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  • Re: Look at this coon shit from Stephen A.

    People are misrepresenting his point. He wasn't just saying that Kap was wrong for his protest. SAS believes that Kap's stance was fake because he didn't vote. I think he's stupid for saying that, but SAS didn't bash Kap for his protests until Kap said he didn't vote. He thinks Kap not voting cancels everything else he's ever said or done. He actually said that.
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  • Re: Protesters Call for Boycott of Missha Beauty Supply Store

    I aint going off on a tangent. You said "I hate when people protest shit like this. It's probably wrong, but is a shopowner wrestling with someone who tried to steal from him worth this kinda response?" Well, guess what? It's worth that kind of response to some people. You seem hung up on giving careful consideration to this man and whether or not he may be racist or actually treated black customers with dignity prior to this event. I could care less about this Asian man and his business. His ass wouldn't spend a shiny nickel in a black owned business. Fuck all of em. Go to chinatown with your damn business or wherever the hell he from.

    You're back to making pointless comments about where people spend their money. For the second time, I don't give a shit where people spend their money. I feel like blacks should support black businesses, but people are going to do what they are going to do. My issue is jumping out of the gate to call something a race issue when there is nothing to support that other than the two people involved being of different races. You're as bad as the white people that swear every black on white crime is some racist shit, when we all know that's not true.

    Spend your money what you want, but stop protesting recklessly because that only waters down the message and the potency of the tool.

    not caring about thieves getting roughed up, leads to ppl acting as judge, jury and executioner in the same breath...

    are you ok with the police roughing up suspected criminals before they are convicted of any crime?

    Police are public servants. They get paid do a job to a certain standard and that standard involves following the law.

    You're right, it's wrong to not care what happens. That's a bit of an overstatement on my part. What I really meant is that dude may have been wrong. He should be held accountable by the law for that just like she should be held accountable if she was really trying to steal. That should be the end of it. This shouldn't be turned into some big race issue when there is nothing to support that racism was the motivating factor rather than anger over a potential criminal offense. Protesters are out there talking about "they aren't going to disrespect the black community." How was that dude disrespecting the black community by manhandling one black criminal (allegedly)? Are we at the point now where any time a non-black person does something wrong to a black person, it needs to be treated as some big anti-black action? And are we also at the point where we ignore what black people do in situations as well as any other relevant history and context and call everything racism as long as the victim is black and the perpetrator isn't? That basically what they are doing with these protests.

    Again, if I'm wrong, and there is reason to believe this was racially motivated and the protests are just, cool, hit me with that info cause I didn't see it. I suspect no such info exists since @obnoxiouslyfresh chose to deflect and rant rather than just provide that info.
  • Re: Protesters Call for Boycott of Missha Beauty Supply Store

    You know I'd love to give your face a fresh slap for the bold. Of course, there is a history of racism. It pains me to see so many clearly intelligent people squabbling when the facts are there plain to see. Asians open stores in largely Black lower class neighborhoods because they are taking advantage of the lower rents and willingness of Black customers to pay high prices, not because they wanna fuckin fellowship with us. Then, they treat the customers like shit. They rarely ever live in those neighborhoods. They live wherever they find white neighbors. Which is why, in any city you care to visit, you will see Asians tagging whites on any day of the week. Yet, you will grow a beard before you see an Asian even having a social conversation with a Black man, woman or child. Rarely do Asians spend time with Blacks. They seek out white associations, daily. Go look for yourself.

    I asked you a direct question about this particular store and you gave me a stereotypical rant about Asians. lol Come on @obnoxiouslyfresh. Everything you say may be true, but if you don't have any evidence about this particular store or that particular employee, you can't go around accusing that person of doing something solely out of racism. That's crazy. And what makes it crazier is that whenever that shit is done to black people, ya'll have a fit. What if you had a conflict with someone and bunch of people said you were wrong and their only proof for that was a generic rant about "what black people do."

    I have my perceptions of Asians. I've met some that don't fit into that mold. Where I live is a black area and it has a lot of Asian owned businesses. For the most part they are friendly and they even hire people out of the community to work, which is unusal for Asian businesses. But for the most part, in my experience your assessment, is correct. That said, if an incident pops off, I'm not just going to assume the worst of an Asian person solely because that person is Asian. That's pretty much the definition of bigotry. If you're a bigot and proud, then it's all good, but I at least try not to be that.

    That store is a mile from my house and I have not patronized it enough to give you a full assessment of this man's character. I could care less and I really don't need much convincing to decide to not run and give my money to some fuckin Asians. I literally only need to see a video of him choking a black woman out in a store. We have decades long history with Asian shop owners when it comes to their treatment of black customers. The onus aint on me to seek out information regarding who this individual Asian man is. That aint how my cash flow works. If you enjoy spending your money with them, by all means. But, why knock somebody else cause you "hate when people protest shit like that." We dont owe those people shit. They better learn some respect.

    You're going off on a tangent that has nothing to do with anything I said. I don't care where you spend your money, so half the sentiment you're expressing is irrelevant. Besides, I'm one of the people on this board that has consistently said I wish black women would stop wearing fake hair and would start making their own nail salons. Again, I live in a black community and I don't understand why Asians have those markets cornered. But that's on black females, ya'll are the ones that live and die by that. So insinuating that I like giving money to "racist" Asians doesn't make much sense.

    I asked if you had knowledge about the man or the store not because I believe you should patronize that store. I asked because you and those protesters are declaring that he and that business are racist. It's all well to speak generally about Asians and their treatment of blacks. However, if you're going to levy that accusation at someone specific, you might want to have some worthwhile evidence. Video of him wrestling with a chick that may have stolen from him can be seen as proof that he doesn't always respond reasonably to perceived offenses, but it, by itself, is not proof that he's racist. And I didn't knock anybody in particular, but I did say I don't like protests like this and I already explained why. I think it does damage to greater goals. We want fair treatment for our people. We use protests as a means to accomplish that. If we protest every situation without any thought to whether its warranted or not, protesting will lose its meaning. What is the goal the protesters in Chicago hope to accomplish here? They want to boycott and bring down a business that is related in some undisclosed way to another business in NC over an incident that might have been race related or might just be an overreaction to a petty crime by an owner or employee that may or may not represent the general feelings of the business? Is that really the goal?

    If black people want to stop giving all their money to other races and start supporting their own, I'm with it. I say that as much or more than anyone on here. It shouldn't take an incident, which may not even be what you're making out to be, to get people to do that.
  • Re: Protesters Call for Boycott of Missha Beauty Supply Store

    I hate when people protest shit like this. It's probably wrong, but is a shopowner wrestling with someone who tried to steal from him worth this kinda response?

    Sometimes it seems like some of these protesters believe criminals deserve to pick their own reaction to the crimes they commit. And let's be real, if that was a black owned business, they would not be protesting this.
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    I was helping my daughter do some homework, and I learned one thing. Not only did Harriet Tubman invent mean mugging for pics. She committed to it harder than anyone ever has or ever will. She stayed bulldogging the camera. I bet you can't find a pic of her that doesn't look like this:




    This is the closest thing I found to a smile:

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