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  • Re: A Halloween Tradition: White People in Blackface

    Kwan Dai wrote: »
    Who's being irrational?

    Anyone who is drawing a parallel between this and historical blackface. They factually are not the same thing.
    People that know their history give a fuck.

    Knowing history and understanding it are two different things. If you're aware that white people once made fun of black people by painting their faces. You know history. If you think what this guy is doing is the same thing, you don't understand history.
    It's bothersome because, when you give people a pass for mocking your culture it opens the door to stereotyping. Which, at this point in the game Blacks do not need more of.

    No we don't. If, would seem WHITES are much more preoccupied with what we are doing. You know to the point they are willing to dress up in black face.

    Whose culture is he mocking? The culture of Kanye? Again, if that was his costume and he was saying that he was dressed as a "black man" or a "rap guy." You'd have a point, but that's not what he's doing. He's dressed as Kanye, the same guy they spend millions of dollars supporting and give award after award to even when snubbing the hell out of other deserving black artists.
    I don't know if it's racists or not. What I do know it's insensitive and the act of WHITES dosing themselves in black\brown face paint has a history deeply rooted in racism. Stop your foolishness and implications of people who see through this as being idiots who cannot also see the subtle jabs of our culture being appropriated, and outright mocked in the name of Halloween ( A white holiday) or a some random frat party.

    What culture did he appropriate? That's how you're being irrational. Him dressing up as Kanye isn't stealing Hip Hop. Your whole stance is that everything you do and experience happens through glasses tinted by racism. That's how it is for all of us because have to live in this racist society, so we almost always attribute a racial component to the things we encounter. We're not wrong for that because that's the natural consequence of our history and experience in America. The problem and the reason why shit like this always pisses ya'll off is because you expect white people to see things through those same glasses. They don't. It's as simple as that. That's what white privilege is all about. They don't put the same consideration into things that we do because they don't have to. As soon as black people understand that, we can move away from being hurt by trivial shit like this and put our effort into combating the stuff that truly harms us.
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  • Re: A Halloween Tradition: White People in Blackface

    @Kai quit being a baby. If you don't like what I'm saying, put me on ignore. Stop burying my posts.

    Why was it necessary to paint his face, the sign would have sufficed ... even in blk face no one knew who the fuck he was dressed up as anyways hence the sign

    Given the history of blk face in this country and the recent controversy involving other white students dressed in blk face, why do something that could easily be so misconstrued?

    Could it be that he is an insensitive asshole who is now copping pleas?

    Doesn't appear to be deaf or blind, so at the very least he's dumb

    Can we at least all agree on that?

    Cosign everything you said.

    I didn't say the dude wasn't stupid. I just said dressing up as Kanye is no the same as this shit:


    That's real black face. Even the people who don't have any paint on at all are essentially participating in black face. That shit is racist as fuck and deserved every bit of hate it generated.
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  • Re: A Halloween Tradition: White People in Blackface

    Trillfate wrote: »
    I believe Monk is half white... so are his opinions and viewpoints

    lol That was funny.

    Hey, anyone that disagrees with can feel free to tell me where I'm wrong. And "But history..." is not an argument.
  • Re: A Halloween Tradition: White People in Blackface

    Kai wrote: »
    we can't have no safe zone without these coons and bootlickers showing up huh? i see i'm gonna have start banning m/fs cuz this is getting ridiculous. go to fucking reddit or stormfront if you wanna kiss white ass so much

    you coons aren't gonna get any peace from me on here no more, go suck some more white dick if you don't like it. i'm sure if you perform it deftly enough, they'll let you rise above your blackness and accept you as one of their own. fucking disgraces

    I guess the extent of your intelligence is limited to biology. When it comes to everything else you seem to want to react as brainlessly as the rest of the fools.

    Look, if ya'll want to be offended by what that dude did. Go ahead. I can't stop you from that and I wouldn't try. All I'm saying is based on the information given, what he did is factually not what you're claiming it is. It just isn't. Does he have some underlying motivation or is he truly a racist. I don't know and I don't give a fuck. Why would I waste my time trying to reach and overanalyze some shit a white person as a Halloween costume? That shit is ridiculous.
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  • Re: A Halloween Tradition: White People in Blackface

    Kwan Dai wrote: »

    You aren't making sense the first.

    You have no idea what this guys intentions are. However, if I had to guess his intentions weren't good knowing the history of black face. It being halloween isn't an excuse. That is a White guy in Black Face. End of story.

    Black History and the negative affects of Black face and the racism attached to it is trivial? Surely you jest? It's you who are making a complex social issue and racially sensitive act, trivial.

    STFU!! You clown. Name names. How do you make claims of what people do offline or online with no proof? You dumb fuck. Online I stay in threads concerning all things Black. Offline, I aint discussing a damn thing with you agent provocateurs about my personal dealings.

    lol Nigga, calm down. You acting like a little girl and telling me to shut up and calling silly names doesn't make your stance anymore logical.

    I specifically said "If" this guy just used the paint to sell the costume, it's not black face. He said he dressed up like Kanye. Based on the picture, that what it looks like he did. I'm simply not reading a bunch of extra shit into it to satisfy own preconceptions about the racist nature of whites like you are.

    Black face isn't trivial. White people using black face to misrepresent and hurt the perception of black people isn't trivial. But for the 5th time. A white person dressing up as a specific black celebrity is not black face any more than Dave Chappelle using white paint to pretend to be a white news reporter is "White Face."

    As for the rest of that shit, blah blah blah. Again, we put up topics about the kinda shit that I mentioned and those die in like 5 posts. Something like this will go on for pages. You and other care so much about "Blacks" then tell me why those kinds of things don't get the same attention. And I wasn't calling out any one in particular. But I was pointing out the fact that Blacks will put that kinda fervor in ruining a white person for something stupid like this, but clearly don't do the same when it comes to White people actively hurting our community. If they did, there wouldn't be majority black communities with white council members making decisions that hurt the people within that community.
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