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  • Re: The Most FUKKED UP Ways you/witnessed someone got rejected?

    Rey Negro wrote: »
    when i was 18, i was still in love with my ex. We had went out a few years prior but, it didn't work out. We met up again at the city college we were both attending after going to different high schools.

    I was still the shy type, i never really moved on a chick unless i knew 90% she was feelin me. Well oh girl, let's call her tanya, gave me a lot signals she wanted to "try again". Staring long, being extremely touchy, flirty etc. I was in the school library chillin & she came lookin for me. She was like:

    "rey...we never hangout anymore, we should get up"
    "ugh...ugh, i mean its on you, what you tryna do? (tryna to not sound interested/thirsty)
    "we should go see [random movie], come get met this weekend & we can hang out"
    "aight, blahblahblahblah, i'll pick you up this friday?" (tryna be as nonchalant as possible)

    friday came. I worked up myself thinkin it gonna a romantic ass date. Didn't even have the decency to call, she myspaced a nigga that her friends were in town & that she couldn't go. Being the young nigga i was, i took that as try harder. Her birthday was around the corner. I thought of every thing she ever told me she liked & i got it for her.

    4 bouquets of roses - check
    cds of artists she liked - check
    new dvds - check
    $200 of vickie secrets - check
    chocolate & candies - check
    5 page love letter pouring my soul out - check

    all delivered to her house on her birthday morning. She called me up sayin it was the most romantic thing a boy's ever done for her. I thought i was #winning. Son.....the very next time i saw her at school, she was hugged up with her new boyfriend, who i immediately figured out was the reason she canceled our date in the first place. Im pretty sure that nigga got her a teddy bear & got his balls tickled by her tongue while i dropped like $400-$500 tryna be romantic. I could literally feel my soul separated from my body completely e6omir.gife6omir.gife6omir.gif pure ether son....

    dammmmmmmmm nigga... That was alllll yo fault!
  • Re: The Sexiest Outfit On A Woman Is

    I like when chicks be rockin the cotton joggin pants or a sun dress.... Claude!!!!!!!!

    ook, i hear you, to each his own i guess.

    I love high end denim.. N/h.. But i feel you, a couple a my homies think the same way you do.

    At least you aint a frontin ass nigga that be on here postin pics of fake high end shit *cough cap b cough*.. Shit bro i think i might be coming down with the flu lol..

    But yeah i could dig it.. Salute.

    dont get me wrong.. We wear top brand jeans down south, but unless you gone walk around with the back of ur shirt up so ngs can see the design on your back pockets, folks aint gone really know...

    I dont wear no dam ross 16.99 shiney jeans either, the most expensive jeans i got were priced for 100$ but i got em for 25$ on base. They are "buffalo"

    i just like the focus to be on my shoes and shirt.. Speically the shoes...
  • Re: GROWN AZZ BLACK MEN what type of Hair Clipper u have and how much it cost u

    leave it to the professionals thats why so many niggaz walking around with they shit on lean or pushed back

    ....pshhhh...they had 2learn somewhere also...so why not invest n yaself?...and don't think professional barbers don't push lines back also
    soul rattlerCashmoneyDux