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  • Re: King Push to feature a 20 minute movie funded By Jay-Z

    Come on, man
    You same niggas will say Ross ain't a success cuz he never went platinum
    Like 6 or 7 straight gold albums ain't shit
    But when it's underachieving ass pusha t it's "well they never sold that much to begin with"
    Well, you know what that means?
    They been floppin
    And they gon keep floppin
    Wasting Jay money like that on some bullshit ass movie for a triple cardboard album
    Y'all be the ones trollin, not me

    Who said this?
    You moderating a nigga who never been a seller's success based on your affinity for Ross
    And how others judge him
    Pusha T never made mainstream music and pandered to mainstream audiences the way Ross does
    So your comparison is boring
    and complaints are that of a pouty child
    You sound like a hater

    Nigga he signed to a major ain't it?
    He ain't on duck down records is he?
    He got release dates and singles and trailers for his album don't it?
    So he panders to the mainstream and fails
    You making excuses, nigga
  • Re: Why Do People Care That Rick Ross Was A C.O.?

    Stop whining, gramps
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  • Re: Slim Jesus Caught Lackin By Chiraq Goons At A3C In ATL

    Fuck nigga came up on this frail cracker like a fan only to try and pull the okie doke and play him on camera
    I gain more and more respect for slim ice Bronson miller Roth shady every time I see a new video
  • Re: One Gotta Go..... T.I. vs Young Jeezy vs Rick Ross vs Lil Wayne

    Jeezy can't fuckin rap, nigga
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  • Re: Drake Speaks On Alleged Use Of A Ghostwriter & Beef with Meek Mill

    D0wn wrote: »
    Sion wrote: »
    Case Closed. He confessed in so many words. I guess he couldn't lie with the references out there. It is what it is. He's a pop star, he's made a lot of money and good for him. He's not a lyricist, he's not an emcee as many of us were saying. Does this mean Drake never wrote anything? Nobody can be sure the issue is he was using writers on his 4th LP. This wasn't his 1st LP, he wasn't just starting out. So everything will be in question. How long has he used this process? I'm sure he will backtrack and say the article took him out of context but all the Drake Defenders need to Man Up. You boy said it in clear words.

    At the end of the day, when niggas log off they don't really give a fuck about this shit. In the short run rap is a voting machine but in the long run it's a weighing machine. The fact that WATTBA is on par to go gold next week is more than telling of how people feel about it. Views From the 6 will drop and it'll go what plat in the first week ? People may bring it up down the road but like I said rap is a voting machine in the short run but a weighing machine in the long run. Nobody cares that Rick Ross was a CO, no one gives a fuck that Game was a stripper, nobody cares as long as you drop hit records.

    And you can hiss at your screen but if Drake lasts more than 10 years and is still at the top I can guarantee you he will drop many more dope verses and niggas will still crown him a dope lyricist - tell me I'm lying. Purists and the boom bap niggas will hate him but over the long-run he's going to get his just due as a lyricist. This shit will only matter if on the next 2 albums Drake's lyrics become stale and wack.

    I could be wrong but I don't think "Views" is dropping this year and will be pushed back to 2016 sometime probably 2nd QTR near the summer. There's not point in rolling out that album with "if your reading" still selling decent and now having the Future tape. Not to mention we don't know how much Quentin did on that album before the cat came out of the bag so he probably has to rework it. The Future album was the replacement and to try and get him some good press after the Quentin Miller fiasco. Look I never said Drake's career is over but his standing historically took a hit clearly. He may not care about that with his millions to wipe away his tears but when we are talking about Hip Hip Runs, he won't be able to run away from the Ghostwriter drama. You know why Puffy, Dre or even Ye don't have to deal with that? They weren't secretive about it, they didn't try to hide it. I also disagree that "Nobody Cares". You mean the Pop Fans. Plenty of fans cared if Drake words were his, even his diehard fans would admit be being surprised he had writers.

    Most people didn't know Quentin Miller exsisted until the reference tapes. Drake did try to hide his process and it came back on him. Meek may have lost the popularity contest but his statement was Fact. It was proven Drake doesn't write all his rhymes. Again to what extent we don't know but once you've been found guilty, everything comes into question. I already said I believe he writes but the tapes don't lie. We've got audio evidence of another dude writing his sh!t word for word basically. Also Drake's sales have already been declining each album. Even the Future tape came in below estimates even though it was a surprise album so those were still amazing numbers. Bottom line he can't be considered "The Best" of his generation when it comes to spitting. Popularity, Success, sure. But as a rapper and emcee? Nope. As I've always said, he's in the 50, Ja, Luda, T.I., Nelly Teir and none of them have had ghostwriter drama so is he even better than them?

    its not even about hiding it.... if Drake was to admit he had writers from the jump, he would of had no career, because he would of never been took serious.
    Ye N Dre were producers who rapped ... Eazy, Baby N Puff were business / label owners who rap. Rap was a novelty for them... but Drake is a rapper, what's his excuse ?
    dude came from a questionable back ground to begin with, he never fit the culture ... but he was given a pass because, he was ultra talented. well, come to find out, all that talent was only an illusion...

    That's what I'm saying
    Wheelchair Jimmy was given a pass cuz he was dope
    But if he ain't even dope on his own then what's left?
    In hip hop all you have is your pen game
    Drake just admitted to having no pen game
    Where the fuck is ghostface and a set of stairs when you need em?!
    All you goofy ass niggas actin like this shit is cool should be ashamed
    I officially apologize to Meek "twitter fingers" Mill
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