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  • The Official Gunplay aka Don Logan "Living Legend" Album Discussion (7.31)

    UPDATE #2: Gunplay has released the cover art for Living Legend.

    The cover art, posted on Instagram, features the rapper seated and apparently holding ammunition in one hand and a microphone stand in the other.

    "Guess the remake of this Legend's iconic pic for a comment from me on your page!!" Gunplay writes for the caption on his post.

    The image recreates a photo taken of Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Party.

    (The original article from this thread was written June 16 and is as follows.)

    During a recent interview, Gunplay explained the goals for his upcoming album, Living Legend.

    “It’s going to be something for the world, not just for the hood," Gunplay says in an interview with XXL. "I’m already a hood nigga—I got hood tracks on there—but I want take it to that next level. I got an EDM track on there, I got some tracks on there for the girls. But for the most part I just experimented with it. Usually people stick to the script on their first album. I did whatever the fuck I felt. I’m not trying to sit there and over-rap your ears. I don’t really rap-rap-rap like that. I let you know experiences what I’ve been through, where I’m going and that’s it."

    Speaking of what he's been through, Gunplay also explained how his experience differentiates him from others.

    “I’ve been through more than most rappers," he says. "I’ve paid more dues than most rappers. I’ve been through more than most niggas who’s out here on the street. I think the title fits me perfect. I elaborate on that a few times on the album to let y’all know why I am a Living Legend. Other than that I still wanted to—not cater to the masses—but give something the masses something they could relate to. Where I’m not stepping out of character, I’m not being somebody I’m not. When you hear the album you’ll understand what I’m coming from."

    Gunplay says he's worked with several artists on the Living Legend album, including Young Dro, Lil Wayne, Ross, August Alsina and Curren$y.

    Living Legend does not have a release date.

    RELATED: Gunplay Details Drug Use After Being On House Arrest

    (June 16, 2014)

    UPDATE: Gunplay says that his Living Legend album is slated for a July 31 release date, according to a video of the rapper that is posted on Worldstarhiphop.

    The video is as follows:

    Gunplay speaks on Picking Living Legend Title with Rick Ross

    Gunplay feat Rick Ross - Be Like Me (First Single)
  • Re: Meek ranting on twitter again!


    2. Meek Mill - 0 To 100 (Remix)

    3. Meek Mill - The Motto Freestyle[Original, lyrics + HQ and free HQ download]

    4.Meek Mill - Faded Too Long (Music Video)

    5.Meek Mill and Lil Snupe Freestyle over Drake's "Started From the Bottom" on Sway in the Morning

    6/Meek Mill Ft. Spade O - Pound Cake Freestyle (2013 New CDQ Dirty NO DJ)

    And might as well count these even tho they're not officially drake tracks
    7.Meek Mill - I'm On One Freestyle(Lyrics)HD

    8.Meek Mill "Moment 4 Life" Freestyle Music Video

    9.Drake Ft. Meek Mill - Trophies (Remix) (Original was with Soulja Boy)

    Meek is a bigger stan than any of us..stop
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  • Re: IC Boxing 101. We pay..You fight...Eyeronic1 vs Black_Samson(Less than 24 hrs left)

    Yall have no chill when it comes to black on black violence
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  • Re: Vince Staples Debut Album "Summertime 06" Full Album Stream

    If one more person conplains about this not being stickied I'm unstickying this... Neways what are the top 5 stand out tracks on this album?
  • Re: Better Artist Vol. 1: (The Right Now Edition): Future or Young Jeezy

    Complains about bad threads.
    Posts in them anyways.