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  • Re: Lebron will retire with 4 rings , that trumps kobes 5 rings

    DR. JEK wrote: »
    DR. JEK wrote: »
    Biggest difference between Kobe and Lebron is Kobe got drafted and traded to the premier NBA franchise who had the best player in basketball in his prime waiting for him. LeBron got drafted by the worst team in basketball in a city where no big name free agents wanted to come to or stay in (Boozer).

    Kobe had Phil Jackson. LeBron had Mike Brown.
    Kobe had Shaq. LeBron had Zydrunas Ilgauskas.
    Kobe had Gasol. LeBron had Mo Williams.

    I'm not gonna bring up the Cavs going to the Finals in 07 cause the East was garbage, but Kobe had a team full of role players and the best he ever carried em to was 45 wins. LeBron had a team full of role players and carried em to 66 and 62 win seasons. You can say Cleveland had better role players and the East was weak, but the Cavs overachieved and had the best record in basketball over those 2 years. LeBron went to Miami, where free agents actually want to play, and won 2 rings in 4 years with the level of talent around him Kobe had for most of his career and might've won 3 in 5 if he had Love/Kyrie in last year's Finals.

    Kobe's a legend and got the best out of his teams, but he was constantly put in situations to succeed where Lebron for the first half of his career was put in situations to fail.

    For the bolded he also coulda lost both finals he won if Harden dont choke and Jesus Shuttlesworth miss that 3 pointer. And when you said Kobe only won 45 games that year all the west teams he had to play alteast 4 times each. Lebron got to play those same teams only twice (must be nice) a year so if you woulda traded Lebron for Kobe in 05-06 and had James playing wit smush, Cris Mims, and Slava Medvedenko or some shit, I bet you Bron only win 45 too and Kobe go to the finals wit Varajo and Mo Williams and them guys to atleast ECF.
    And Kobe could've lost in 2000 when he shot 36.7% and averaged 15.6 points in the Finals
    Or in 2002 if Sacramento didnt get fucked by the refs in Game 6. How dare Mike Bibby hit Kobe's elbow with his face?
    Or in 2010 if the Celtics had Kendrick Perkins

    I dont actually believe the last one, but we're talking coulda/woulda. It goes both ways, but I'll give Kobe credit for one thing. Even when he missed, he kept shooting and didn't bitch out like Lebron did against Dallas.

    You mean the 2000 finals when Kobe got hurt in one game, didnt playin another, had only 8 points the game he came back but hit the Pacers for 26 including 4 clutch free throws? Nah ....
    They wasn't in danger, allotta people feel they wanted to just win that series at home.

    And the Kings where like the 06 Suns before the suns were the suns except they had a shaq in his prime to deal with, Phoenix didn't and that's why the Suns were able to beat us in the mid 2000's because bonifide scrub Kwame Brown didn't pose the same resistance.

    And the Kings would've beat y'all too if the fix wasn't in.
  • Re: Birdman Tries To Check Charlamagne For 2 Mins, Didnt Work, He Aborts Mission

    Birdman needs to put some respek on the English language cause I couldn't understand half the shit he was saying.

    And Birdman's a clown, but Charlamagne a sucker for that "Did you pull up on Ross and Trick Daddy like that?" Just cause you're a radio guy doesn't mean you get a pass to say whatever you want and not be held accountable.
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  • Re: Your NBA Top 5 All time by position

    usmarin3 wrote: »
    I met a white dude a few weeks ago while i was at Tiltled Kilt who played sports when he was in college back in the 60s. He ran track and field for Rutgers and after college he got a job working for the Celtics. He said Red Auerbach would call the black players niggers and say some racist ass shit. I Googled the dude too to make sure it was legit and he was legit.

    No proof of this until you can show me otherwise.
  • Re: Jerry "The King Lawler's greatest quotes

    "When women see Mankind naked, the first thing they say is....But your feet are so big?"

    During Mae Young/Fabulous Moolah match "This is how the dinosaurs became extinct."
  • Re: The Official 2015/2016 NFL Season Thread

    illedout wrote: »
    804 wrote: »
    Cam just matriculating the ball down the field

    Nigga said "matriculating"..

    Lol.. I don't know what that shit mean,
    but I'm pretty sure it was used wrong in this sentence..