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  • Re: Audio Pleasure ( Sex Songs)...

    Jodeci - Freakin You

    Jamie Foxx - Freakin Me

    Bell Biv Devoe - Something In Your Eyes

    R. Kelly - Bump N Grind Remix

    Floetry - Say Yes

    Ne-Yo - Say It

    Trey Songz - Jupiter Love
  • Martial Arts Recommendation Thread

    Your not a real man if you don't watch martial arts movies but you like all that soft, inspirational crap. This should the first sticky thread to where people can research and recommend martial arts movies. We did this on the "old IC" so why not do it now. Here are a few I know of and also if you can, give a brief description why you like the movie so we can have an idea on why to view it.

    Ip Man - with Donnie Yen, a movie about Bruce Lee's real master, it's one of the best movies I ever seen with fighting and storyline. I think it's better than Jet Li's Fist Of Legend (which is another great recommendation).

    Ong Bak 2 - I'm sure a lot of you seen it already, plus you can now buy it in stores now.

    Flash Point - another Don Yen movie, I seen the first 10 minutes but from that and the fight I heard about at end of movie, it's worth checking out.
  • Re: S/O jealous of kids

    For me, I don't want a wife that a nigga done nutted up in and created a child he don't want.
    The Doucejsnowpro
  • This Is Every Guy's Dream Girl

    I will not mention looks because some of you like thick... well fat chicks but these are qualities we want (which some of us have come across) and even women might agree with this list for men. You can also tell which ones of these are hard to come across which could be obvious.

    1.Can drive
    2.Can cook (even a little bit or try)
    3.No kids
    4.Have a job, career or going to school
    5.Sense of humor
    6.Good hygiene
    7.Either reads books or knows what's going on in the world
    8.Needs to know how to manage money well, good credit score
    9.Open minded to try new shit like foods, places, music, movies, etc
    10.Honest, knows when to speak up, to talk about a problem,
    11.Don't talk too much or tell people about ya'll business (even positive stuff depending on what it is)
    12.Don't smoke (my preference, I'll put it out there....most females I knew who smoked are losers and whores, real shit)
    13.Don't drink at all or does it occasionally/socially
    14.Not a clubber, goes like every blue moon
    15.Not too many tats, 0-3 for me
    16.Supportive in every way
    17.Not indecisive and gives suggestions
    18.Uses logic, takes criticism, not scared to correct me when I'm wrong

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  • Re: Is it only "cheating" until AFTER you're officially committed?

    Why do you need to let other females know you're not only talking to just them unless you want to make them jealous or step up their game to be with you? Did I just answer my own question?