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    lol @ Chelsea scrapin' the top 15
  • Re: The 25 Best Black Sitcoms Of All Time

    SMh at no mention of Malcolm and Eddie. Even worst is the series hasn't been put on dvd beyond the first season and good luck catching reruns .

    Because it was wack
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    Bruhs I kno' there wasn't a nigga in sight but let's be objective. Friends up until Rachel got pregnant was GOAT-worthy
    Trollio focusnot_osirus_jenkinsits....JOHN B
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    Fresh Prince is the undisputed GOAT IMO. Top 3-5 sitcom of all time. Up there with The Simpsons and Friends
    Mister B.jonokillap
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    this may sound like a really dumb question. but are folks from other countries really that much better than American players, where the players can come here "after" they're done in Europe? I know the level of competition is higher but Americans are still pretty good athletes right?

    IDK what you mean by athletes cause frankly USA usually has the best athletes on the planet.

    In terms of soccer/futbol.. being a good athlete helps, but technical/tactical ability will always be more important.

    Case in point which team had the better athletes.. Jamaica or Mexico? Jamaica eaisly yet Mexico had there way with Jamaica.

    i didn't see the whole Jamaica Mexico match. and I'm gonna side step that hornet's nest. based off that premise of technical/tactical ability, though China should win. They have a billion people, rote learning (think language) which could be considered a form of being technically sound (fundamentals.) And as far as tactical ability, Genghis Khan, or to be safe Sun Tzu? China is like Japan with almost an exponentially larger talent pool to choose from, but somehow they didn't manage to make it to the World Cup?

    that Jamaica vs Mexico analogy seems like a subtle way of implying brains over brawn. A point it seems you wanted to make, but isn't really relevant as it was only one match. But that doesn't answer the original question I asked.

    however I think I answered my own question though. Thanks.

    China isn't a football country though. Like the US isn't. 'Good' football nations tend to have been that way near 80/90 years or so. All boys wanna be footballers, so for one, competition is a lot greater and you have to be a lot better to make it. Thus, the national teams of 'football countries' (Brazil, Germany, Ivory Coast) tend to be better than 'non-football countries' (US, China, South Africa).

    Although 'brain over brawn' is a lil reductionist its pretty accurate. Although the US' best athletes tend to play US sports or athletics. Niggas like Jozy Altidore have all the physicality in the world but couldn't make it in England coz he has no technique or football brain. Since each player may only be in possession of the ball for about 3 minutes or so each per match, a lot of what you do on the pitch to gain advantages will be off the ball ie makin' runs, closin' niggas down, dummy moves to free space for other niggas etc.