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  • Re: Official Miami, FL Thread

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    Going with or without a lady?

    Wit the homies

    Thinking about going to KOD?

    Isn't tootsies better? I never been but my homie from miami who I work with say tootsies if I ever visit

    tootsie's is iight. But honestly G5ive is my preferred choice. your dollar stretches more there. they have $2 Tuesdays where its basically a $2 entry fee and $2 drinks all night.
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  • Re: Official Miami, FL Thread

    Hit up cocowalk in the grove too. The area is usually throwed at night and its pedestrian friendly where u can walk around and holla at hoes. Just don't walk too far down grand ave. It turns into the hood (West grove). Although that area is being gentrified I think
  • Re: Fargo Season 3

    Yes great season finale, loved it. Although I did have a few questions. Like why it took Mr wrench 5 years to murder Emmit. Also what eventually happened with Yuri? And what was the significance of the character Gloria met on the plane and the one who was in the bowling alley at the bar?

    But I absolutely love the decision to leave the final scene open-ended. As it hammers home the overall theme of the nature of truth and the certainty of uncertainty that was prevalent throughout this season. Gloria' s character is old fashioned. Technological devices never seemed to work for her and she was at odds with the modern world. So she takes an old fashioned approach. She thinks circumstantial evidence will implicate Varga. She believes the truth will prevail. Varga on the other hand believes that the truth can be manipulated in one's favor and will absolve him of any wrongdoing. It's up to the viewer to choose the outcome and pick a side. That was so dope. This was an exceptional season imo. I really hope Hawley is motivated enough to bring us a 4th one.
  • Re: Yelawolf - Row Your Boat

    yea i fuck with this. seems as if the sobriety is working in his favor
  • Re: Twin Peaks Season 3 (2017)

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    Never watched a single episode. Can anyone describe this show?

    Its quite multi-layered and byzantine for me to describe in a few sentences or even a paragraph like broddie stated earlier. but if i somehow could simplify the narrative, its about an agent by the name of Dale Cooper sent into the fictional town of Twin Peaks in the state of Washington to investigate a murder of a high school girl by the name of Laura Palmer who was admired by many in the town. i believe one of the reasons why it gained such a cult following is it had eccentric characters thrown in the mix and paranormal events would occur at different periods. it was quite unlike anything on tv at the time of its original airing.

    If your interested, i would say to check out seasons 1, 2, then the movie Fire Walk With Me in that order. but if you dont want to invest that amount of time into the series and just want a summation of everything that happened up until the new season i would recommend checking out this video from ign. they do a good job of giving you a condensed version of all the events that occurred over the series