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  • Re: New Residents Stunned To Find Rich California Community Still Has ‘Whites Only’ Home Ownership Rules

    buy land, build a house. fuck u wanna be surrounded by bigots for?

    Exactly. I don't understand why people get mad about shit like this. How about successful black people build up some black communities instead of trying to get racist white people to let you in theirs?
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  • Re: Men who aint never been in a fight, are you just a pussy?

    It sounds stupid, but I'd probably wind up shooting someone before I get in a fight. It's not because I'm quick to resort to violence or escalate like that. It's actually the opposite. I'm going to walk away from 99% of confrontations. That 1% that I can't walk away from is probably going to be too deep for fighting (e.g., a nigga threatening my wife). It's kind of a contradiction, but it is what it is.

    It's sort of like the fact that I think people who resort to fighting to solve trivial problems are stupid because I believe violence in general is for people who lack brainpower. On the flipside I love martial arts and combat sports. I guess context is key.
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  • Re: Black Community Outraged At Ellen DeGeneres Usain Bolt Meme

    dude, that one picture sums up how the united states was built

    she's using a black man as if he was a horse or mule, essentially her property, for the sake of getting errands done


    it aint that hard

    And you really think that's how she was thinking about it when she made the joke? One thing black people have to learn is white people don't think like us. They don't walk around with the big chip on their shoulders that we do. That bitch saw Bolt run fast and thought "Gee, I could use him go shopping instead of a car." It's that simple. She wasn't on the internet looking up pictures of white kids riding black people like "Yeah, this is how we used to do them. We need to get back to that."

    I'm sure if you tried hard enough you could make every single thing a white person ever says seem racist, but what's the point in that. To look at some innocent shit like this and automatically assume it's racist, you have to be inserting your own hangups. And I know some will say "Well, I don't wanna give them CaCs the benefit of the doubt." Ok, well if you feel that way, then I really don't understand why you make a big deal out of this. If you basically work under the assumption that everything they do and say is racist, then some shit like this is mundane and not even worth acknowledging.
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  • Re: Two teenagers Rob And Kill Man Who Goes Out Of His Way To Help Them

    *shrugs* And if the cops shot these dudes when they found them, people would be marching and/or rioting in their honor.

    Shit is just all fucked up nowadays.
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  • Re: Pitzer College Student Said No White Roommates For Me

    Copper wrote: »
    So ILL wrote: »
    I wonder if she's heard of HBCUs.

    She might like the curriculum and courses they offer
    She doesn't have anything against the school...she just doesn't want to live with white people.

    If you got a problem with white people, why would you support a white school?

    And I hate when people come up with dumbass justifications for why it's ok to be racist if you're black. If you don't like white people, just say that and leave it at that.
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