that were conquered in Joshua. They did not exist around 1200 BC. The bible is historical fiction with some truths in the book series, nothing less like other religions.

    But I will say the writing is better collective which is why its seems believable but nothing more and nothing less like Greek Mythology and others like. Not trying to be like "fuck your religion or what not" but trying to show you that your statement is not true in the least bit.

    I think it's unfair telling people who copy from who never traveled to those people, but those people traveled to them.

    #1- why do u keep saying Christianity is the "youngest" Religion and it borrowed from virtually every other Religion and trying to smooth pass it off as truth?

    #2- There is only one correct Religion tho. The Bible already stated that there were other Religions & "Gods" before Jesus walked the Earth in the flesh. Or did u speed read thru it not for tha sake of trying to understand but rather for the sake of trying to misuse it by trying to "prove" it wrong just for your own Career options?

    If you were to open your eyes (or stop trolling) and you really "question the source" then why has the world literally depended on Christian's since since?

    If you can actually prove something in the Bible to be wrong then by all means try to. But side-stepping around that part even tho I've asked yall 50 times to do so already doesn't give your argument any weight. In fact, all you're doing is proving Christianity to be the ultimate truth by trying to ignore Me and preach your own "gospel"

    At what point are yall gonna realize that ain't nobody tryna be no Muslim? That what it really all boils down to. You'll try to say its not tha reason somehow but that's what it truly is foreal.

    Islam is a fast growing religion globally. And how the world depended on Christians?

    Voodoo is 6,000 years old, Buddhism is 2500 years old, Zoroastrian religion is 3,000 years old, Ifa 4,000 years or older, Egyptian and Nubian spiritual system is over 5,000 years old, Sumerian religion is 5,000 years old, naturalism is vastly older than they all are, and etc. Judiasm established offically around 2500 years and Christianity is 2,000 and the only one younger is Islam which is 1500 years old. Research those religions and writings and you'll see the plagarism. Look at Psalms and look at the Egyptian book of the dead. The book of the dead is centuries older than Psalms. The oldest book of Pslams is only 2200 years old.[/quote]

    You see that's why y'all don't understand scripture, Yah'
    Law always been with mankind this is not about who's first

    Yah said he's chosen a new people to reintroduce his laws, read scriptures.

    Genesis is about Adamic people who received Yah's Spirit.

    Get that bullshit out of your mind about who's first.

  • ICE-CUBE 1990-1994 was The Face, Spokesman and King EMCEE of Hip-hop


    Only a selective few that's far and in between reached the heights that Ice-Cube reached from 1990-1994. ICE-CUBE was the face of hip-hop, the spokesman and King of hip-hop during the revolutionary time and rebellion time in hip-hop, was a resepected emcee and was feared on the mic, he had the fire, the scrowling face, the voice, the classic solo albums, being a part of the greatest hip-hop group in history, a classic movie and a oscar worthy part and the face of BOYZ N THE HOOD, HIP-HOP battle with NWA, one of the greatest rap diss of all times, attacking mainstream hip-hop, attacking the radio, ON MAGAZINE COVERS, NEWS PAPERS ARTICLES, respected and followed in the WEST, SOUTH, MIDWEST, EAST, broke bread with The Hon. Louis Farakhan. The respect from DJ's, B-Boys, emcee's, graffitti artist. and did a I mention the Jherri Curl. ICE-CUBE had hip-hop and the mainstream by it's balls.


    ICE-CUBE ruled hip-hop from 1990-1994. It all started in 1988 with NWA's Straight Outta Compton when there was one emcee that caught the attention of hip-hop. A young emcee from the west coast that had that young angry firey voice and who was spitting emcee lyrics with a gangsta twist to it and with MC REN proved that west coast had emcee's but they did their way CALIFORNIA all the way. And the shit that they was talking shocked the shit and paint a picture of urban america that paint it as a warzone, brought the Cali lifestyle, slang to the world. And Cube and NWA had the look. Yeah Ren is a dope ass emcee with an ill voice, Eazy-E had the ill voice, Dre was a dope ass producer and had a ill voice, but it was something about Ice-Cube who was the face of the group.

    From 1988-1989 Cube had hip-hop attention with his social, political anger filled lyrics every NWA Ice-Cube was the one speaking for the group. fast foward Cube left NWA and shock the world, people thought Cube couldn't do it with out the world most dangerous crew. Cube went to back East with his cousin SIR JINX and got with Hank and Keith Schocklee, Chuck D, Eric Salder, G-wiz, Kerwin Young who was known as THE BOMB SQUAD and with West Coast producers Chilly Chill and Sir Jinx created a bi-coastal hip-hop classic with Ice-Cube spitting street prophet rage on Amerikkka ill's against the black man, fake ass commerical rappers, fake ass DJ's and that West Coast gangsta shit.

    1990 started the Run that hip-hop haven't seen in a long time Ice-Cube became the face of hip-hop till 1994.

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