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  • Re: Fair or Foul: Marvel Comic's depiction of new black teenage female hero

    WTF? Have people ever seen a comic? All the women are dressed in sexy clothing and all the men look like Greek gods. People going whine about the clothing and just ignore the fact that she's a super genius that was able to basically retrofit her own ironman armor.
  • Re: Azelia banks up to her old tricks

    Karl. wrote: »
    Even if her claims are true, sadly it's a case of the girl who cried wolf.

    Yep, kinda hard for anyone to believe her when the statements from the witnesses sound way more like what we know about her than her own claims.
    They prolly got into a argument, Crowe called her a nigga & she spazzed. The other white ppl (and that COON Rza) at the party prolly just protecting Crowe. I can see Crowe calling her a nigga while Rza sittin next to him with that "All lives matter" look on his face smh

    Maybe if Azelia "dressed" better Crowe wouldn't have spit on her. Fuck that cac & both them coons

    I know you dudes are on the "Fuck every white person" gimmick. And that's cool, do you. But anyone who has heard anything about Azelia Banks knows she does shit like this all the time. The only reason we even know about her is because she creates beefs and incidents with other people. So, if you want to put this on Crowe and bash him and all his guests because they're white, do you, but you should know you don't have to cosign every black jackass just because they are black.
  • Re: Did she just ask him to apologize for a rape he was acquitted for?

    Is this really a good movie or are people just saying it's good because it's black? Me and wifey got a date night coming up. I'm not typically into this type of movie, but I'll support if it's good.
  • Re: I'm no Obama fan, but dude has to be the most unfairly treated president ever.

    Anybody who blames all that foreign policy shit on Obama is either just a Republican shill or doesn't understand anything about how shit works. Something like Isis doesn't pop up out of nowhere in a couple years. Isis was forming behind the scenes before Obama got in office and some of the things that gave them the opportunity to explode on the scene (e.g. the coalition moving out of Iraq) were set before Obama actually took office. I'm not saying that Obama made the right moves. He clearly didn't fix those problems, but he's not the primary person to blame for them either.

  • Re: wypipo are savages....fighting in chuck e cheese

    DWO wrote: »
    i refuse to believe that....
    i've seen the whites fight at graduations before, funeral, all that shit.,..they're way more savage than us, it's just that people like to show our shit more

    I was just joking man, not making some wholesale comment on black savagery vs white savagery. One fight with white people at Chuck E Cheese is all well and good, but we've seen like 10 or more on here with blacks. At the end of the day, shit like this doesn't mean anything one way or the other. Every community has ignorant people, and it shouldn't be that surprising that you'll find a lot of them gathered at a place like Chuck E Cheese.
    gns wrote: »
    DWO wrote: »

    In all fairness, they probably have some catching up to do when it comes to fighting in Chuck E Cheese. Unfortunately, we've held that crown for a long ass time. lol


    Oh my bad. Fuck white people. They're all evil scum. Is that better?