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  • Re: I forgot how hard shawn micheals music went

    I came to play! The Miz's song goes hard.
    silverfoxxSerious Juice Mayne
  • Children Planned or Mistake?

    "Don't have any kids". This comes from people who should've taken that advice. They were the ones stupid for pickin' the wrong partner in the first place, more than likely raising them on their own.

    Now to my main point, a child being planned or a mistake doesn't matter. So if your child was "planned" by you and your babydaddy but he isn't helping raising it, that's actually a "mistake" isn't it? Yes I know that was harsh. If a couple had a child by mistake/accident but they're raising it together so what's the issue? A "planned" child can have it worse than a "mistake" child so really there's no different. A child is a child born, that's it.
    ItsKatBitchesLouis Cipher
  • Only i Will conquer My wife

    No shit that when you meet a female that she's done been with plenty of guys and done who knows what. Now her having a child is actual proof that she loved or been involved. So as for my preference , I wouldn't want to wife a single mother because I will feel second place to a lame. To me that's like sloppy seconds. Think about it, some man already laid claim to your wife before you did. Smh.

    Once again, no shit that a guy could've busted nuts up in her while she was on birth control, that's different because no child was born. So with a woman I'll be with for the rest of my life, I'm go be the only one bustin' nuts, making kids with her.
  • Re: why are most bisexual woman so phoney?

    Ok for one, most woman are confused so when they are bisexual, they're even more confused. Choose either the "hole" or "pole" bitch, can't have both at the same time.

    On a sidenote, I hated when a female said she's bi but only talk to females. If they only talk to females, you're a lesbian, not a bi. Smh.
  • Re: I Love When People Talk, Talk, Talk

    caddo man wrote: »
    Ok people let me clarify. We all have dirt on people know (because they tell it). So when they show off, trying to put you down or act up, that's when we use the dirt on them. Is that better? I don't hurt anyone on purpose.

    Also you shouldn't be putting all your business out there anyway.

    I cosign the underline. And if it is a serious situation that they are trying to embarrass me on. I dont hit them with the below the belt. I throw the jabs to them off me, but I let them know the left hay maker is being round up.

    Nah I go for the kill which people are scared to do. Plus this is something we've all done. You bring up a person's worst when there's an argument.

    You must've been raised by your mom.

    Yes I was raised by my mom..... and father together unlike most of you on here.

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