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    Hey kat

    Hello Louis

    Hey, do you gotta take super short showers because cali has no water?

    No one does.

    Honestly, if everyone was to stop watering their grass and take short showers, it still wouldn't help.

    you gonna die.

    The major problem is farming/agriculture. Shit uses up to at least 40% of Califonias water. That shit needs to move to other states where they're sitting on a gold mine of water.

    Companies out here have been caught draining millions of gallons of their reservoirs, before. Yet, those same companies bitch at the consumer. Fuck them.

    We need new technologies and more water-wise appliances installed in all homes, not something that's an after though, do it yourself, type thing.

    We are supposed to get a big, wet winter this year, regardless if it happens or not, California needs to figure out how to catch most of the rain water and utilize it to fill up our reservoirs.
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    Starting to talk to my mom, again. its one of those grit my teeth and bury it type situations. My kids love their grandmother and I can't let my anger destroy a good relationship that they all have with her.
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  • Re: Two Virginia TV Journalists shot live on tv..

    So, there's people really thinking this is fake?

    Okay. Let's go visit the two actors who fake died.
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    Fucking 2 weeks to get my glasses.

    U blind, Lil nigga???

    I got minor astigmatism (20/40 vision). I haven't had glasses since 3rd grade but I used to get called urkel so I threw them away.

    I went to Catalina Island as a volunteer to wash dishes at a camp ground. Shit was fun but some of the dudes there were straight fuckheads. They would tease me for my glasses and they took them and hid them. So on laundry day, I tracked what rooms were doing laundry and the ones who always fucked w me happened to all do laundry at the same time. I bleached every single one of their machines to fuck up all their clothes, threw bleach in the dryers, too. I jacked every single N64 game they had in their rooms. Soaked their mattresses with 2 gallons of water. Emptied out their "stash" of food/drinks they would steal from the kitchen.

    I left the next day, though. But they were trying to figure out who did it. They knew someone on the inside did it, because we are the only ones with 24/7 access to our building. They never figured out who it was. I left on my boat back to San Pedro to get picked up. Had my stay not ended at that time and it was longer, I probably would've gotten my ass beat.
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  • Re: Subways Jared Fogle Reportedly Plans to Plead Guilty to Possessing Pedo Porn...


    Bill Cosby is a way bigger celebrity with many years on TV, clean comedy and a voice against many negative things. He's always been looked at as a moral family man, looked up to by many.

    Jarod is a guy who ate subway sandwiches and got famous for being their spokesman. This man is no one role model.
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