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    Mettenberger starting this Sunday. That decision came a lot earlier then I thought. Let's get it!

    Good. As critical as I've been of whiz, at least he's smart enough to realize this season is lost. And at 2-5 we're going nowhere. We know what we have in locker. We know what we have in clipboard jesus. We dont know what have in mett yet. So we might as well throw him in there to see what we have. Which is a win-win because he'll either look like our 6th round tom Brady, or he'll put us in a position to draft somebody else to build the team around
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    Well as what was supposed to be the penultimate episode of the season, i can say it definitely delivered

    R.I.P. to mickey doyle and his bodyguard arquimedes. doyle provided the comedic relief and sharp biting one liners to the show no one else could deliver. and i believe if arquimedes wouldve been featured as a supporting character in an earlier season, he wouldve been a fan favorite

    Nucky seemed to have been serious about going to war with luciano this epsiode. so much that he kidnapped bugsy siegel in a captivating shootoff at an apartment building. however both lanksy and luciano had a plan of their own to set in motion. and that was grabbing willie. right in front of eli after a melodramatic father-son moment. which causes eli to run to nucky and form an alliance. The showdown in a deserted part of atlantic city was classic. and perhaps the most memorable part of the show. however, nuck was willing to give up every thing he had in exchange for willie. and this is where i believe joe kennedy's character (who was shown earlier on) becomes more significant and salient to the overarching narrative. he stressed the importance of family and leaving an inheritance behind for your loved ones. however, during the standoff with luciano i think nucky realizes the people who were in his corner are no longer there or have just perished. he has nothing to fall back on aside from the only thing he does have left which is family. and he'll do whatever he can to preserve it. and that means getting back willie. but that was under one stipulation, maranzano's life. who's death as it was depicted this episode might i add was almost perfectly accurate by historical accounts. only slight difference was it was eli who turned out to put the bullet in him. now im sure willie will use his newly appointed position in making sure the individuals who were responsible for maranzano's death (including his father) will avoid prison time

    We also see nucky finally read the letter sent from gillian and what it actually said. She is looking for him to come and rescue her from the mental hospital as it has been nothing but mental torture and anguish for her since she's been there. she's even willing to forgive him for what he did in the past. which also alludes to a bigger point. something that i kind of predicted earlier on as to why we were getting the flashbacks. gillian is actually nucky's cardinal sin. it was during the time he handed her over to the commodore to be raped that he signed his soul over to dark pits of the unforgiven. which not only destroyed her life subsequently after, but lead to the birth of jimmy. and also getting a glimpse of how innocent she was before that ordeal took place makes it even more impactful and disturbing. however, as much as that needed to be told, did we really have to be subjugated an entire season of meandering flashbacks just to get to it? that couldve honestly been covered in 2 or 3 episodes max. and still be just as meaningful. but i digress. this was an exceptional episode of an exceptional series that only has 1 episode left to conclude a show that never got the recognition it deserved or consistently flew under the radar. still im just happy for the fact that i can witness the end of an empire and come down to the boardwalk one last time

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    loch121 wrote: »
    It was Gillian who sent Nucky that random letter a few eps ago

    Question? When was Joel Harper introduced? I just noticed him on this ep

    i missed this, anyone know what she wrote to him?

    we dont know what the contents of the letter said yet. im sure that will be revealed later. but remember when gillian bribed the woman in the insane asylum for the paper and the envelope. well nuck received a letter that had "nellie bly" written on the back of it. and during the flashbacks when he first told her to indentify herself, she said her name nellie bly. that was the name on the book she had. it seems like its starting to come full circle
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    *throws remote at screen*

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    I view white women in the same manner i view every other race of women: tolerable during the time of when im fucking and nutting in their mouths. irritating when they still try to hang around any longer afterwards