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  • Re: "Cool" Wht Dude, Post A Selfie with a Cute Blk Kid Then...

    Westie wrote: »
    I've said a few times that some of the niggas on here are shit human beings.. so yeah, I would call those people bad people.
    I'm saying you relate to them because you're comparing things you've said to what they said.
    You've seen a pic of a white child doing absolutely nothing but standing there, and said offensive shit about them?

    Lastly, black people and white people are not on equal footing. There's no equivalent insult you can say to a white person regarding slavery.

    Then like I've said before, nothing I've said was directed at you. If you'd say that the people on the IC that do comparable shit to this are bad people, then by all means it's fair for you to say those people are bad human beings.

    And no, I've never picked at a child the way they are doing because I don't find that to be funny. But I wasn't talking only about this exact circumstance. I was talking about the general action of making offensive remarks about people in a picture who have really done nothing to deserve that kinda treatment. I have done that and so have a lot of the people in here expressing outrage. When you say I'm relating to them, you're making it seem like I'm looking at the things they are saying and cosigning them. I'm not doing anything like that, and you know it.

    As far there being no equivalent insult to slavery. Yeah, you're right, there probably isn't. It doesn't mean we don't do our very best to try and insult them to that degree. And that's what matters. You don't have moral superiority in a war just because the other side has bigger weapons.
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  • Re: "Cool" Wht Dude, Post A Selfie with a Cute Blk Kid Then...

    lol Y'all making too much out of this shit. I'm sure all the people who quoted are racist. That's a given, but this is standard internet shit. Worse has been done on the IC. Maybe not from a racial standpoint, but we've had posts dedicated to pics with a deluge of crazy posts in response. It doesn't mean that everyone who posted something was an evil person. Hell, I know I've probably made posts myself that could be seen to be just as racist as anything any of them said.
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  • Re: Kanye West's Second Album Late Registration Turns 10 Yrs Old Today

    I know I'm going to get a ton of Wacks, Feelings, and Nosigns, but this album like Kanye's catalog in general is overrated.

    The good is really good and there isn't anything that's terrible, so I get why people love it, but to me there is a lot of mediocre on it, which brings it down IMO. It's a good album, but people boost his first three albums up like they were flawless and to me they are all far from that.
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  • Re: WTF???? Police terrorize innocent black teens at Texas pool party

    DWO wrote: »
    i strongly believe that the women throwing the racial slurs sparked the entire altercation, had they just kept their hate and words to themselves.....even if the party got rowdy, it would have not required the police....

    by calling the police it went from a loud party, to national news

    You're probably right that the chick throwing racial slurs and the women who attacked the organizer are the ones that turned this into the crazy story it is now. All I'm saying is that people shouldn't take this ridiculous approach to every incident that they do. Some of the residents said that some of the kids were openly smoking weed. Given that kids these days do that shit out in the open without regard to others all the time now, I can believe that. Those residents have every right to call the police and report something like that. They aren't wrong for that. Now they are wrong for attacking those kids and the cops are wrong for acting like they were taking down the mob or something.
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  • Re: WTF???? Police terrorize innocent black teens at Texas pool party

    DWO wrote: »
    i have been there, i've been a teenager at a party having fun in a neighborhood that wasn't my own, and the police get called cuz of a resident complaint....

    Ok, and if you've been in that position, you know good and well there are always some people involved who do things that justify complaints. The black resident said it might have been 7 out of the 100+ that were there. You really think that's a lie?
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