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  • Re: WU - Block droppin november 27th album cover and tracklist

    if u know anything about Wu Tang & LOX collabos, then u know that they are usually dope songs.

    Run, Metal Lungies, Cartel Gathering, Broken Saftey, John Blaze, etc.
  • Re: The 20 R&B Albums That Shifted The 90s

    it hurt me not to include albums by Groove Theory

    Monica, Brandy, & Usher released great albums in this decade. But i feel out of thier peers Aaliyah was actually pushing the genre forward. Usher was the man after My Way but his best albums are in 02 and 04 respectively. Monica debut is classic but she didnt put it all together beautifully until After The Storm in the 2000s. Brandy debut was good and Never Say Never was better but still not reaching the creativity of One In A Million.

    whats Mariah Carey album would u have picked ??

    Xscape, En Vogue, & Total are great but TLC, Destinys Child, & SWV gave the blueprint for most girl groups and solo females after.

    Brain McKnight, Joe, Jon B.....are classic acts....but they didnt change the game. They pretty muched stayed in they lane and killed it perfectly. Not enough to be top 20 tho.

    Michael Jackson last classic album was made in the 90s......does he deserve a spot for Dangerous ? what about Prince and Whitney Houston releases ?
  • Re: The 20 R&B Albums That Shifted The 90s

    Dru Hill dropped great albums and thier run i the 90s cant compete with the best in history. But the reason they dot crack the top 20 is because u have to give credit to the originals first. Jodeci and Boyz 2 Men were the gold standard for 90s male groups. It was hard to narrow down which Jodeci album to pick and Boyz 2 Men second album was the biggest R&B album of the decade. Dru Hill are mos def legends but i cant include them a not include the rest of Jodeci's catalouge. Or without givin a node to group like 112 and Next as well. Now if we do GROUP ALBUMS OF THE 90s...Dru Hill makes the list TWICE !
  • Nas, Mobb Deep, Ghostface & Raekwon.... "the ALBUM that never happened"

    In the mids 90s Biggie was the biggest rapper from New York but there was a couple of artist who were just as dope and could have challenged Biggie's reign.

    Nas, Mobb Deep, Raekwon, & Ghostface all worked together pretty often and well from 95 - 98. Imagine if they would have formed a super group.

    classic songs like "Eye For An Eye" , "Live Nigga Rap" , "Verbal Intercourse", "Right Back" , "Its Yours" , etc. ALL came from these dope artist getting together. Channel all that energy into a 12 track album and i think in 95-98 this would have been an undeniable classic.

    RZA, DJ Premo, Havoc, Track Masters on the boards. maybe a Large Professor/QTip beat.

    a Mary J Blige feature.

    feature GZA on a track with Nas, Rae, Ghost.

    feature AZ on a song with Nas & Prodigy

    feature Ghostface over a Trackmater beat

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  • Re: Verses you never understood the hype behind

    Im sorry but Nicki Minaj killed Monster. Her flow was creative, lyrically is wasnt super but the rhyme scheme was dope, at the time that kind of verse was missing from female rap. Too me the way he wa animated and stole the how reminded me of Busta on Scenerio....

    real Hip Hop heads understand Nicki bodied that. u internet nerds prolly think is was weak...
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