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    Ideally, my contribution would be a legislative politician or media consultant.
    As far as an actual location for BWS, I dont know, because Black people are dispersed around the country.
    But from the most recent census, the highest Black populations are generally in the south and mid atlantic regions, so a large city somewhere in that area would make the most sense because it would benefit the largest percentage of the population.
  • Re: "Jesus called me a Ni**er and made me cry like a F*gg*t"

    @Kushington is the male Real Lady now.

    Nigga been doing all the drugs offa Pico & La Brea

    Nope, Im not even in Los Angeles right now and Ive been sober all year with no issues, and Im perfectly coherent.
    Ive accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and that brings peace of mind that only other believers can relate to.
    Give your soul to God, instead of giving it to the world, and see if you dont feel brand new.
    Melanin_Enriched PurrJabu_RuleAjackson17Dirty SanchezBodhi
  • Re: so blacks out l.a. are p*ssies huh?

    Stories like this are media race baiting.
    Most Mexicans are not involved with gangs.
    The Black population in Southern California is around 8-10%, according to the 2010 census. Blacks have been moving away from inner cities in Socal, and Black kids and young adults are having less involvment in street gangs compared to the 80s, 90s and the 2000s.
    Latino immigration has increased the population of Mexicans and other Latinos in Southern California, but Mexican gang members are a very small percentage of the Latino population.
    Isolated incidents regarding street gangs and prison politics does not reflect the actual racial dynamic in Southern California.
    Southern California has one of the highest costs of living in America, these types of incidents occur in high crime inner city gang neighborhoods that are experiencing major demographic shifts.
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  • Re: You into any non-American culture?

    Im gonna start following hebrew traditions and holidays, fasting, meditation, soon as i get a few tunics and some sandals, its really trying to separate myself from secular customs and traditions
    GettinLoYoung Stef
  • Re: Bible Verses & Translations 4 the Modern Day Negro

    Damn, I ask for a translation and somehow "lordhonka2" seems to have become aggravated.

    This translation shit is serious business.

    Is your everlasting soul "serious business"?

    You wont think blasphemy is funny when your name isnt in the book of life and youre tossed into the lake of fire.

    You need jesus ASAP. But you do have free will, so carry on bruh.
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