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  • Re: Gonzaga Campus Security Warns of Spokane Spanker

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    The one in the black tights looks kinda thick.

    Or extra fat u mean

    Wish the camera would've showed her backside during the story.

    I can tell she's holding though.

    That's probably what initially caught the Spanker's attention.

    Her feet, ankles, calfs, and knees are fat.

    Shes fat


    Which means she's probably got a fat ass too.

    And if the Spanker's a chubby chaser like me, that's more than likely what caught his attention.
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    Anybody wanna see some fat women?
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  • Re: Adventures of the Walmart Warrior

    Ok, so I just got back from Walmart.

    Saw a thick chick in the self-checkout line as I was heading there myself.

    Looked a little bit like Chuck ( @Purr ) with the braids and lips.

    *and no, I didn't think it was actually her that I saw at Walmart*

    Anyway, one of the exits is right by the self-checkout line, so I decided sit on the bench and wait in the entrance in hopes of catching her as she leaves.

    5 minutes go by, I'm fronting like I'm reading the paper or something..........decide to look back inside...........and she's gone.


    She must've left out of the other exit.

    Got in my car and drove around the parking lot to see if I could spot her there, but she was already gone.

    The End..............

    until my next visit.

    Stay tuned.

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  • Re: Please Be Careful If You're In Cleveland

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    He's still at large and put some of the blame on her shoulders. Why is God's name is she going to say anything other than something like that?
    If she said anything unkind, that scum would probably say she enraged him and that he killed more people because of her.

    While I think no statement or a more neutral statement would be preferable, her reasoning should be clear to any sane person. A killer who hates her is still at large.

    I also wish people would just get off her Facebook page. Getting death threats and other vile comments. People are so brave behind their screens.


    why is any of the blame on her shoulders?

    wack? lol

    I haven't been keeping track of the story it was a serious question

    with the exception of putting a gun to his head, having a hard time seeing how her actions would have contributed to this man randomly shooting an innocent old man

    not excusing his actions but we don't know what she coulda did to set him off.

    he still crazy, but why push a crazy person?


    Granted, that doesn't justify his actions or make her responsible for his actions.

    It's just a matter of cause and effect.

    If he really is as good of a dude as she says he is, a kind of makes sense for him to go off like that because he's probably having a hard time processing why she would do whatever she did to him considering how well he treated her.

    Something like that can definitely cause someone to have a mental breakdown.
  • Re: Please Be Careful If You're In Cleveland

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    @Joy Lane

    If he was such a "nice guy" and was so "kind and loving to you and your children".........then why did you break up with him and/or not return any of his calls?

    FOH with that.

    Assuming everything you said was true, it seems like you must've done dude dirty some kind of way because something's not adding up.

    Either that or you're leaving something out.
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