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  • Re: The Official Beanie vs Meek thread (Beanie Sigel got knocked out)

    DWO wrote: »
    man you heard the shit jada and beans said to eachother? and they did songs together

    jay n nas, common and's rap shit bruh....

    Well Beans and Jada did songs together AFTER Beans punked him on the radio, so yeah...
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  • Re: Trump vs Hillary Debate Round 1

    Crude_ wrote: »
    lol I can't believe there are people so excited about this shit. No matter which one wins, we lose. Our choice is literally between a liar and a lunatic. One might be better than the other, but both of them are no good.

    No candidate is ever going to specifically look out for Black folks if that's what you expect I can tell you you will be disappointed every 4 years.

    Hillary is the lesser of two evils.

    Make no mistake about it though these politicians might add a little legislation here and there to help minorities, but if you think they are going to come in clean up these problems with different issues such as police brutality, impoverished crime ridden communities, offering more jobs etc it ain't happening.

    We got to invest in our own communities keep it Black owned. You notice you don't see these majority White areas with Black Senators and Representatives then you shouldn't see that in the Black ones either.

    My comment has nothing to do with expecting the president to look out specifically for black people. Hillary is only a lesser evil because she's more experienced in the game of politics and is better at hiding her bad stances. If the classified slip up doesn't clue you in on how bad of a candidate she is, I don't know what would. The shit that she did is serious. I know most people don't work with the classified info so you don't really understand, but let me make it clear. If I did what Hillary did, I'd be doing time right now. That shit wasn't an accident. She intentionally mishandled shit in a climate where major institutions are being hacked every day. If that wasn't bad enough, she lied about it. And I'm not talking about standard politician "I have to cover my ass" lies. I'm talking about bold "I don't respect you enough to give you even the semblance of truth" lies. And when that didn't work, she tried to throw a bunch of other people under the bus.

    Like I said, Trump is a lunatic. Anyone who would vote that fool in is crazy, but ya'll are just as crazy if you think putting Hillary in is a good idea. It might be our only option at this point, but it's nothing at all to be excited about. We're headed for four years of misery no matter who gets in.
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  • Re: Georgia Mom Gives Very Awkward Advice On Christian Blog About...

    mryounggun wrote: »
    mryounggun wrote: »
    The fact that a person has to 'accept' the fact that a person is black is the entire root of the problem. Y'all not hearing me.

    Yes, that is the problem. The article was about her dealing with her problem. Her accepting is not a bad thing. It was a necessary step. A bad thing would be her ignoring his blackness and learning to love him in spite of it. That's not what she did.

    You're right, that's not what she did. She forced herself to look at him as something other than black primarily in order to accept him. In her own words, he had to go from being a black man to whatever the fuck. She accepted HIM...not his blackness.

    Which is infinitely worse. Again...agree to disagree.

    lol If she doesn't see him as black, then what does she see him as?

    And if she doesn't see him as black, how could she have even written this article. It makes absolutely 0 sense if she is looking past his blackness to accept him.
  • Re: The Average Black Family Would Need 228 Years To Build The Wealth Of A White Family Today

    zzombie wrote: »
    jews didn't have a nation of their own for a long fucking time but they still managed to become wealthy and influential as fuck even before the holocaust.

    Jews weren't submitted to the same institutional discrimination though, so I'm no even sure why you'd make that comparison.

    Not to mention that there was also no shortage of Jews who became wealthy by exploiting blacks and others. Look at the music industry as an example.
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  • Re: President Barry Obama to police: Dallas shooting was a 'hate crime'...

    I'm not really sure why people are mad at Obama for this. He's calling shit what it is. What the fuck is he supposed to say?

    I'm no fan, but that nigga can't win. When he gets up and rightfully speaks out on police violence, he gets called a race baiter and gets blamed for any police death that happens after he says something. If he makes a Captain Obvious comment about the nature of the attack on some police, people bash him about that.

    Everybody just needs to get off that nigga's nuts. He's going to be out of office soon and then you'll have Trump or Hillary. Good luck on that. I suspect either way, you'll be reversing your stance and trying to praise the shit out of Obama then.
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