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  • Re: A Mom goes live on her 16yo daughter's Facebook & gets medieval on her for thottin around on Da Book

    That was entirely excessive. The only thing the mother was thinking about was her own ego. Even if the girls was being a dummy, the failures of parenting had been happening long before the moment that set the mom off.
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  • Re: Drunk Redneck professes his love for Black Women

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    Feel sorry for anyone impressed or think this some feel good shit.
    Foh cracka

    I bet you're great at parties lolzzzzzz
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  • Re: The man hired to have sex with children

    people who invoke cultural/moral relativism over shit like this (most shit in general) are weakest motherfuckers ever, jesus christ take a fucking stand some thing
  • Re: Whats The Weirdest/Strangest Experience You've Ever Had?

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    I remember one time, back in the day when I was 18 and living in Nebraska. We were just bored as shit driving around backroads. We went down into this one creek bottom on an really old abandoned road that's probably only accessible when things have been dry for a long long time. It was private land, but it wasn't posted so we figured we would follow this old road through this dark creek bottom anyways.

    Well this road ends up just being a long a driveway to this super old and creepy abandoned house. Being stupid, we figured we should go inside and check it out. We were miles and miles from the nearest house so we weren't worried about someone coming down and yelling at us. Shit, we could have had a party down there and nobody would have ever known.

    It was clear the house wasn't inhabited, but whoever lived there before had left everything. It was like they just one day decided to stop living there. There were dishes in the sink, a few blankets on a couch, and cans of food in the cupboards. Every room had a layer of dust about an inch thick on everything, except one. As we go into the bathroom, its actually somewhat clean. Like really clean still. No dust on anything. The mirror is damn near spotless, a bright white sink with no stains or rust on the faucet.

    The weird thing about the bathroom tho, was that it had this big old Victorian style bathtub. I walk over to look at the tub, and I can't believe it, but its about 4/5 full with a water thats almost black in color, and floating on top of it one of those old types of dolls that are like sewn together and stuffed and has buttons for eyes, i can't think of the exact name. A rag doll or some shit.

    For some reason I grab the doll which is floating face down in the water, and as I turn it over, the face doesn't buttons for eyes, but instead somebody had pulled the eyes off and sewn two X's there instead. I said "what the fuck" and looked over at my buddy, and in the slowest way ever I tilted it so he could see. We both looked at each other like had seen a dead person. I dropped the doll and we both ran out of there as fast as I could.

    We jumped in my Pontiac Sunfire that I was driving at the time and murked off so fucking fast and never went back down that road ever ever again.

    Thats the whitest shit ever

    Well I'm white and I made the whole thing up so....
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  • Re: What Type of Websites Y'all Visit At Night To Pass The Time?

    Reddit is a trip
    To preface this, I want to say last year I spent about 32 days in the wilderness, either scouting, hunting ,or fishing. The year before that, I spent about 22 days, this doesn't include my regular hunts and camping adventures, which in the past 3 years adds up to just over 100 days. I've been hunting since I was 9, and have spent a lot of time outdoors, in various different parts of the US, and in Canada. I've seen/heard a lot of strange shit, but this takes the cake.

    I was in Cohutta (North Georgia Wilderness) for 7 days scouting for bears, wild hogs, and deer, prepping for a hunting trip later that year. I had hiked in about 10 miles , and then went off trail for another 3-5 miles, basically, I was out in the middle of nowhere. Since I was alone, I was using a hammock that has a built in bug net, and I had a rain fly over it. I spent about 3 days half way up a mountain, just looking for a good place to hunt. I saw 3-4 good size bears, about 10 hogs, and came across some good size deer.

    On the 4th day, I was going to head down to a small stream that I had marked on my GPS, and then setup camp, restock on water, and prep for the 2 day hike back (I could have gone faster, but wanted to be able to look for any animal sign along the way). As I was approaching this small stream, I noticed a tent which I was excited to see, as I had been completely alone for a few days and it's always nice to run into another hiker (generally us wilderness folks are pretty down to earth). As I got closer to the tent, I noticed that there was a small pack on the ground just outside of it. I figured the person couldn't have been to far from where the camp was, so I set up my camp about 30 yards away, and with about 4 hours of daylight left, started cooking some dinner. 2 hours later, I was starting to wonder where this person was, Given that I was in the wilderness, and it was a 1+ day hike out, there wasn't much I could do, but I did hike around the site, making a circle as I went out, to look for any signs of struggle (in case of a bear attack) or maybe they had an injury. I got about a 1/4 of a mile from the camp site, walking a circle, but I didn't find anything.

