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  • Re: The Official DC Cinematic Universe Phase 1 Movie Thread (coming soon Batman v Superman)

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    more than one movie villian in a superhero movie never works ever.

    So you just casually going to forget that movies like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight even exist?

    This movie shares producers with those movies by the way.

    So what they share the same producers ?

    Zack Snyder is no equal to Christopher Nolan in story telling , lol. Yall just caping coz you want this shit to be good and im not not saying the movie will be bad , they just made a subpar trailer especially compared to the first one they released, and now they are copping pleas coz of the feedback.

    inception, interstellar and the prestige were really fuccin dope story telling wise and all

    but i didnt really feel nolans batman vision at all

    watchmen>>>>>>dark knight trilogy IMO

    nigga please , you , your mama and your grandmama know The Dark Knight is far superior to Zack Snyder's Watchmen.

    stop with the bullshit.

    nah you a silly ass fanboi
    dark knight had
    wacc fights, wacc voice, no graphic violence etc.

    i mean it was ight but thats about it

    said no-one ever.

    yea i might go against the grain
    but try to be objective, were the fights dope in tdk trilogy?

    i mean fights are not everythign, but also the story of watchmen was much better

    you convince no one with your argument , nowhere in film history does your argument hold weight.

    i acknowledge watchmen is underrated imo and the graphic novel is probably the best graphic novel ever made.

    but the Movie Pales in comparison to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in everrrrrything and all Zack Snyder had to do, was just adapt the Book to film.

    If you say better than Rises then maybe. Shit Alan Moore himself didn't even like the watchmen script.

    nope its just millions of fanbois like you that hype these movies up
    bruce wayne was dope in them movies, and they were good kinda "police movies"
    but they are disappointing batman movies, wacc ass shakey cam fights, voice, no blood.
    they tried to be too realistic when they shouldnt imo


    Credible critics, respected comicbook writers, actors and filmakers on that fanboy list of yours.

    yea these critics and actors loved brokeback mountain too

    Great film nh
  • Re: Will Smith Reveals Why He Turned Down Django: Unchained

    He said at the time he didn't wanna do it coz he didn't feel Django was the "main" character smh. Who hw think he is. Foxx, QT and Leo and much, much more highly thought of than that clown Smith. Even Waltz is an an Academy Award winner, he didn't have a problem.

    Not to say I think Django is great.

    Will Smith is wack.

    I hope he doesn't ruin Suicide Squad
  • Re: The 25 Best Black Sitcoms Of All Time

    Bruhs I kno' there wasn't a nigga in sight but let's be objective. Friends up until Rachel got pregnant was GOAT-worthy
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  • Re: Yo this ratchet mess & funny pics got me dying again lmao

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    Man for a billion dollars?
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  • Re: GOAT Rags To Riches Song: Juicy vs Back Then

    I had to YouTube Back Then to make sure I was thinkin' of the right song. Song is wack. CS the dude who said, 'Started from the Bottom >>>>>'
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