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  • Re: Joseline Herndanez "Hate Me Now" Diss Cardi B

    Mr.LV wrote: »
    I didn't even bother to it that bad.

    Put it like this. Imagine you really care about somebody and they came to you with something they were really proud about but you thought it was complete and total shit. You know how to spare that person's feelings you might try to downplay how bad it is because you care about them. Well put it like this, if you loved Joseline and she played this shit for you, you'd do everything in your power to let her know how garbage it was how much her presence sickened you after being forced to listen to that bullshit.

    I swear ya'll mutha fuckers don't know what words mean. Yes, me suggesting that you may need to look at all the factors that contribute the divorce rate by definition of the fucking word comprehensive is a more comprehensive interpretation than you just quoting a number an throwing it around recklessly.

    Yes, there are multiple factors that lead to divorces. That was my whole point, genius. If 50% of divorces end for Reason A, and Reason A doesn't even apply to you and your S/O as a couple, then guess what the 50% divorce rate would be a poor predictor for the chances of your marriage's success. Going strictly by the numbers, which is what you seem to want to do, in that case your chances would be more like 25%. That's assuming that all the other factors that contribute to divorce also apply to your relationship, which may or may not be true.
  • Re: Big K.R.I.T. "4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time" (10/27)

    270crownst wrote: »
    Wutang,Rapsody,big krit,jigga,Sean price and Kendrick all drop very good albums this year! I dare niggas to say,they can't find any good hiphop joints this year..

    Niggas stay disrespecting Raekwon. His was strong too.

    On topic, this album was ok. It had some good joints and some meh songs. I'll put it in the same category as Boomiverse. Good, but a little disappointing.
    nex ginMrCrookedLetter
  • Re: Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Teaser Trailer

    Ehhh I don't think the Marvel crowd would care about this. There are plenty of Marvel and Capcom characters they'd rather have before random guests.

    Lol For goodness sake, there isn't even an IJ2 topic for y'all to post this in. Y'all clearly don't give a shit about that game. You just have a weird obsession with taking shots at a game you claim not to care about.
  • Re: Texas CHURCH SHOOTING: 20 Shots fired during service (27 Dead- 20+ Injured)

    Kwan Dai wrote: »
    Kwan Dai wrote: »

    I'm not sure what you are asking or why. But ok. They are "above average" white men who are outliers\aberrations and have no connection what so ever to other whites. You know despite their past and present history of these types of incidents. Better?

    I have a problem with you constantly typing things I haven't typed. You have used words like hate, enemy and made a statement in regards to me denying "whites should exist". You should chill on the lying cuz. I don't feel that way nor do I type such things. A Black man ignoring the obvious (dead people) to focus on real issues (white terrorism) isn't emulating whites. whites ignore POC issues while, using their voices, media, politics, law enforcement, votes, financial leverage etc to deny POC opportunity. You're attempts at making some correlation are lame and dishonest.

    Did you not say the following?
    Let's address the real issue. white man. "average" white men are shooting and blowing america the fuck up while everyone not white pays the price.

    Did you means something by that other than the accusation that the white men committing those acts represent the average white man? How exactly did I misrepresent what you said? If anyone is misrepresenting anyone, you're the one doing that to me. I never said you said you hated whites, but I certainly could see that argument being made based on what you do say. Nor did I claim that you said whites shouldn't exist. That's literally some shit you just made up. I already addressed those accusations the first time you made them. I'm not sure why you continue to assert them.

    I'm not even sure why you're purposely distorting my comments. Wouldn't it be simpler to just respond to the things I say rather than making up your own shit? Or maybe you've forgotten the impetus of this discussion. It came from dissension with what others (e.g., @ghostdog123456) said. You basically and others are defending his side, which is fine, but just because I say something about his side doesn't mean I'm directing it towards you. That dude said something like "everyday a lot of white people die is a good day." That's some hateful shit. If that's not how you feel fine, but when you defend that stance you are legitimizing it to some degree.

    I also didn't claim you ignoring dead people was emulating whites. I say you're emulating whites because you make the same kind of arguments they make. I made it clear what I was talking about. You saying that these shooters represent the average white person is no different than racists saying gangbangers that pull drivebys represent the average black person.

    Did you means something by that other than the accusation that the white men committing those acts represent the average white man?

    Obviously because, I didn't type anything in regards to "representation". The average white man means exactly that. Working stiff, maybe with a family, pays bills and takes his labrador to the vet.

    So, now to address your lies. You did adequately address any of this. I just didn't feel the need to respond.
    You typed:
    "The problem is with you dudes the "support white supremacy indirectly" part comes down to them simply existing.
    You very clearly say here that I "dudes" have a problem with whites existing. I do not believe remotely close to your trash statement.

    What sense does it make to hate someone because of the consequences of things that may not even be in their control?
    No one accept you typed "HATE" of any kind. You clearly say here that I and others "HATE" whites. And you are looking for answer as to why.

    No distortion necessary. It's right there.

    whites aren't saying anything remotely close to what I am saying. The majority don't even want gun control. So, comparing me to them is your ability to be honest. I get you are capping for someone in your family, wifey, mom or dad so I aint even mad. It's your job to defend the indefensible.

    lol @ you playing word games now. By represent, I clearly only meant that you were saying those guys are "average" white guys. As far as the "average" qualities you just listed, I don't really see what any of the things you listed have to do with the discussion though, since those usually aren't the primary factors that contribute to these dudes pulling this shit. It's typically the shit that takes them out of the average (e.g., mental health or extreme racist views) that lead to these incidents.

    I said your problem with whites indirectly contributing to white supremacy boils down to them existing. I'm not saying you personally don't want white people to exist. I'm saying that their indirect contribution is likely a product of their existence and not fully something they can control.

    If you said "I want to murder every white person in the world," you didn't say you had a problem with white people, but it's fair for me to extrapolate that from your comment. I already gave an example of some hateful shit that was said in this topic. You personally haven't said anything that extreme, but you certainly make a lot of generalizations and accusations, definitely enough to suggest you have some animus directed towards them.

    I gave you an exact example of the parallels between what you're saying and what they say, and you instead ignore that and talk about gun control, which is not a point I even addressed. Then you accused me of caping for white people. I'm not caping for them. You can take white out and insert Mexican, Chinese, Martian, whatever the fuck you want. My issue is not with you attacking white people, but with the illogical and hypocritical premises many of you keep pushing. I've said on many occasions, ya'll care about white people a hell of a lot more than I do. Outside of the ones in my family, I don't really give a fuck about white people. I tend not to subscribe to this group thought that you guys and the white racists embrace so much.