    As night came, no one showed. I started a fire, in hopes that the person would be able to find where they setup, and have some light. Fires burn really bright, and are very easy to see from far away. After eating, searching, and hoping that the person was going to make it back, I called it a night. I had a small flask with me and took a couple sips of whisky, jumped into my hammock with my pistol, and attempted to go to sleep.

    I sleep pretty hard, I mean, really hard, regardless of where I am. It literally annoys my friends, because I can always seem to fall asleep, and stay asleep, regardless of where in the world we are. But this night was different, I felt like something was off, but I figured it was just me worrying about this person, who, by all my accounts, was completely missing.

    So, for the first time in my life, I woke up to the sound of what I thought was foot steps, but not in the sense of foot steps on leafs, but what a heavy footed person would make walking on an old wood floor. It was extremely loud. I got my gun, grabbed my headlamp, stored in a small compartment up above me, and waited to see if it would stop, right at that moment, it did.

    Then I saw something that scared the shit out of me, on my rain fly, the gleam of a flashlight, faint, but there. I shouted "HELLO?" and right when I did, it sounded like 10 people suddenly running away from me in every direction. I dropped out of my hammock on to the ground, frantically turning on my headlamp shining it all around me , but didn't see shit. My heart was racing pretty bad, but I thought it might have just been the reflection of the moon on the rainfly, yeah, that was it, and those footsteps running away from me was probably armadillos, or something, even though their eyes shine, and they are pretty easy to spot. Problem was there was no moon. I'd never seen an armadillo above 2000ft (not to say they don't live up there, just never seen one), and for some reason, the camp site I set up by was gone.

    The fire had been put out, by water, it was apparent because there was not a damn coal in the thing. I thought for sure it was about 4am, but I had only been asleep about an hour.

    At this point, I wanted to leave, but hiking out in the wilderness while it's dark is always a bad idea. So I grabbed my flask, took a swig of whisky, removed my rain fly so I could see out of my hammock and around the area I was in, and tried my hardest to go back to sleep.

    I laying down when I saw some light hit the trees above me, it was clear it was coming from down stream, and I got out of my hammock and started yelling "hey, y'all need any help?". No response. I saw whatever was putting out the light, and it spun around and started heading down stream, really fast.

    At this point my body had pumped through adrenaline then it had blood, and I was exhausted from it all. I finally was able to fall asleep, and woke up around 7AM.

    When I did, I noticed that my water filter I had left out was missing, its a gravity filter, and it hangs on a tree filtering water down into my main bladder that I put in my backpack, and my water bladder (sitting at the base of a tree) looked like it was cut down the middle with a knife. They cut down my bear bag (which had food in it) and took some of it.

    The creepiest part of all of it was that they went through my bag, which was under my hammock, while I was sleeping. I checked the bearbag before I went back to sleep the 2nd time, and it was still there, hanging, and my bag under my hammock hadn't been touched. I packed all my shit and hightailed it out of there, keeping my pistol close to me and moving as fast as I could, I ended up making the hike back in just under 15 hours, I hiked the trail part in the night, because I wasn't about to spend another night out there. I didn't seen anyone on my hike out, there were no cars parked at the trail head, and the DNR said they had only seen my car there.

    Since then, I haven't gone out there without any friends.

    I reported all of this to the local DNR, but they looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I am.

    As someone who hunts alone, in the dark, in extremely remote places, miles from another human, you can sincerely fuck your self.

    Some of the most I've ever been creeped out have been when I've been out hunting and I'm sitting in a very lonely area in the pitch dark. I'd always try to keep music playing if I was at my vehicle still to keep my mind from going to scary places. One time only a single radio station that came in and I had to listen to a guy talk about girls math and science competitions lolololol.
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