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    _Goldie_ wrote: »
    That Jaz rebuttal mightve been the worst in battle rap history lol

    Worse than Yung Ills x past gas freestyle rebuttal vs Clips? I havent seen this. Will watch this an unbias mind though.
  • Re: Ciara suing Future for $15 Mil? (for defamation, libel & slander)

    (EXCLUSIVE) Ciara Sues Future For 15 Million: He’s trying to ruin my career!
    Written by TJB Writer in Blog exclusively reports, Ciara is livid with her ex-fiance & baby daddy Future for spreading lies about her being a bad mother to the public and she has slapped him with a lawsuit –asking the judge to order him to refrain from negatively speaking about her and stop trying to ruin her career, along with demanding 15 million dollars in damages from the rapper.

    Ciara filed suit against Future in Georgia Court on January 21st accusing him of defamation, slander and libel.

    The singer says that she is bringing this lawsuit due to several false and defamatory statements made by the rapper in the press over the past year about her, all involving their son Future.

    Ciara says that Future has – over the past year – published numerous false and defamtory statements regarding her which contain several misrepresentations regarding her conduct and character.

    She says Future knew the statements were false and didn’t care about the consequences she would suffer as a result.

    The singer accuses her ex-fiance of lying about her publicly to increase interest and publicity for his upcoming musical endeavors, namely the release of his upcoming album and tour. Ciara blasts Future saying he purposefully published lies about her on his Twitter account, social media and other interviews to destroy her reputation as a good mother, to diminish her brand and to impair her professional career in the entertainment industry.

    The suit adds that Ciara respects and recognizes Future’s right to free speech under the first amendment of the Constitution. However, he doesn’t have free reign to say whatever he wants knowing what he is speaking is untrue.

    Ciara informs the court she is a well-known, successful, recording aritst, songwriter, producer, performer and entertainer along with actress and has a huge fan base around the world. The singer also describes herself as a pillar of her community and extremely active with community service and philanthropy and she says she’s known as a great mother.

    The suit explains that the parties were in a highly publicized romantic relationship given their celebrity status. The two gave birth to their son in 2014 but their relationship ended around September 2014 after the birth of Future.

    Ciara says after numerous attempts to arrange custody, child support and visitation she had to file a claim against him in another state for support.

    She also brings up her boyfriend NFL star Russell Wilson by adding in her complaint,

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  • Re: ScHoolboy Q Says a Lot of Old School West Coast Rappers Was Frontin

    Sion wrote: »
    NaS wasn't a gangster and neither was Ice Cube or Dr.Dre, they were simply perpetuating the lifestyle and gang culture to connect to their audience so they could feel their pain and use it to sell records to feed their families. It is what it is.

    LOLOLOLOLOL @ niggas thinking these muthafuckas actually did everything they said they did in their raps. Niggas should have the sense by now. It's entertainment. This is like kids finding out Santa Claus and the tooth fairy aren't real. Some dudes really lived it but 98% never did.

    99% of these posters grew up in at least lower middle class two parent household, yet are ignorantly ashamed of that.
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  • Re: Better Overall Wrestler: AJ Styles vs CM Punk

    It depends on whos in the WWE right now
  • Re: Top Tier General Discussion (RIP Cadalack Ron)

    Nunu got jumped by QB and her goons last night. We all wilding out on her
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