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  • Re: Cultural Vultures Are Taking Rap Over

    "Im shooting the stars and, I ain't settling for nothing less"

    "Fishing for caviar, but gettin turkey bacon
    Hip-hop is bad politics like Sarah Palin"

    5 mics. Legendary.

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  • Re: Underground Heat: MC Shinobi - MC Shinobi LP

    Tsotsi Cape Town
  • Re: Underground Heat: MC Shinobi - MC Shinobi LP

    Mc Shinobi - How Many ? Feat. SB Metrix & SD Seven (Official Video)
    genocidecutterTsotsi Cape Town
  • Underground Heat: MC Shinobi - MC Shinobi LP

    Arizona emcee MC Shinobi drops his self titled debut album "MC Shinobi". He takes it back to the boom bap era with hardcore rhymes and beats sprinkled with old school video game samples.

    MC Shinobi (Full Album)

    01. Intro
    02. Destined
    03. Terror
    04. Just Like That (The Dan Morze Remix)
    05. Kicking Facts
    06. Back To The Old School (Feat. Sb Metrix)
    07. Absolute Attention
    08. Feeble Attempts
    09. When All Hope Is Lost
    10. Just Like That (Mpadrums Remix)
    11. We Take Our Time
    genocidecutterTsotsi Cape Town
  • Underground Heat: Da Henchmen - ILL Cyde Vaults

    Originally recorded in 1993-1995, Chopped Herring Records digs real deep into the crates and drops the never before released ILL Cyde Vaults by Da Henchmen. Finally released on cd for the first time, Da Henchmen bring the rugged and raw sound from the early 90's that's been missing from the game. If you like the boom bap era I highly recommend you check this out before it goes back into the vaults.

    Da Henchmen were made up of a bunch of different MC’s hailing from all corners of NYC. They appeared around 1993 and 1994 as support act in NYC club venues for the likes of Doug E fresh, King Sun and Frankie Cutlass among others. They released an extended EP called ‘Beware: Lyricly Dangerous’ and a 12″ ‘Watcha Gonna Do’ in 1994 both on Ill Cyde Records, which was set up solely to push the group. Contrary to mythology, there was no third single – but there was a different crew from NYC called Da Henchmen! Another overlooked fact was that two of the members, Ray Boogie and True Da Grynch (aka The Evil Twins) featured on Frankie Cutlass’ huge Hip Hop club hit ‘Puerto Rico’ where they shout out Da Henchmen in their rhymes. Apart from these minor nuggets of information, as well as the status of both their releases as hugely desirable Indy Holy Grails, very little is known about this grimey,underground Hip Hop crew from NYC.

    Da Henchmen - Live Wire

    Da Henchmen - Brooklyn Bastards - Feat A Minner, Naughty Shorty, Wild Juvenile

    Da Henchmen - What U Gonna Do

    01. What U Gonna Do?
    02. Brooklyn Bastards
    03. Live Wire
    04. Come On
    05. I Want It All
    06. Blame It
    07. Bronx Session
    08. Wartime (Mental Flex)
    09. Knock Em Out
    10. Gotta Make Moves
    11. Stressfield Days
    12. Hot 97 Freestyle
    Tsotsi Cape Town