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  • Re: The Official 2015/2016 NFL Season Thread

    WOAT division in FB

    Exactly....Peyton Manning padded his stats in that division as is luck right now

    so it was Peyton Manning fault the teams in that division were bad? also you only play your division rivals 6 games out the 10 are out of the division... can't call that "padding" when he was winning 10 to 14 games a year..
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  • Re: Stephen A. Smith Threatens Kevin Durant...How u feel about that

    Only black perspective I respect on ESPN is Bomani's

    him and Michael Smith honestly watching his and hers shows me dude is the type of nigga that does his job and goes home... which I respect because he doesn't take what athletes do in their lives seriously...

    He's so damn corny though.

    And Whitlock is smoking rocks. How the hell you going to make a career on taking unnecessary shots at black athletes and then turn around a put out those tweets?

    true I used to say the same thing until I they changed "numbers never lie" to "his and hers".. he is the only dude on that network who seems not to have an agenda... today he put his co-host in check.. she was trying to go on a rant about dude who starts this weekend for the Cowboys who is getting back from a suspension or possible domestic violence... he basically said "what do you expect? this dude did his time for his suspension. he didn't get charged (or got the charge over turned) and the chick didn't want to go to court. is this man supposed to wallow In the past or get back to what he does best. which is play football. he shouldn't be your moral compass" and she honestly say anything after that... name any other person who works for espn who will say something like that...
  • Re: -Funniest/Dumbest Things Said In the Cheap Seats Vol.1

    A$AP_A$TON wrote: »
    The main thing that really sucks about Thursday games is the shorter time to prepare and rest up.

    I used to didn't care about em too much unless my team was playing. But now they air most of them on CBS so I'll watch.

    They screwed the hell out of the Eagles like two years ago... they had a Monday night game week 1... a Sunday game week 2.... then a Thursday game week 3... that was 3 games in a week and a half... smh..
  • Re: Rick Ross At The Breakfast Club

    Got damn i aint een mad at Ross for wifin up Lira...

    never wife chicks like her bruh... she literally has nothing going for herself...

    That bytch look like a byrd... I stop watching the interview when she started talking... "I wrote that tweet about being with ross when I was 19.. " bytch how long ago was that 2012?
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  • Re: The Official 2015/2016 NFL Season Thread

    well im 3-0 in the cheap seats league... that's the only reason I cared about this game.. lol