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  • Re: Fair or Nah?Teen gets life sentence for violent home invasion, shooting

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    An underaged, drunk, rich white kid killed 4 people in a car accident and he was diagnosed with "affluenza" and walked with 8 years of probation.

    This kid killed no one.

    Is 25 to life too much? Absolutely. Should he serve time? Yes. But he doesn't need to be jailed and tossed in where he will come out worse. There needs to be programs to help these kids when they're in jail. They need positivity and education to better themselves when they come out.


    Was his intent to murder? Was it out of fear? Which is would mean it was accidental. You have to prove his intent.
  • Re: Fair or Nah?Teen gets life sentence for violent home invasion, shooting

    25 to Life is too much..

    Give the kid 15-20, but again, we need prison reform because that 15-20 needs to be productive time served. He needs to come out a better man, but that's a whole diff story..

    There's more to it than he shot the homeowner and 'shot at' the wife and baby.

    Granted, he carried a loaded gun and entered someone's home with the intent to burglarize, not murder.

    But how the gun went off, or why, should factor in. Did he blindly shoot them? Did him and the husband struggle/fight and the weapon discharged?

    Also, what about mental illness? Yes, he's 18 and knows "right from wrong", but many would say a 'normal person' wouldn't do that. What's that make him? The opposite of normal? Was he able to weigh his options in the case of something going wrong? Did he think the gun was just a scare tactic?

    In cases like these, it's easy to use your emotion and say, "throw the book at him, fuck him!" but that shit doesn't work like that. What's he gone through to get him to where he is? Mentally, I'm sure this kid is just as fucked up as the white kids who commit massacres.

    He killed no one. You can say he may have attempted to, but again, you have to prove his motive. In all likely hood, him and his friends went in thinking this would be a quick hit and run, with no intent to actually murder anyone, and it turned into a life altering situation.

    He deserves time but not 25 to Life.
  • Re: American farmers reveal secrets of Chicken meat trade in america

    "Oh these corporations are so big and evil! They're purposely doing this!"

    Nah.. They're trying to meet demand. All this food the US consumes from home to restaurants, it's all over consumption. Every holiday there's loads of meat to cook at cookouts. How do you meet demands at a lower cost? They're running a business. They're looking for cost effectiveness. This is on the people, not the corporations. They're sharks who see opportunity. Anyone would be doing the same.

    At the end of the day, the animal cruelty and "loads of pharmaceuticals" in our food isn't an attempt for them to be evil but to put out food, plain and simple.

    This is another main reason I am all for GMO's and its progress into lab grown foods.

    The lab grown meatball:

    But it isn't "caveman natural", so I guess we shouldn't eat it?

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  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread

    Making a chicken hominy soup for tonight. Hopefully it's good.
  • Re: The OTTB Wrestling News thread is reporting that Bray Wyatt is currently scheduled to face Brock Lesnar in a match at the upcoming WWE WrestleMania 32 event in Dallas, Texas. The report notes that Vince McMahon apparently pushed hard for Lesnar to instead face Braun Strowman, but as previously reported, Strowman will apparently be facing The Undertaker at the event, leaving Lesnar and Wyatt to face one another.

    Because of these plans, this would mean that Lesnar will obviously not emerge as the winner of the Triple Threat Match featuring himself, Roman Reign, and WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose that will be taking place at the upcoming Fastlane event, in which the winner will face Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 32.
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