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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Listening to In My Lifetime, Vol 1 now. Is this typically considered a good album by Jay? It has a few good joints and Jay is pretty strong lyrically throughout it, but overall, the album is garbage. I get why people hold him in high regard as a rapper, but his catalog is overrated as hell.
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  • Re: Reactions To Trump's Attack On John Lewis: ‘Your Ignorance Is Astounding’...

    Trump is stupid. That goes without saying. But I'm tired of seeing niggas cape for Hillary too. The bitch lost because she sucked as a candidate.
  • Re: Migos - Bad and Boujee ft Lil Uzi Vert [Official Video]

    Shit is trashed and I literally laughed out loud when the clown with the red hair said "Huh?" and gave the camera a dumb look.

    Like niggas right now really wearing colored braids with beads like 7 year old girls? This generation is garbage is every way.
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  • Re: Pastor leaves church, no longer believes in bible

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    Most of you anti Christian guys can go scream in the corner. You run your mouth about things you know nothing about you blame religion for the condition of black people what you ignorant fools don't understand is that regardless of the religion African people would have been enslaved and oppressed anyway.

    Christianity has become a lot of fools scapegoats but anyone looking for a scapegoat is a weakling.

    It's not the fact that black people gotten enslaved because everyone has but to still enslaved til thus day is a shame and Christianity plays a mental role in our enslavement

    No it doesn't. It's laughable that some of you believe that if Christianity disappeared tomorrow, black people would suddenly become forward and independent thinkers.

    I think it's funny how silly the arguments of the anti-religious crowd are. If there is not God and religion is not divinely inspired, that means it all came from man. If man invented religion and then embraced it to the point that it's been central to human activity for thousands of years, then that must mean there is some weakness in humanity that it needs religion to fill. You won't get rid of that weakness by getting rid of religion. As with anything else, you have to get rid of the weakness, and then the need for religion would disappear. Scapegoating and attacking religion won't accomplish anything. Even if you could eliminate it, people would just flock to something else.

    I said religion plays a part in mental enslavement. If we were talking about our mental enslavement as a whole I would have name other parts. How do you know if christianity disappeared we wouldn't be forwarded thinker?

    So we just going to act like white people didn't use religion for part of mental enslavement?

    My nigga black people in America haven't been slaves for more than a hundred years. If a lot of black people didn't need what Christianity provides, there wouldn't be so many black Christians.

    Ya'll act like blacks get brainwashed from birth and stay in the church unflinchingly all their lives. That's not reality. Most people, especially males, stray and come back because it offers something they need and fulfills them in a way that nothing else does. Again, from the point of a nonbeliever, it doesn't make sense to attack Christianity when clearly there is something in humans that seeks it out.

    What's funny to me is that athiests are every bit as obsessive and combative as religious people. Why should we believe that religion disappearing would change anything when people who don't even believe in religion tend to act very similarly to religious people.
  • Re: Video Released Of Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon Punching A Chick (Self Defense ?)

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    u ignored when I addressed that tho. had the girl in 8ball jacket lost her balance after the slap and hit her head on the train rail and broke her face its the same thing.. u call it pity pat. i call it she hit me without my permission. U dont know who having a bad day and u have the audacity to put ur hands on another person against they will they complain how they retaliate. It dont work like that. If me and u were having this debate in person and I mushed u cuz I got emtional because u wouldnt agree with me u would fight me. U wouldnt be like oh we Aneed mushed me softly so Im gonna walk away or hit him soft so I dont hurt him. The reality is all these excuses and semantics is cuz its a female. And its fucked up cuz she hit him first.

    But she didn't lose her balance because his slap was not that forceful. The other chick falling wasn't some freak accident in response to what Mixon did. It was the forseeable and intended consequence of what he did. He wouldn't have hit her that hard if he didn't want to put her down.

    The problem is you niggas always want to argue about what the woman did. She was wrong. No one is arguing that. If she doesn't want to get knocked the fuck out, she should keep her hands to herself. Great, we agree. Now can we talk about him? Just because she shouldn't have put his hands on him doesn't give her carte blanche to use whatever level of force he wants to in retaliation. Why can't you silly niggas understand that? The fact that he hit her isn't really my or a lot of people's problem. The problem is that what she did to him was trivial and he tried to knock her head off for it. There are plenty of ways he could have handled that situation better. And whether she was stupid or not, the person he should have been looking out for was himself, and he didn't even make the best decision for himself.
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