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Dreams & Egos


Dreams & Egos
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  • Re: ODDFuture Member Frank Ocean Opens Up About His Bisexuality

    I think it was a brave and heartfelt decision for him to finally feel like he can love without worrying about what others think. I'm not going to let my personal opinion about bisexuality or homosexuality cloud my feelings of admiring Frank for him openly loving who he wants to love. When u think about it, we all have that someone that we wanted to love but because of certain events, persons, circumstances we hid our emotions
  • Why is he still texting me?

    Its a long story so I'm going to put it in bullet form for a quick read

    • we met at this clothing store this past December
    •began talking/texting a week later, 2weeks later started going on dates
    • had sex in January also found out he had a girlfriend so I chalked it up as a lost and kept it moving

    • he knows what happen but he still keeps texting me...once a week and its getting annoying
    •the sex was wack so its not that and i cant change my number because I'm involved in a lot of college/community service ventures to try and give out a new one
    •any advice or better yet tell me why dudes do that? Its kind of creepy
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