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  • ADHD Thread

    when will ppl learn that eating proper foods is a big part of why you feel the way you feel..

    like, how the fuck do you think eating ice cream, chips, fast food and soda will make you feel?

    "I'm tired" - I hear this shit everyday, all day..

    get up, eat a proper breakfest, drink water, workout, don't lay in your fucking bed all day eating shit foods complaining you're tired..
  • Man Dies After NYPD Cop Puts Him In Chokehold

    u have bad ppl and good ppl

    u say, well if they're good, why didn't the good cops do anything/say anything...

    remember when Dorner did?

    he got fucked..

    that's probably the reason, any cop who speaks out on the bad cops lose their jobs, get punished etc..

    Dorner had everything in his hand to be a proper activist, he fucked up.. he made himself look like the 'bad cop'..

    all that video does is go to show that cops are human, just like u and I are and we are all good and bad..

    we aren't more or less than a cop and neither are they to us.. on a level of humanity..

    I get ur hate for the ones who lack a lot of shit towards "suspects"... but remember, they're desensitized, no more than a solider is to his enemies in another country..

    it's just silly to say ALL are because of some bad ones...

    again, the bad shit gets uploaded quickly because everyone has a camera now..

    good ones don't get that same kind of news attention..

    I don't hate em but I don't like em, I'm indifferent towards them.. it depends on the cop.. I've delt w them a few times; I can count on both hands.. not much but I realize it's all about respect and honesty.. for the most part...

    a lot of posters think I "cape" for cops, when I'm looking more so at the reality of the situation, looking at and understanding both sides of cop and "suspect"...

    u misunderstand and misread because u want to...

    it's always the same shit w people who can't agree, if u can't agree, then you're caping, a faggot, a racist, a dumbass, an idiot, wrong etc..

    silly bruh..

    not all are bad, it's simple and that's my point...

    has nothing to do w the man being choked, that is Wrong and should be investigated...

    the video is there, witnesses are there...

    misconduct happened..

    but nah, when I agree, u have nothing to say, when I disagree, u have everything to say...

    again, it's up to u and whomever u gather to have a voice... not violence or wishing death on cops... that's silly and u have stooped to their level.. ur no better than them if u want that...
  • Mayweather says he was f--king T.i's wife at a press conference

    Aye, one of yall let me know when you find 2:20 on the 2:06 video

    the hell does this mean?
  • It Was Only a Matter of Time... Israel invades Gaza

    "God said to bless Israel and you will be blessed"

    religion is no different than a dirty game of politics..

    you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours...

    you're sacrificing what "morals" you have because you were brainwashed to do so..

    mad as fuck that Israel gets attack but give no fucks Israel is committing genocide because a fucking book says it's legit for them to do so..

    makes no sense..

    you're no better than who you claim is shit; Hamas..

    you support it..

    you're a piece of shit..

    the words of the bible or god do not make it any better, it's fucking crazy what dumb fucks do, support and allow all in the name of a god...

  • Spring/Summer Picture Thread 2014! This That Get Bad Season!

    I was in 2 pagents, 1st and 2nd place..