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    Why are bad words bad?

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    VIBE wrote: »
    You need a Snickers.

    cause hes black?

    "you're not you when you're hungry"
  • Re: The OTTB WWE Raw & Smackdown! Thread

    Clean RKO, Rollins sold that very well, he looks like he died of a broken neck.

    Cody Rhodes is gonna be The Riddler now, sending out riddles via Twitter..

    Heel MH! Good shit.

    The "believe that" phrase has to go, it's kinda corny.

    The Paige/Alicia Fox feud can be some good shit if they play it right buuut it's the wwe, who am I kidding..

    Cena's theme music is like an alarm clock to me, annoying af and I want it turned off asap

    Man, Cena has lost to Brock twice in a row, you really think they're going to pull a third time loss? I have a feeling it's gonna be a draw, both will be counted out on the mat.

    Fuck this crowd, fuck San Antonio, they don't chant Cena sucks.

    Steph is ethering Cena and this bitch-ass crowd.

    This Survivor Series has potential, although we wouldn't see these teams, this would be dope

    Team Authority:

    Brock Lesnar
    Seth Rollins
    Mark Henry
    Bray Wyatt

    Team Cena:

    John Cena
    Randy Orton
    Big Show
    Dean Ambrose

    That's a good team. Orton and Cena "buried the hatchet", and their match wasn't feud driven, it was for a shot at the title. They could definitely be on teams and it be believable. Ultimately, it would make no sense for Orton to be for the Authority anymore. And please, no, no, no Kane!

    Ether @ the Usos sporting Laker color face paint.

    Dead @ Sandow

    Ziggler on the team? Nah.. I don't like it.

    LOL "there was a report going around you were talking to Cena", yeah dumbass Kane, it was broadcast for all to see.. smh

    Hogans song gets me hype, makes me believe anything is possible.

    GOAT @ Hogan signing that kids sign.

    That gray-haired lady ain't wearing her boulder-holders.

    SMH I forgot about the inspirational Bo Dallas. He needs more air time. That damn submission idea needs to be tweeted hard to the wwe!

    LMAO @ that smile.

    Oh shit! It's the big guy, Ryback! The OG entrance is back! Wouldn't mind seeing him on Team Cena.

    Hate it had to be Bo Dallas.

    Kane needs that 'See No Evil' attire. Come back as Brays monster. No talking, no matches, just his pet monster, a brutalizer. Would be sick.

    Dead crowd for Cesaro, damn shame.

    LOL @ no fucks given Ambrose and the mic sounds.

    Bray and Dean are gonna kill it w the promos. I'm excited nh

    Why did Seth go back and come back out when they're having a match right after all that? smh they can't have Rollins running away like that.

    LOL @ Cena beating the countout, this guy is like a Jack in the Box.

    It's a good match, though.

    Goddamit, this means Kane will be on the team.

    Damn @ the realization of how many jobbers there actually is.

    Cena is like a power ranger fighting off puttys, shit is too easy for him.

    I hate this guy,
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    MsSouthern wrote: »
    I see @vibe on minecraft right now... probably his hids...i should send them a swear ladened message just to be sure....

    You play Minecraft ???

    I thought that was a game for little kids

    I still don't understand why my nephew is obsessed with it


    It's for all ages, you can build anything




    block by block (unless u have 'world edit') and there's many different blocks, textures etc

    Basically, virtual Legos.

    Some don't build, though, they just play survival
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