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  • Re: Who is "blacker" Drake or Eminem?

    You fucking idiot... lol i will not dignify your post with any intent to chide you with any well thought out.. rebuttal.. your a fucking idiot.. This has to be the stupidest thing you ever said and thats pretty sad even for you...

    Some on ban this bitch.. your stupidty has reached critical mass... i think your brain is eating itself from the inside.. these are warning signs of extreme stupidity. reall talk you got isses..

    I'm just stating the facts that Drake grew up in a wealthy upper class white enviroment while Eminem grew up in a poor Inner City lower class enviroment just stating the fact that Eminem grew up with blacks and his best friend from child hood Proof was black while Drake grew up around wealthy white people in Forest Hill

    Enviroment shapes a person in a major way
  • Re: Who is "blacker" Drake or Eminem?

    In the technical sense Drake is cos he is half black he has a black parent while Eminem is white of German, Irish & Scotish origin

    However Drake grew up in a wealthy white populated rich Suburb of Candada called Forest Hill and grew up around white people

    Eminem grew up in very poor black populated neighbourhoods in Detroit like Dresden Street, 7 Mile, 8 Mile and Fairport growing up around blacks from child hood and his best friend Proof was also black Em also attended Osbourne which is a predominantly black populated high school in Detroit

    Eminem grew up on black Music from child hood like Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul & Rock N Roll through his uncle Ronnie

    Because of Eminem's poor roots growing up in the hood in Detroit he dresses typically how poor blacks do wearing traditional street wear clothing like Sweat Suit's while Drake dresses pretty upper class