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  • Re: A Black Woman in Vegas Complains About BLK Men Not Wanting Her:"Black Men They Glorify White Women"…

    Is it just me or are Black women swirling like never before?

    It definitely ain't you. Black women was talking all that shit about black men crossing, but it was really BS and them being made that the white men didn't want them. Now that the white men are checking for them, many of them have no problem going that route.
  • Re: Teens film and laugh at drowning man instead of calling for help!

    Shit is crazy. I was just in FL a couple weeks ago. Some white folks got pulled out in the deep by a riptide and damn near everybody on the beach linked arms to form a chain and save the people. These dumb niggas see somebody drownin and they make a YouTube video. WTF?
  • Re: Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Teaser Trailer

    silverfoxx wrote: »
    Mvc to mvc 2 was completely different. Mvc 2 to mvc 3 was completely different roster. This is pretty much the same attire, the same animations outside of two new features, shit just doesn't feel (played the demo) or look like they truly tried. And this is coming from a HUGE MVC fan, I spent 80 dollars on their last game.

    lol Are you sure you want to bring up MvC? The roster for MvC2 was just the MvC roster with a bunch of characters that were literally cut and pasted from other games. You can't bash this game for recycling characters and then hold up another game that is basically the hallmark of recycling characters as an example of how things should be done. Also, if you're talking about the story demo, you should know that that is probably like 5 months old at this point. They are like 3 builds past that, so it doesn't make much sense to develop opinions on the what the game will be based on something that came so early in the development cycle. That's not me saying that either. If you get on youtube, a lot of the people that hated that demo are saying that the game is great after playing more recent builds. For example:

    Nemesis, haggar, frank West and Spider-Man revealed at comic con. Look like a copy and paste job from capcom and add a new super

    I don't really understand these complaints honestly. What fighting game doesn't have returning characters from the previous installment? We know for a fact that every returning character on the game has new moves, so it's not just a copy and paste job. Why did people have this expectation for MvC:I that the roster would be completely different? If the leaks are correct, we're going to get around 10 characters that weren't in UMvC3 and that's not counting the 6 DLC who are supposedly all new too. Since when is a fighting game with 10 new characters a copy and paste job.

    All the people making these complaints must be new to FGs or something. Back in the day, you might get 3 - 5 new characters per installment.

    marvel vs capcom is different because its all of capcom's properties so it's a chance for capcom to go in their toolbox for a vast array of characters.

    other fgs are different because they cant shoo in characters from different games

    lol That's not true. Street Fighter is full of Final Fight characters. And NRS games always have guest characters. None of that changes the fact that 10 characters is a lot to get in a sequel. This idea that it's common for FGs to reinvent rosters with every sequel is just incorrect. What we're seeing with MvC:I is typical especially considering they just revamped the roster with MvC3.
  • Re: Roland Martin vs. Dr. Umar Johnson

    lol @ all these people coming out of the woodworks to bash people for wanting to see credentials. Talking about "Now we can talk about the message," but not actually saying anything about the message. This shit is hilarious. Both sides of the Umar debate have gotten ridiculous. At this point, we just need to hope someone new takes the mantle and can avoid controversy better.
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  • Re: 4:44 Album - *JAY-Z* (06/30/17).

    This just goes to show you that Jay fans hear something else when they listen to his music. Vol. 1 is one of the most boring albums I've heard from a big name. I mean, I don't think AG is a great album, but I can at least see how people like it. The last time I listened to Vol. 1, I spent the whole album wondering how Jay even made it big.
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