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  • Re: Georgia Mom Gives Very Awkward Advice On Christian Blog About...

    mryounggun wrote: »
    mryounggun wrote: »
    The fact that a person has to 'accept' the fact that a person is black is the entire root of the problem. Y'all not hearing me.

    Yes, that is the problem. The article was about her dealing with her problem. Her accepting is not a bad thing. It was a necessary step. A bad thing would be her ignoring his blackness and learning to love him in spite of it. That's not what she did.

    You're right, that's not what she did. She forced herself to look at him as something other than black primarily in order to accept him. In her own words, he had to go from being a black man to whatever the fuck. She accepted HIM...not his blackness.

    Which is infinitely worse. Again...agree to disagree.

    lol If she doesn't see him as black, then what does she see him as?

    And if she doesn't see him as black, how could she have even written this article. It makes absolutely 0 sense if she is looking past his blackness to accept him.
  • Re: The Average Black Family Would Need 228 Years To Build The Wealth Of A White Family Today

    zzombie wrote: »
    jews didn't have a nation of their own for a long fucking time but they still managed to become wealthy and influential as fuck even before the holocaust.

    Jews weren't submitted to the same institutional discrimination though, so I'm no even sure why you'd make that comparison.

    Not to mention that there was also no shortage of Jews who became wealthy by exploiting blacks and others. Look at the music industry as an example.
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  • Re: President Barry Obama to police: Dallas shooting was a 'hate crime'...

    I'm not really sure why people are mad at Obama for this. He's calling shit what it is. What the fuck is he supposed to say?

    I'm no fan, but that nigga can't win. When he gets up and rightfully speaks out on police violence, he gets called a race baiter and gets blamed for any police death that happens after he says something. If he makes a Captain Obvious comment about the nature of the attack on some police, people bash him about that.

    Everybody just needs to get off that nigga's nuts. He's going to be out of office soon and then you'll have Trump or Hillary. Good luck on that. I suspect either way, you'll be reversing your stance and trying to praise the shit out of Obama then.
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  • Re: NYPD Gestapo Commissioner Bratton blames concert shooting on rap artists who are "thugs"…

    lol Ya'll are funny. Some rappers have a shoot out at a concert. The police chief calls them violent thugs. And ya'll want to try to play the victim role. Some of ya'll seem to thing black people can't ever be criticized. Regardless of what you feel about Bratton, in this case his criticism was warranted. No amount of projecting you do is going to change that.
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  • Re: But what about Kansas (and Louisiana)?

    I'm sure you could find some states where democratic ideas have failed. Partisan politics are stupid. In what world, do one set of extremes ever represent the best solution. In your own personal finances, are you always frugal or always spendy or do you change what you do based on the circumstances you face?

    Sounds like you are saying that Republican ideas represent one extreme and Democratic ones represent another, and that there is a sensible moderate position that is in between these two extremes.

    If that is what you are saying, you are wrong. Mainstream Democratic ideas (as represented by people like Obama and Clinton, not Sanders) are moderate. Democrats have actually learned from past policy failures; Republicans have not.

    Sanders is two steps away from being a Socialist. In what world is that moderate. And no I'm not saying that the moderate solution is the best because moderates tend to think a middle of the road is always the right option. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that the "right" solution changes based on the situation. Sometimes you need to be liberal. Sometimes you need to be conservative. Sometimes you need to be moderate. Anyone that believe there is one stop solution to all problems is an idiot.
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