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  • Re: Migos - Rich Nigga Timeline (Mixtape)

    I'm confused as to why so many people like these dudes. They remind me a lot of Waka Flaka, and he was hated on hard when he came out. Seems like some of the people that were criticizing him are loving Migos.
  • Re: Opinion:It Should Be a SIN for Women Like This to be Dateless!!

    lol Wait, this dude really doesn't have a job and is acting like a chick has to be premium quality for him. Come on.
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  • Re: florida Police CAUGHT ON CAMERA Threatening To MURDER BLACK TEENS . . .b/c of being recorded

    7figz wrote: »
    No it is in the same vein of cops abusing their power. Saying it's not is like saying these kids deserved it because of their actions, and / or the cops were right.

    Their job is to enforce the law, not draw on / attack people for arbitrary reasons - like being offended.

    That's like saying an ocean and a puddle are similar because they both have water in them. In Ferguson, a kid was executed for essentially nothing as far as we know. In this case, from what we saw, the kids were disrespectful and the cop returned their disrespect. Again, he was wrong, but they did their best to provoke that reaction and they still managed to walk away from the incident. Brown didn't.
  • Re: MMA 2k15: UFC 182: JON JONES vs DANIEL CORMIER (1.3) AJ vs GUS (1.24) ASILVA vs DIAZ (1.31)

    Muhannad X wrote: »
    You trying to bring up Sherdog as a reputable source only confirms everything what I was thinking about where you got your talking points from and your knowledge on mma lol.

    Anyway... The issue was whether Rumble had enough stripes to talk about a fighter of Overeem's stature in the first place. Knowledgable posters all concluded he didn't based on what they both have accomplished in mma (we left out K1 out of it deliberately). Now you are trying to diminish Overeem's victories which is cool, but that wasn't the issue. The issue is based on mma accomplishments Overeem > Rumble and this shouldn't even be a debate. @iKing already shut all that BS down so I won't go back and forth with you.

    How many stripes does Rumble have to have to be able to say Overeem goes a little too hard in practice. There are a lot of fighters that are more accomplished than Overeem who don't hurt their sparring partners, so that "he can do it because he's elite" defense is bullshit.
  • Re: "Even if I say yes, it doesn't mean I mean yes" - Feminists

    Maybe I'm not explaining myself properly ...

    Again feminism is an umbrella term for a range of views about injustices against women. Its not a monolith. Its not a political party. Its not some sort of organization. We are unique individuals. What unites us is we want to empower women

    Or, in other words, one cannot characterize a feminist’s philosophy or values based only on her feminist label. And vice versa. One cannot assume to know a person's philosophy or values based solely from her feminist label

    Black feminist and white feminist often are at odds on many issues

    When I refer to an extremist, I'm referring to an individual with extreme views that detract from the empowerment of women ...for example the "feminist" who criticized women for being homemakers should be denounced

    Better yet I'm denouncing the popular narrative that feminist are a monolith of man hating crazies

    All I'm getting from your posts is that feminism is bullshit. Based on your statement, the only thing that ties you together is the desire for the empowerment of women. Well not every woman is a feminist, but all women want women to be treated fairly and justly. I'm betting few to no men would be considered feminists, but I'd say most men also want women to be treated fairly and justly, especially those of us who have wives, daughters, sisters, etc... that we care about. So if the one and only thing that connects feminists is something you don't even need to be a feminist to support, what's the point of being a feminist? I mean why would you even want to apply a label to yourself when that label also applies to a bunch of people with beliefs that conflict with your own?
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