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  • Re: The OTTB Wrestling News thread

    Possible survivor series match
    Rambrose vs Usos
  • Re: Eminem 8th studio album "TBA" (11.17.17)

    This Trump-supporting-Internet-pastor dude responded

    @DoUwant2go2Heaven , come get your boy

  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    just got a fire stick..

    somone break this down or link me to how I can get started w everything.. Kodi and all that shit, thx
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  • Re: Does Eminem Have The White Privilege To Say Things That Jay, Nas, etc. Can't Say?

    Who gives a fuck how idolized he is and by whom, he stood up to say something. Isn't that what everyone always wanted? When it came down to it, everyone bitched about Iggy, Em, or whoever else bc they don't use their white privilege to say shit. But as soon as one does, everyone downplays it. Stop.

    Em has always had respect for the culture of hip hop. He gives the knowledge often in his rhymes and interviews. He studies and understands the complexity of being an emcee. He isn't a culture vulture. This dude grew up in it. He isn't a fake or hack. He isn't an Iggy or Vanilla Ice. Those were culture vultures who were created by the studios for a money grab. That's why they didn't speak out. Eminem always has and currently the racial tensions are high, I think it's only proper he speaks out without anyone holding shit against him. He's a dope rapper with shitty content, get over it and respect the shit.

    Because, yes, he is using his white privilege. Everyone knows this. Whites hear and see him differently. His skin, no matter opinion, matches theirs and they trust him. Whether you like that reality or not doesn't matter. Whether they're racist or not doesn't matter. What matters is his voice reaches them in a way no one else's does.

    If you can state eminems music doesn't reach out to you like that, because you cannot relate, then why can they not view it the same way? Music should somewhat be relatable to you, especially if you're following them to buy every album.


    If he can use his platform to state the obvious to some fucking idiots, then so be it. I don't understand why it's such a big deal. It's being blown up way outta proportion because you feel giving him props some how makes you a fan or makes you agree w past things he's said. No. It doesn't.
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  • Re: The WWE shows thread (Raw, Smackdown, NXT)

    Max. wrote: »
    The club should be

    Aj,finn,gallows n anderson

    Sorry, man, Gallows and Anderson are wack as fuck. They're stuck w such a corny fucking gimmick I can't erase it.

    Finn w the Revival as The Club on RAW. That would come across much better, imo.

    (and if they want a takeover storyline..

    AJ w Blake/Murphy as The Club on SD.

    Adam Cole w O'Reily and Fish as The Club on NXT.)
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